DISGUSTING! New Microtransaction Scheme; Path of Exile Dev on Diablo 3; Overwarwatch Ripoff

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Andrew Laidlaw on 23. Oct. 2017.
Shame that EA have shut down so many of its aquasitions like origin etc. But either way I hope they don't add micro transactions to D3 or the yet to be reliced D4 I don't mind dlc's but the whole play to win micro transactions I'm against espeshially when your paying full price for the game when you get it
Ironhide pvp on 23. Oct. 2017.
Yes there needs to be trading for people like myself to come back to d3, however I fully agree with the point about killing monsters to get geared instead of buying. Have set pieces bound on pick up and stay away from a global auction house. Let people trade in trade chat or 3rd party like PoE
Musicpins on 23. Oct. 2017.
I hate P2W games! They can go somewhere the sun doesn't shine.
Jesse Wells on 23. Oct. 2017.
Way to kill the gaming industry
Teh Penguin on 23. Oct. 2017.
I love PoE trading becasue I know I have a ticket OUT of the RNG vicious cycle. I only need to gather enough currency. Also: I can just give and receive items to and from friends. Without hassle. As in: let me test the amazing drop you got and see how much it improves my build. Or: here, I dropped a really good item that I already have. All of this is not possible in D3 and is what made me stop playing.
Austen Fon on 23. Oct. 2017.
Dev: you didnt win?? insert coin to continue :D
Scott Reidel on 23. Oct. 2017.
mercy rez? make her have to put it on within 3 seconds before they die. if they dont die, the CD is blown
Scott Reidel on 23. Oct. 2017.
trading system? just make it tradeable between people on your friends list, and make them having had been on your list for 15 days.
viperswhip on 23. Oct. 2017.
That's it, I am done with Activision/Blizzard
Steven Nash on 23. Oct. 2017.
People at blizzard/activation need to be killed for this.
Tony Sun on 23. Oct. 2017.
poe trade life saver
LastTourniquet on 23. Oct. 2017.
Personally I really like the PoE trading system. Its not really all that cumbersome if you have a PC that can handle having browser open while PoE is running and more often than not it doesn't hamper your ability to play the game. Yes it takes a little while to get used to but at the same time you do not NEED to use it, in fact there are separate servers specifically for players who don't want to trade at all. At least I prefer it over not being able to trade or having an auction house.
thewizardguy on 23. Oct. 2017.
If you're going to have a res in the game, MORE THAN ONE HERO NEEDS TO HAVE IT! Just put in a FUN healer that can res ugh...mercy so boring...
Tyler Dyrdan on 23. Oct. 2017.
Great video Ryk! On topic: except POE, i dont play games with microtransaction or ever will couse the market is large and there will aways be a great indie and AAA developers (CD project ftw!) who are respecting their customers :)
Silmarieni C on 23. Oct. 2017.
Disgusting, but then again mobile game editors have been in the business of psychological manipulation for in-game purchases for years.
lumpa1987 on 23. Oct. 2017.
I'm glad you stop that "this is RHYKKERRRR" thing, that was most ridiculous
Dick Wong on 23. Oct. 2017.
I'm a very casual Diablo III player, and I've run into exactly what you talked about last episode where in 3 weeks I'm bored. I love the initial scramble to 70, and then the thrill of gearing up the basic legendary gear. However, in order to farm for those ancient / primal gear pieces, I get bored about 1/2 way through. It basically becomes a game of how many bounties can you run and how many rifts can you grind per hour to gamble at Kadala. At that point I lose interest, I can't put in the hours required to do those final upgrades.
Charles Lane on 23. Oct. 2017.
Well it was a good run...adios gaming
bolowbc on 23. Oct. 2017.
FYI Patent trolls typically refer to entities that do that full time, for example people looking to file frivolous lawsuits or to scam people out of money. That is why they are looked down upon. I'm not sure it makes much sense to say Activision is taking on the role of a patent troll; as you mentioned it could be possible to apply for the patent to get a broad range of coverage that may or may not actually be implemented.
Corey Miller on 23. Oct. 2017.
Feeling like any single hero is a must pick is terrible design in objective team based games, and frankly it's ruining the game for me. We have what once might have been a miracle comp in solo queue with two supports and instead of being happy about it, if one isn't mercy it's one step shy of throwing. You're as likely to win with a 6 dps as you are with 2-2-2 no mercy against a mercy. Terrible.
Philip Johanson on 23. Oct. 2017.
You guys, it is simple. We must never buy a AAA title again and we must encourage our Associates and others around us to not do it as well. Social pressure against this ridiculous penny-pinching sudo gaming industry. There are plenty of games out there that are made to be played and enjoyed and not to become some weird microtransaction Marketplace. Let's buy those games instead of these Frankenstein's monsters
Abe Mitchell on 23. Oct. 2017.
God all your news is so old. I heard and new all this stuff before you even posted this video.
Philip Johanson on 23. Oct. 2017.
1:46 Lies... There is no way Activision is not using that system already.
Edward on 23. Oct. 2017.
Plus with EA... the only reason the “acquire” these game studios is because they are really purchasing a successful IP. Why come up with your own shit when you can just buy other people’s ideas.. then once they get it.. they dismantle the game studio and move one to the next... they are basically the Unicrons of the gaming world.. feeding off of existing studios, until there is nothing left.
Edward on 23. Oct. 2017.
That micros transaction is disgusting !!! And the only way to send the message is to not use it.... but there are sooo many people in the online community that want the edge over their fellow gamer, they will use real $$ to substitute for skill... and that is exactly the market they are going after.
Dia Blaui on 23. Oct. 2017.
Ugly_bearded Guy talks talks talks talks still ABOUT crappy D3!!!!! JESUS!!!
Doug Cook on 23. Oct. 2017.
Ha. Match me with these noobs, I'll show them skill can still take people with 'better' gear out.
Nathan Barnhart on 23. Oct. 2017.
Stop buying games are pay to win. Really the only way to stop this nonsense.
Owen Le Blanc on 23. Oct. 2017.
That micro-transaction system sounds like a great way to kill their multiplayer IP.
clifford davis on 23. Oct. 2017.
I want diablo vr. Love your Chanel man, keep up the good work.
doomipsycico on 23. Oct. 2017.
welcome to the old diablo 3 auction house. pay to win
The Original Funkoman on 23. Oct. 2017.
what build and class is that in game? thanks
Hiob s on 23. Oct. 2017.
I loled good on the Grim Reaper joke
WarFadeRed on 23. Oct. 2017.
This scheme needs to be put into a general explainer video and put out there for the masses. as in every major gaming streamer should post it. I dont have much but i'd deffinatly donate to a video like that.
Chris Diehm on 23. Oct. 2017.
Damn, seems like EA is just trying to kill any competition
Gods of Darkness Dj BassauL on 23. Oct. 2017.
Diablo 4 Pls! New maps new heroes and new system game Diablo 3 zZZZzzzZZZZzzzZZZzzzzZzzZz Me lvl400p one year afk.....
Yami Okami on 23. Oct. 2017.
I feel like an idea like that will be reserved for a mobile game, which are riddled with microtransactions to start with. I can't see Activision fucking up that bad.
Andrea Piccolo on 23. Oct. 2017.
"We need to stop it before it becomes a thing" Stop. Buying. Games. With. Micro. Transactions.
comPoison on 23. Oct. 2017.
When you mentioned Mythic i cried a little.... still too soon. RIP
SirApathetic on 23. Oct. 2017.
11:27 Overwatch is suing over that game? The characters don't look too similar to Overwatch's. I've seen WAY worse in other games copying Overwatch than this. Haven't seen the map designs though.
lightseeker101 on 23. Oct. 2017.
It's shitty companies that do patent trolling that do it as their only form of business. This is something that will be used in a mobile game most likely
Ryan J. on 23. Oct. 2017.
Lawl its going to be the darkening of Tristram event again....l
Lasse Mortensen on 23. Oct. 2017.
Could the Diablo 3 stuff at Blizz-con be some VR version of a Rift or questing? :D Would be awesome.
Neko Sama on 23. Oct. 2017.
from what I've heard it's not the western Blizzard that Sues the company, its the Blizzard in china. Which if it's true, increases the chance of it going through.
amsd1231 on 23. Oct. 2017.
Horrible copyright law? They don't have any law. It's the wild west out there.
Rumble Fish on 23. Oct. 2017.
The answer is simple. Don't buy games, that have microtransactions. This has to be in all gamers heads: our ONLY power is to leave our money in our wallet. Do NEVER pre order! Do NEVER buy games with microtransactions or pay to win options. They will have to learn what we want gaming to be like when we force them to do so.
Alukat A on 23. Oct. 2017.
"Premium Matchmaking" based on purchased stuff is already known by World of Tanks. Usually Tanks get +-2 Tier matchmaking, however, some real money tanks only have +-1 Tier difference. So it's already a thing ;) Current D3 loothunt is crap tbh, legy rain makes the loothunt more boring than in Vanilla... D3 AH should come back, now with all that sinks (re-roll, reforge and so on) it would work far better than during the Vanilla days, back then it was just the lacks of item sinks which made items too accessible through AH.
Trevor Hardwick on 23. Oct. 2017.
Not sure why everyone is surprised about the patent honestly.
KiMLoKO1 on 23. Oct. 2017.
using poe.trade is really easy, to use in both as seller and buyer, still not optimal because you have to stop what you doing to trade the person.
thayalol on 23. Oct. 2017.
I think a limited trading in D3 could be cool, where you can only trade materials, keys, gems.