DOOMFIST BREAKS OUT! New Hero Soon?! (Overwatch News)

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Force Gaming on 4. Jul. 2017.
Place your bets: Are we finally getting Doomfist? Is it another dangerous 'escapee' from the Helix prison?
RadBrad5 on 4. Jul. 2017.
The best part about the release of doomfist is no more speculation about the release of Doomfist!
Commander Sheppard on 4. Jul. 2017.
idc he already needs a buff, and if you choose him in comp I'll assume you're throwing.
Drake Felling on 4. Jul. 2017.
If Akande Ogundimu was Doomfist too begin with, the prison would have stated "DOOMFIST ESCAPES PRISON". However... I do think Akande is going to BECOME Doomfist, i think this because, if you look at the banners in overwatch one calls Doomfist a Savior, the other a Scourge, but the last one reads "The Successor" and the figure is blacked out. I think that is where Akande comes in, Talon broke him out and got the Gauntlet so they could have a new Doomfist.
Hendrik Kr├╝ger on 4. Jul. 2017.
some dope professionell Gameplay in the back
Zyfer Kazumi on 4. Jul. 2017.
mcde27 on 4. Jul. 2017.
Doom Fist is the troll of the overwatch community
Dick Johnson on 4. Jul. 2017.
Overwatch desperately needs a new healer. All I've heard about Overwatch in the last 2 weeks is everyone complaining about Mercy, but also wanting Doomfist. YOU are people who yell "Group Up!" but then keep walking toward the point without waiting for your team. You can't have your cake and eat it to, do we want Doomfist, or do we need another healer? Fucking figure it out, shitty Overwatch community.
Sean Clark on 4. Jul. 2017.
Yeah, nah, sorry, it's probably Doomfist. Your example about them having a focus on Efi and then releasing Orisa doesn't really work because we didn't *know* about Orisa until she was released, really. Lots of people thought Efi was going to be the new hero. That article was about Doomfist and focusing on how HE most specifically was broken out (the "others" arent even named) and then stole his gauntlet back. It's Doomfist. He's the next hero.
Max Hua on 4. Jul. 2017.
the new hero is going to be reaper
Cyrus Yoder on 4. Jul. 2017.
the new hero is a new Tracer skin
Alyssa on 4. Jul. 2017.
was i really just forced to watch a 2 min ad about League of legends.........
xXGhost DragonXx on 4. Jul. 2017.
I D O N T C A R E J U S T G I V E U S A N O T H E R H E R O !
C Ooper on 4. Jul. 2017.
I swear to god if we get another awful hero that doesn't do anything I'mma scream.
Ghostbl33d on 4. Jul. 2017.
the prison alarm is overwatches next hero...
GIT GUD on 4. Jul. 2017.
WOW a new hero every season who could have seen this coming i mean its not like we've gotten a hero every other season shocking news
Apexx on 4. Jul. 2017.
All this teasing is really making me work on my stamina...
The Cosmic cookie on 4. Jul. 2017.
jesus all you do is post iverwatch content it's sad
Top Potato on 4. Jul. 2017.
I think doomfist because blizzard will get a huge backlash from the community if it's not
Bat Z on 4. Jul. 2017.
Man milk the shit out of that cow till dry
A Pineapple on 4. Jul. 2017.
Is it me or does ohnickle and force gaming have very similar voices
trent infinity on 4. Jul. 2017.
I'm so sick of doom fist hype just release him or dont
Zachary Walz on 4. Jul. 2017.
It is probably going to be someone else. I would not doubt it. I feel like somehow, someway this will be connected to Hammond cause what ever happened to him?
CreepConnor on 4. Jul. 2017.
who the fuck is *_eh-fee_* its *EE-FEE*
thysmartgeek _ on 4. Jul. 2017.
When DoomFist is released i hope he's a tank
Tennyson Stead on 4. Jul. 2017.
Now I want a Helix prison map - maybe a payload or hybrid map with a hovering modular detainment cell?
Jonathan Pinera on 4. Jul. 2017.
The community would be really pissed if it wasn't Doomfist.
CRAZYRIPPS on 4. Jul. 2017.
Everyone thought effie was the new hero, who was dumb enough to buy that she would be the hero. I don't think they want us killing 10 year olds
MJBJ93 Gaming on 4. Jul. 2017.
If doomfist doesn't get added I'm not playing anymore
Luis Martinez on 4. Jul. 2017.
I hope its not another shitty control map
WierdEnuf4Ya on 4. Jul. 2017.
Doomfist or not, I just want another villain.
Legend Gaming on 4. Jul. 2017.
Please blizzard give us an animated short of Talon breaking him out
Dan Schick on 4. Jul. 2017.
bet they make him op to avoid being called racist
kael'thas sunstrider on 4. Jul. 2017.
the hero will be whoever let him escape :P
GeneralTrueFocus on 4. Jul. 2017.
get some sleep, sounds like you just woke up.
Raxo on 4. Jul. 2017.
Another person of color
Macathrilla on 4. Jul. 2017.
nobody thought we were getting efi..
Dr. ├ęcureuil on 4. Jul. 2017.
Yu Narukami on 4. Jul. 2017.
Then they make us wait for another month until Summer Games R2 starts before this goes anywhere
gotham 07 on 4. Jul. 2017.
if they know the community wants doomfist then they should stop giving us horse omnics
Kanjilearner on 4. Jul. 2017.
Pharah's gonna be _furious._ She _does_, after all, work for Helix.
acheron16 on 4. Jul. 2017.
Boring shit. Probably another fake news trying to cover another Hero's debut. Blizzard has done this so many times that I honestly don't give a shit anymore.
Red Panda Rampage on 4. Jul. 2017.
"Helix Security" / "Helix Rockets": Soldier 76 is Doomfist confirmed.
Overwatch Gameplays on 4. Jul. 2017.
my guess is we will get deffence hero we go support first ana then we got dmg sombra and last we got tank orisa left only defence we all know blizzard doesnt gove a shot about def heroes anyways but who knows maybe we will get deffence hero or doomfist will be deffwnce hero
Tyler Cusack on 4. Jul. 2017.
Oh boy, I can't wait to play the new hero in a month after PC users get to play it on the ptr.
Malachi Thomas on 4. Jul. 2017.
Just because we see doom fist DOES NOT mean he's the next hero...
ZergforLoser on 4. Jul. 2017.
I personally think that Doomfist is just an evil NPC that will serve as the hero that drives the story of Overwatch.
Qwerty Mine on 4. Jul. 2017.
Frittilulu on 4. Jul. 2017.
Why would you assume efi as a hero of course blizzard lets us kill a child or what
Extol on 4. Jul. 2017.
eee feeeeee* thanks.