Doomfist IN DEPTH - Everything You Need To Know (Overwatch)

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bad4ssitude on 8. Jul. 2017.
range on his fisting has also already been nerfed on the ptr to about 21-22 mtr
Mr Oger on 8. Jul. 2017.
Doomfist uses doomfist to doomfist enemies of Doomfist
Rivelz on 8. Jul. 2017.
his melee is his normal hand why tho
ironbuzz on 8. Jul. 2017.
Just to note the PTR already changed his rocket punch so that at max charge the distance is ~20m as opposed to ~30m
Stickgeneral 42 on 8. Jul. 2017.
I fully accept that he is my main now. Orisa, lucio, symmetra and him. Basically characters who don't require aim
MoonlyMans on 8. Jul. 2017.
i think they ran out of ability ideas after orisa Doomfist Weapon: almost like reapers shotgun but weaker and not as badass Shift Ability: Mini version of Pharahs shift E Ability: Mini earthshatter Right Click: Like Reinhardts charge Extra ability: Its basically lucios sound barrier for yourself if you can combo abilities, but weaker RIP Overwatchs team ability ideas 2015-2017
FireClocks on 8. Jul. 2017.
When you hear "Meteor strike" if you just run everywhere in an unpredictable fashion I think you will never get ulted ;_;
Razzer722 on 8. Jul. 2017.
So force, i wanna point something out here. doomfist has an ability that can one shot kill all non-tanks and have a 4 sec cool down but Roadhog cant anymore and his ability cool down is higher... dont get it
LeeisMe on 8. Jul. 2017.
Has a giant fight right hand Melees with left
Wizardxeze on 8. Jul. 2017.
" ... and knocks enemies back ..." this is miss leading, it pulls them torwards about 1 meter I would say ^_^ Just wanted to say that . . . nice video :D
Yahiro Oda on 8. Jul. 2017.
I love getting 1shot.
97MiloProductions on 8. Jul. 2017.
nice clickbait i clicked cuz I wanted a guide on 2016's Doom game smh
acheron16 on 8. Jul. 2017.
And so the dive comp solidifies. Seriously, Blizzard just can't seem to learn from their fuck ups.
Reaper the rager on 8. Jul. 2017.
everyone saying doomfist is OP lol
lynxcheivous on 8. Jul. 2017.
Doomfist reminds me more of a fighting character. All the talk about combos shiz.
Wilson Tai on 8. Jul. 2017.
Yes! Another 1-hit kill ability! Hooray bliz!
Fsojer on 8. Jul. 2017.
Knocks them towards you*
Burrito the Cat on 8. Jul. 2017.
so essentially you're copying ragegamingvideos' maximum character series?
SonOfMyths73 on 8. Jul. 2017.
66 damage with 6 pellets? Hmm, I wonder where they got that idea...
Stiggandr1 on 8. Jul. 2017.
I see why they nerfed hog now. didn't want competition for the closer range solo brawler niche. He was probably eating DF alive in their test runs. Big hit box. Closer range. No gtfo button like reaper. Lower dps than reaper. hog was a really hard counter.
TheTrickster on 8. Jul. 2017.
Hero hasnt been out for a day and you call it in depth guide ?
Geometry Dash Technoshark on 8. Jul. 2017.
You forgot to mention that since when he uses his ult, he becomes invulnerable until he lands. It's a pretty good escape mechanic if you think about it.
Peanut Butter on 8. Jul. 2017.
It's annoying that updates come to PCs first, then after a week or so it arrives at console.
Goofy on 8. Jul. 2017.
it is not eleveation! It is te distance!!!! Like so that he sees.
XhellscreamX on 8. Jul. 2017.
can he be hooked, stunned or cancelled with a sombra ult on the way down through the sky when he pops his ultimate?
Black Moon on 8. Jul. 2017.
Sombra makes him trash
SiLLy SiiLiiNdur on 8. Jul. 2017.
this guy is like attikus but black if you don't know about attikus search him up
EagleAttack 0548 on 8. Jul. 2017.
Imagine the skins
Whiterun Guard on 8. Jul. 2017.
The most badass hero atm in Overwatch
Johnny Horn on 8. Jul. 2017.
I don't care what he can do. I only care about Hog and if Hog can take care of this Genji looking cunt.
Impaler722 on 8. Jul. 2017.
You don't have to say doomfist is overpowered. We already know. We know doomfist is overpowered.
Rakku on 8. Jul. 2017.
Wow, blizz doesnt like oneshot mechanics, removes the best thing about roadhog, gets new champion in with oneshot capabilities. Just plain stupid.
polyspastos on 8. Jul. 2017.
How can you end such a well put together with this silly note. He will wreck D.Va, for example. Could you please correct that.
Andreea awa on 8. Jul. 2017.
Doomfist is a shit.Lian is the best :))
Bram Levering on 8. Jul. 2017.
Galio ult and dash lol
Naruto Uzumaki on 8. Jul. 2017.
I can already hear the complaining of people getting one shotted by the the alt fire. Then Blizzard nerfs it to half its damage and chops one of his balls off.
buurz on 8. Jul. 2017.
You sound american, but you talk in meters, Im confused.
no one on 8. Jul. 2017.
I love fat genju
Ariel Echevarria on 8. Jul. 2017.
rein charge against doomfist charge
Mateusz Osiek on 8. Jul. 2017.
It sucks how his basic attacks are like shotgun instead of real mele attacks like reinhardt
AssassinXMod on 8. Jul. 2017.
it seems like the slam pulls instead of push
David Brown on 8. Jul. 2017.
force you have some of your facts wrong. first his E ability knocks you towards DF
mallrat208 on 8. Jul. 2017.
I still think they should have called his Hand Cannon a Knuckle Duster
Dzoom on 8. Jul. 2017.
I though Doomfist was supposed to be super epic...? Now he's just another player character.
Wolf Schadow on 8. Jul. 2017.
Look who will get nerved. Yes doomfist. I mean now they have a second hero with a easy to land one shot ability with 4 seconds cooldown. Basicaly they will slow rocket punches movement, reduce its damage or increase its cooldown. I think 1 or 2 will it be. Rather number lne because then it is a high risk high reward ability
Luca Fogliato on 8. Jul. 2017.
His charge bypass enemy shield?
TOFU RANG on 8. Jul. 2017.
Good vid, but you didn't mention his counters
Евгений on 8. Jul. 2017.
i hope he will be buffed. Coz now he is so weak :P
Lazer Wing on 8. Jul. 2017.
he also isn't voiced by Terry crews I have lost all faith in blizzard
Ronnie2k on 8. Jul. 2017.
who else thinks this is the reincarnation of our beloved roadhog?