DOOMFIST REVEAL: 10 Facts We Learned (Overwatch Lore & Gameplay)

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MOD DED on 8. Jul. 2017.
the last fact had me surprise, well when I first saw the character
chris moose on 8. Jul. 2017.
pumba new hero in overwatch
John Hulme on 8. Jul. 2017.
if he has a cybernetic arm, how does he not when he's punching his way outta prison? I don't get it
Alejandra Cadena on 8. Jul. 2017.
I like both his story and looks honestly and while I was in the Terry Crews boat I cant say I dont love the voice they went for because I think it is fantastic
jamesgmcbain on 8. Jul. 2017.
You have the best ever name
ShakalakaKing on 8. Jul. 2017.
Perhaps Terry is just not *this* Doomfist.
Xuizo on 8. Jul. 2017.
That press F9 to capture play of the game at 4:41 new feature!
Emerald Avenger Gaming on 8. Jul. 2017.
Rhykker what do you use to record your pc overwatch gameplay
Nidhoggr on 8. Jul. 2017.
Yea what they tell us about his fighting qualities was not shown at all in the video we were were given by Blizzard. He barely moves or blocks, only throws a couple things, and then punches the ground (though his cunning is shown by how he predicts Tracer's location). Yet takes no dmg even though he was quite clearly being shot almost constantly. So if he can take on 3 other characters at once and beat them all to punch juice hows that going to translate to how he interacts as a playable character?
TheBloodyThing gaming on 7. Jul. 2017.
Hi DannyPhantom
Ricardos Rios on 7. Jul. 2017.
Taking is consideration one of the Rhykker's video about how Doomfist's personality and perspective could be, it feels good that he's inteligent and carismatic. He knows what he wants and how to project his hown ideal about humans evolution without being a generic bad guy who wants to destroy everything and making again the classic new world.
EpicEpicAwesome on 7. Jul. 2017.
:'( no terry crews
Gabriele Leone on 7. Jul. 2017.
2 plotholes: how can he wear the scourge's gauntlet if he's right handed? why does he have a right arm when he is in prison if he's amputee?
alefnull on 7. Jul. 2017.
i think you might be the only youtuber whose videos i never want to end while watching them. love the content, man.
Pk Fire on 7. Jul. 2017.
bosseli 74 on 7. Jul. 2017.
#him XD
bosseli 74 on 7. Jul. 2017.
im happy with h
Zach Lewis on 7. Jul. 2017.
Say he's charismatic and then you mention Terry and THEN YOU SAY HE AINT VOICED BY TERRY? Gat daymit
CrazyGamingTime / CGT on 7. Jul. 2017.
i think he should be a tank
Josh Maddux on 7. Jul. 2017.
I'm extremely happy with him, he was picked b.c of those characteristics you talked about, if your a powerful leader with a power weapon looking for a replacement, your not going to pick a tribal person, your going to pick someone that knows about and how companies/corporations are ran, someone that is cunning and smart along wth being strong and skilled as a fighter. He is perfect for that position.
Gewsfrahba on 7. Jul. 2017.
why doesnt he punch instead of shooting his wimpy hand knuckle gun?
Raamaanandh RSai on 7. Jul. 2017.
Rhykker do you think its the same voice actor as Nazeebo? Also no comment on the fact Doomfist is a "door-thrower" ;D
gamerpdx on 7. Jul. 2017.
I am happy about the hero and he plays pretty unique. I am sad that Terry Crews isnt the voice actor though. It would have been so epic
TheDragonKiller90 on 7. Jul. 2017.
but if he lost his arm in the omnic crisis why does he have is arm back in the origin story or was he in jail before the omnic crisis in the origion stories trailer
TEREX GAMEING on 7. Jul. 2017.
hes to much of a cownter to genji
RagnarTheRed on 7. Jul. 2017.
I honestly thought he'd be a tank/dps hybrid
GlaciatedProductions on 7. Jul. 2017.
Wasn't there a leak a while back about doomfist abilities if I'm not mistaken on that leek was proven true
Soon on 7. Jul. 2017.
im pretty sure Doomfist has become more than 90% mechanic (like he just has a brain, heart and lungs) because he is covered with screws and lines like if he had fake skin. His legs are robotic too, these are not just stuff on his legs, it IS his legs!
Nastah8 on 7. Jul. 2017.
Wait Rhykker, you said Doomfist lost his arm [2:15] and got bionic one. But in the video where he is breaking out of the jail he have both armos just fine!
ExGemini on 7. Jul. 2017.
No Terry Crews? Blizzard can go to hell.
SilentCanScream on 7. Jul. 2017.
I love this Doomfist.
Lennert Scheurwater on 7. Jul. 2017.
Isn't there another thing? Cuz in the cinematic from doomfist, you see doomfist break tracer's thingie and you like see her struggling with the time illness and dissappear
Antrosa The Ant on 7. Jul. 2017.
Too me it seems more that its only doomfists pov that battles makes you stronger, all the leaders of talon have different pov's
Victor Bautista on 7. Jul. 2017.
I just expected him to be a tank
Rsjabber on 7. Jul. 2017.
No Sombra clues?
Cole Richardson on 7. Jul. 2017.
i just want to see the skins :_:
Niels Vink on 7. Jul. 2017.
0:06 offistially?
tosh salt on 7. Jul. 2017.
But the dark knight joker just wants to destroy stuff and he was entertaining.
Adrian Peirce on 7. Jul. 2017.
No Terry Crews is a travesty. Blizzard lost major points with this one. They had to know it would upset the fan base. Super huge bummer.
Spaz2086 on 7. Jul. 2017.
Its a bummer that its not voiced by Terry Crews but I'm still super stoked.
Alexander Dugin on 7. Jul. 2017.
No Terry Crews = No bueno #NotMyDoomFist
yollopokollo on 7. Jul. 2017.
ArcticSpy_ on 7. Jul. 2017.
Doomfist is kinda weak. Orisa and genji are basically counters. (Sombra doesnt count cuz she is a nuisance to every character)
ICE Ricer on 7. Jul. 2017.
I'm so hyped. I forgot about the Terry Crews thing until I read other peoples comments.
MASURA Reisei on 7. Jul. 2017.
I was beyond disappointed with him, I think he is honestly super weak especially compared to other offense characters such as reaper, not only is he really easy to kill but he is also out-damaged by a good bit, he is also totally single target oriented which is bad for his ability set I think.
AlanerPolska on 7. Jul. 2017.
For me, this Doomfist has funny face. Too young, too childish.
jonathan lopez on 7. Jul. 2017.
no, this isn't interesting. all he does is punch? lol no ranged? he's gonna get owned by alot of characters on overwatch...
BjaZ on 7. Jul. 2017.
I'm now in hopes that a legendary skin changes Doomfist's voice to be Terry Crews