Exclusive Demo Diablo 3 Gameplay; Diablo 4 New Rift Idea (based on Path of Exile)

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Cristian Sandu on 17. Nov. 2017.
Awesome ideas, I foresee a good amount of balance needed such as making the combinations of fragments desirable to different classes and/or different goals for doing the rift/GR, else there would just be the same fragments everyone will want and leave undesired fragments piling up in inventory...sack three to get a different one fragment? idk anywho, second point, why not have rifts/GRs be endless by default? like a go 'till you drop kinda thing. You can start out at a difficulty you know you can do but once the guardian is down, the bar resets and you are naturally progressed to the next rift/GR level. Loot gains increase accordingly and this way you can naturally find your next barrier. Of course you can still require the cost of a GR stone to enter the next GR level. But that's just my 2 cents on an already super awesome idea, I hope we see something like this in the next iteration of our beloved Diablo. Cheers!
germz1986248 on 17. Nov. 2017.
I love this idea of rift modifiers, would pay for dlc/xpac that brought this, kinda like necro pack
Addison Martinez on 17. Nov. 2017.
Kinda feels like the Uber crafting. I played Diablo 2 to death and it was always the end goal for me to hit max level and then beat the Ubers. I like how this feels though it sounds like complex crafting, so 100% Kani's cube. If you could align the dungeons to have an elemental theme, like all the elites use Arcane... Would make solid use of those elemental amulets outside 'can't get good so I'll be immune' use.. Also PC needs to experience the fear of the NEMESIS from console. And perhaps crack it up enough for Hardcore again. Of the dozens of times it killed me I only ever killed it once
Retrogaming Insanity on 17. Nov. 2017.
if any thing u want smtin new to play checkout mu legend
dunke kunter on 17. Nov. 2017.
very good ideas rhykker! blizzard should also make a realy dark charakter like a demon to play that fight agains good and evil!...make the loot more shareable again!!...and! please bring back runwords!!! how nice all this would be...like an orgasm in a on of the best games i ever played :)
Andre Ostermann on 17. Nov. 2017.
i think rhykers ideas would get me back to d3 ...
Chris H on 17. Nov. 2017.
Biggest problem is the gear itself. Path of Exile has the advantage of how the skills and items play off eachother. Also there are different tiers of uniques with some being able to have b uilds based on very unique ideas of an item. All this is to say it would make the rifts more interesting but the item mods would be pretty moot. Not exacly hard to get the items you want/need because of balance and quantity of different items.
Yordi Grenson on 17. Nov. 2017.
Good evening Rhykker, i played some diablo 3 ... duh, and whell i came across this boss that was named like this:Rhykker the shamed ... if however you do not believe me ... i made a screenshot of it. also i like your video's so keep up the good work :D
CLiFFBrowN9000 on 17. Nov. 2017.
This idea would save diablo, it needs something else and this would add so much fun. The worst part of ubers is porting to the bosses, could be so much more fun doing a rift and finding packs of act bosses in them. Also a daily system would be really nice, kill this act boss, clear this level in x amount of time for a juicy cache. Just something more than rift then gr's and occasional bounties and users. I would take your idea to Blizzard
Chondala on 17. Nov. 2017.
The biggest problem I have with those rift fragments is that is sounds like there are going to be a whole lot of them. In your example 5 types and all types each have a number facters they can have. Sounds like they will take up a lot of space. And inventory space has alwasy been limited and will always be so. Unless we get a specialised chest or tab to handel those, it sounds like it is going to be an inventory mess
X.XRaven on 17. Nov. 2017.
I'm down with that kind of stuff
Romansoldi3r on 17. Nov. 2017.
Awesome ideas!
Lenny D on 17. Nov. 2017.
Great idea...on the other hand I just think that Blizz isn't able to do such an elaborate feature ... But definitely a great idea ;)
Novice Stitcher on 17. Nov. 2017.
I like those ideas
Carlos Arrazola on 17. Nov. 2017.
This reminds me very much of how the mythic+ system workd in wow, you do a dungeon, you get a key and it gets tougher and tougher, more rewards but also more challenge. Tho if we were to do the key crafting i dont think a trade will be good hence it leads to stealing or just trying to deceive someone who has a good key, a better implementation will be that at the beggining of the rift everyone gathers their keys and the leader decides when to start it, and only the ones who were at the start can enter, so no kicking the guy who had 4 fragments only to get that one friend also that the scaling isnt as significant, so also no blaming each others.
bruce housley on 17. Nov. 2017.
love some of the ideas keep up the good work
Leonid Vdovichenko on 17. Nov. 2017.
i'd like to see a cursed chest rift with respawning creeps
Lerquiy of Nirlac on 17. Nov. 2017.
I'll take anything that gives more content to the end game. Right now is just do rifts and grifts for more loot and... that's it. What I would also greatly enjoy is some way to customize your character. Like paragon levels but more impactful and non-reversible. The more important part is the non-reversible here. Which would mean more impactful of course. So a system that makes you choose between several important but equally valuable rewards that cannot be or isvery hard to reverse. Like a skill tree in an RPG. You level up, choose a skill and roll with it until either the end of the gmae or until you can buy a very expensive skill point refunder.
graham hollis on 17. Nov. 2017.
I love your ideas!! I'm on board 100%
Kory Cota on 17. Nov. 2017.
I think it is a great idea!
yaddar on 17. Nov. 2017.
I'd like to have a Diablo 1-event kind of rift... the lower you go, the more difficult it gets and so and so until u finally die (with better rewards the lower u go)
John Poulsen on 17. Nov. 2017.
I hate PoE, but i see the point in the map idea, the map Idea would also fit better in a game like diablo where you actual get loot compared to PoE wich is based on out of hand economics trading to get what you need. Trading and the bad drops is what makes PoE fail for me. I have runned so many maps in this game and havent got one single usefull item or exalt all want to trade with. Wich means without these 2 things drop regular you have no progression in PoE. If PoE began to focus more on loot drops and not trading it would be a good game. The map system is a great Idea in the right game. But the addons on map should also give you something in the end. Not like in PoE where you have a huge loot boost in a map sometimes, but still end up get nothing good at all. Thats where Diablo could do it much better. I also have and idea to sort of endless dungeon inspired on the gameplay from your video. You open a greater rift lvl 50 and clear as usual until riftguardian, and when you have ki
wesley beer on 17. Nov. 2017.
@rhykker i like the ideas hope they will lissen to you and the comunity
TheMaesterMagus on 17. Nov. 2017.
I likes the idea of a rift that resets with higher difficulty. It would be a special one that takes alot longer bc it's a marathon. End game guys can leaderboard how many rifts they clear in one sitting with no town portal or death
aconite001 on 17. Nov. 2017.
I really like the idea! Most of all, these types of different rifts (that we can actually determine ahead of time what to expect), would mean that we can build around the rift types allowing us to play to our strengths.
J Thompson on 17. Nov. 2017.
they just need to make the next installment of the franchise, Please stop beating a dead horse .
KawaiiTYdie on 17. Nov. 2017.
i agree... i dont play diablo as much anymore and that would bring me back to the game for sure
toschua on 17. Nov. 2017.
trade fragments for an rift entry seems risky for me. you trade your super rare fragment away and then you get kicked/blocked and lost it. not the best idea. best in general a really great idea
richard devine on 17. Nov. 2017.
Loving this ideal. Sounds like fun
benderbg on 17. Nov. 2017.
We need to see D4 soon(tm). We've been pressing same buttons, grinding same items in the same zones for far too long. I wish they added Druid instead of Necro as well.
DxBlack on 17. Nov. 2017.
And POE is getting ready to add another twist to their end-game mapping... GGG doesn't quit.
Draqo360 on 17. Nov. 2017.
The problem with being able to modify the layout is people would only seek out those layout fragments, and thus lower rift types played. otherwise pretty good idea I think that this is a system that could get going, but you also need to consider that if specific keystone augments are too good those will be the only ones played.
nononono nonononon on 17. Nov. 2017.
I love your enthusiasm- wish Blizzard had a fraction of it... or better yet hope they are paying you- I like your idea to a point- been playing Diablo since the 90s- I dont like the culter of to much shit- but do like a variety- but when it becomes a chore to farm for this key or that... its really annoying kinda like bounties... YOU HAVE TO DO THEM... so its more of a chore then a choice- the MAIN thing MSSING- IMO- is old school crafting.. you could make INSANE CRAZY GOOD ITEMS in d2... just by crafting! better then any legendary or green amulet or ring.. WHERE IS THAT>?? now.. everything is so static and kinda lame- I hear a lot of people comparing poe to d3- its not even close- POE is a unique and cool game- but it is NOT for everyone- and pitting the 2 against each other.. is like comparing baseball to basketball... I really hope they get off their asses and get AT LEAST some of these ideas going! we need something new! fo SHO!
PencilInPain on 17. Nov. 2017.
Is that the same Diablo model that was at the end of The Darkening of Tristram, last year? I can't remember.
Paul Offerman on 17. Nov. 2017.
So....you want to add a form of lootboxes to Diablo 3??
Vegard on 17. Nov. 2017.
Fuck in game economy, it just masks bad gameplay.
hugooo1 on 17. Nov. 2017.
This rift fragments modifiers was an awesome idea! =D
argowen on 17. Nov. 2017.
@Rhykker perfect; my only gripe was going to be what if you doubled up fragment effects etc but you cleared that perfectly having a fragment for each area like loot / mobs / bosses etc. I think this is a great idea.
jay polk on 17. Nov. 2017.
Sounds like an easy way to work the old rune stones from D2 lod back into the game. Certain rune words open certain rift types specifically or you can mix and match for the random affect
EasyKrieg on 17. Nov. 2017.
I really like that idea, gives the game some more customization. The part of making the comunnity socially active again is really important and seems aligned with what Blizzard is being doing recently, specially with their new Battle.net. On the other hand, Blizzard is really quite fond of all their "randomness" in D3, i'm not sure how much on board they would be with players designing their own rifts, at least not those with fixed loot or characteristics, like POE maps.
League of Janosos on 17. Nov. 2017.
Have you tried MU Legend? I think a Diablo Version of this could also be interesting.
OfficialArrow on 17. Nov. 2017.
I agree with everything but the fragments. No crafting any keystones, but just ones with like affixes and shit. Everything else would be intriguing to see what the devs can make possible, including them putting their own twists on shit.
LSSG Broly on 17. Nov. 2017.
Nice micro phone!
Danilo Ibanez on 17. Nov. 2017.
Some things you sad sounds like Risk of Rain's runes system "only elites" or "specific type of monsters" Still sounds pretty good
Barnabás Nagy on 17. Nov. 2017.
A rift browser would be a cool feature similar like how the game browser in Overwatch works.
Marco Rossetton on 17. Nov. 2017.
Ok, as you said it looks a lot like poe mapping, whcih btw is going to get a big patch in a couple weeks :) I like the idea. System has room for improvement but base is solid. However, two main issues are present. First, we have rifts and greater rifts and now this third Rift type. Redundancy abounds, i'd get rid of normal rofts altoghether. Second, the reason to run these special rifts. Normal rifts are needed for keys, GR for gem leveling. There is a need for a specific reward.
Mike Taylor on 17. Nov. 2017.
it would be cool if something like this could happen
GamertagUnKnOwEn on 17. Nov. 2017.
TLDW: Rhykker realises that Path of Exile is the better game and wants the D3 developers to use their goddamn brain only once to make Diablo a little more complex with certain tradeable Items which would bring back a sort of community which is at this moment not really existent neither on reddit or the official forums. I think it is an absolue great idea since the Rift system was also a copy of PoE's maps system in a weird and not very good way, but it made the game more fun. If you add just a little more complexity or social interactions to D3 it would be better. It would be more healthy for the community and it would bring attention to the game. Not only for 3 weeks like Necro release or every season start... And no I don't think D3 is a bad game. I think the game got insane potential but the devs are just to stupid to make the game succesfull today. When you are a multibillion dollar company and some indie developer makes a game based on your last game and gets more successfull
Knochenkeule on 17. Nov. 2017.
Another idea would be key upgrading (like they have some xp bar or you can + them like gems or they upgrade upon some conditional completion or ...) and this influences the keys stats.
Phoku89 on 17. Nov. 2017.
Yeah, i totally see this a a thing. i hardly relation myself with anyone inside of diablo more than "Hey, i have nemesis" or "oh look a goblin portal ring", i end up doing content by myself. maybe if after the rift guardian were defeated it would tell you how many goblins there are on the rift still alive or or get like a 100% more magic find (i know it goes for item quality not quantity), that would make people go for completion. Also do you know what i reaaaally miss? the old greater rift system where you have to beat various waves of monsters to get the desired level key... dont get me wrong i still preffer the current way GR are, but i would like this to come back in some way, maybe with a ladder board and some rewards, maybe mats or something, maybe this new key fragment rewards you are pourposing. I also embrace the idea you guys gave at blizzcon for more multiplayer content, like the mega boss battles, or 6-8 people groups for really hard content were you need tanks healers supp