Exploring Battle for Azeroth's New Zone: Stormsong Valley

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Adam on 12. Apr. 2018.
doesn't really feel like WoW... the zone looks kind of like MoP's artwork and the grass is an odd shade of pale light green. i think they should do at least some reversion back to their old ways: perhaps make the scenery for a "storm" valley on the darker side. i don't think they should emulate all the recent games that are coming out for WoW style and appeal... i know if i were trying this game out for the first time, i'd get bored within the first 2 hours of exploring this zone, whereas in classic up to cataclysm, i enjoyed the new zones and their themes. the style here is too cartoony and modern like fortnite, battlerite, and league of legends. i would like this area to have a southshore type of look.
Tom on 12. Apr. 2018.
those are very nice trees
Patrik Liba on 12. Apr. 2018.
Can not have leafs on mountains without trees.
TheGroundWork on 12. Apr. 2018.
Maybe later will change just like in mop when the siege of orgrimmar has come and valley of eternal blossom has changed
Rotatia lui Dumnezeu on 12. Apr. 2018.
Let's play a game: drink a beer every time he says "Kul'Tiras"
Darth Raider79 on 12. Apr. 2018.
well the "battle for azeroth" really doesn't take place in Kul'tiras. at least not at first, we're going to some untouched continents to recruit
Aaron Spooner on 12. Apr. 2018.
you seem to be hyper critical of WoW as of late.. do you think it's because your burned out and over the game? idk you just seem to nitpick a lot and/or are just different from the way you used to be. not that im going to unsub or anything lol you my man! just in contrast to other wow You Tubers you have a moor pessimistic out look on the game.
LEEROY JENKINS on 12. Apr. 2018.
Now ALL mounts could use an update
LEEROY JENKINS on 12. Apr. 2018.
Loving the graphics
Random Guider on 11. Apr. 2018.
the thing i like most about nixxiom beside his humor and ISHNU AL AH guy,is that whenever he shares his insight on things he doesn't bash in the normal sense of the word,but he actually shares his personal point of view in an inviting kind of way to dispute,he doesn't say,"this thing is stupid and shouldn't be in the game" he expresses his personal opinion on things in a warm kind of way
Archbishop Benedictino Kripperino on 11. Apr. 2018.
Make more machinima, you lazy, fat shit!
Naethix on 11. Apr. 2018.
StormSONG, StormSONG, StormSONG, StormSONG, StormSONG, StormSONG, StormSONG, StormSONG, StormSONG, StormSONG, StormSONG, StormSONG, StormSONG, StormSONG, StormSONG,
Insane Mang on 11. Apr. 2018.
Hey nixxiom have you ever tried getting the staff of teracgosa
Auroth on 11. Apr. 2018.
Happy Little Bridges HYPERBRUH
Drunk Nightelf on 11. Apr. 2018.
Wanted to say thank you Nixxom you got me into wow when I first started watching your videos I was like wow this game man it’s fuckin amazing. And also wanted to say I joined an amazing horde guild and alliance guild so ^^ thanks Nixxom
Zero Mint on 11. Apr. 2018.
Nixxiom comfirmed for not liking old cobber roofs. Very Architectist of you
Swagimir Putin on 11. Apr. 2018.
Because Battle for Azeroth should just drop you straight into a war rather than letting you quest and build up to said war and it's conclusion where the war comes to a head and we finally face off against Rob Schneider.
huiledesoja on 11. Apr. 2018.
100% sure that will go like this : the battle for Azeroth between the factions will just slowly get bigger and bigger by the patches. after the horde and the alliance have fought enough, Chad N'Zoth will come out of the sea and the battle for azeroth will be about fighting the old gods that seek to destroy it.
Rick Morks on 11. Apr. 2018.
They should play Metallica, The call of Cthulu in that zone:) just nonstop max vollume
OhhItzChlochlo on 11. Apr. 2018.
Soooo prettyyyy and cool
Nelson Muntz on 11. Apr. 2018.
Pretty Sure Gilnean Architecture would've been more fitting for Kul'Tiras..
Reaper 1 on 11. Apr. 2018.
Zone looks great! Thanks for the videos Nixxiom, always appreciate your videos and infos, keep them coming!
Pablo R on 11. Apr. 2018.
Nix do more kingdom deliverance with your helmet that shit is hilarrious
Lava Hound on 11. Apr. 2018.
Kul'tiras not really having any expansion themes to it is the issue I have with Legion. You only ever feel like the Broken Isles are in trouble, while the rest of Azeroth is totally safe and sound.
Kade Motionless on 11. Apr. 2018.
I really don’t mean to sound impatient but whens the next comedy video?
ARandomSub on 11. Apr. 2018.
"I just want more blood, gore and scorched earth" - Nixxiom xD
liradavid1 on 11. Apr. 2018.
Or the idea could be like, cozy areas, good views, happy people and all... Then battle for azeroth hits! Blood, smoke, fire everywhere!!!
Perry Thomas on 11. Apr. 2018.
Nixiom. Those are copper roofs...copper turns green over time. This green patina actually prevents rust! Dropping some knowledge on you Brother!
Toon Smith on 11. Apr. 2018.
They could have replaced class order halls with your very own ship! This is a marine expansion right?
FatLeon93 on 11. Apr. 2018.
I swear to God, if they don't add Kul Tiran shamans...
Gizmo Mogwi on 11. Apr. 2018.
You want a more war like feel, check out Nazmir.
Doreai on 11. Apr. 2018.
Reminds me of Gilneas.
TheReaper on 11. Apr. 2018.
Kul Tiras's theme color is dark green and they use metal pretty much so they have the right to use them :)
shadow boy on 11. Apr. 2018.
nixxiom i think the two factions need time to prepare for warmore a bit. im sure you'll start getting more into that once your 120.
Carson Fire-Dragon on 11. Apr. 2018.
I was somehow selected for the alpha yesterday and I think it's either dumb luck or my sub was gunna be used up in 5 days so they give me a incentive to resubmit. Idk but I'm grateful either way.
Daniel Golden on 11. Apr. 2018.
You’re saying Kul Tiras wrong, dude. It sounds like Kul “Teer-Us,” not Kul “Tir-Ahhs”
Felplague on 11. Apr. 2018.
@nixxiom the reason the stuff is blue-ish green in kultiras is because its copper that has oxidized, look up oxidation pennies
DwuvShep on 11. Apr. 2018.
but but Nixxiom its Alpha !1!
Håvard Ramberg on 10. Apr. 2018.
Zandalar > Kul Tiras
Håvard Ramberg on 10. Apr. 2018.
I like what Stormsurge Valley looks like.
Belhavon on 10. Apr. 2018.
I think the battle parts of BFA will come in 8.1 if it’s going to be a major content patch. 8.0 will hold all the pre-battle stuff.
Mitnu Nulah on 10. Apr. 2018.
Looks pretty
Moon H on 10. Apr. 2018.
Those green mountains are weird I knew I wasnt the only one seeing that >.<
Kunori on 10. Apr. 2018.
Those green roofs are just copper. Copper "rusts" green when exposed to the air for a long time.
TheTimeLost on 10. Apr. 2018.
The music track must be called storm song
Desmond Lemming on 10. Apr. 2018.
[Nobbel] (W Nobbel) has gone offline.
Nemisis99 on 10. Apr. 2018.
"From the air looks like Cthulu beating one off"-Nixxiom 2018 amazing quote may it forever be remembered
Nomka on 10. Apr. 2018.
You know what i think wow is missing? A human village with more than 4 buildings, and not being attacked n'shit. Kinda like Thundermar in TH
Michael Frye on 10. Apr. 2018.
mao-ins....for the love of all that is holy Nixxiom there is a T in the word mounTain
Nomka on 10. Apr. 2018.
Where is Moocluck? :(