Felhounds of Sargeras | Mythic Antorus the Burning Throne | EnhShaman [WoW Legion 7.3.2]

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Uploaded: 7 Dec 2017 Likes: 46
Patch: 7.0.3 Disikes: 2

eze ess on 14. Dec. 2017.
is this a bug where tanks get same debuff twice?
Steevens B_Throwdown on 13. Dec. 2017.
nice job man can i have your Wa bar for your abilitty in the mid ?
Bénjamín Stormrage on 9. Dec. 2017.
Love the vids man. question, Bigcooldad, is that like Bigcooldad as in Moonmoonow?
zBlazeh on 7. Dec. 2017.
Are you DSPSTanky? wtf this voice... is that you? SENPAI?
LijiTgames on 7. Dec. 2017.
ding dong