FinalBossTV #158 | the State of Antorus | Preheat, Cayna & Bloo [Mythic Raiding Discussion]

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FinalBossTV on 11. Dec. 2017.
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DeVon Lamb on 16. Dec. 2017.
I 100% agree with Bloo...i've said that in my own friend circles as well. Get rid of Normal (cause we know they aren't getting rid of LFR) and cap Titanforging! We honestly need to get that message across as a community! I feel like it's the best middle ground.
Knives77 on 15. Dec. 2017.
the guy who plays a mage who can do everything is bitching about locks? you lost me there... unlike other classes who runs with the same talent set up for aoe or single target and presses 2 buttons to do like a billion damage for aoe? or is essentially never ever bad and always has a place in the raid ... To actually do solid aoe locks need to give up some single target potential and the reverse is the same we are a dot class we will innately do more damage with more targets to hit that is common sense... the self-healing is rather excessive ill concede that but lock mobility is kind of meh and even that we have to give up hp and a talent slot to get into ( thinking about it now everything we do we have to give up something for it you good sir up in mage land do not...) so sorry not buying what you're selling buddy
Stephen Chotprom on 15. Dec. 2017.
Why is Cayna worth interviewing? He's seeing nothing but the bench and the floor when he's lying dead on every boss in heroic splits
Rey on 14. Dec. 2017.
Wieldofrost on 14. Dec. 2017.
Maybe Blizzard should just take away world first achievement, and people might not feel so compelled to do split raids for the sake of clearing mythic raids in the first two weeks.
Shar Nay on 13. Dec. 2017.
Everytime he says 'sar-jair-us' I die inside. its a Guh sound like in 'gaming'
Cloversunial on 13. Dec. 2017.
I feel like the first couple of bosses on Mythic were scaled on the fact that you JUST got your Concordance.
tenshi souran on 13. Dec. 2017.
anyone notice pikachu is mooning us. on bays screen lol
Jackie Wu on 13. Dec. 2017.
Wow they're all incredibly attractive people :O
Alexandre Dion on 13. Dec. 2017.
very good episode bay awesome guests. thumbs up
Adam Roney on 13. Dec. 2017.
Everyone in the mythic 1st race just needs an adderall prescription and their problems would be solved lol
Terry Wash on 13. Dec. 2017.
Doing old content can help others out while you still have the chance to get lucky..rite
Oehan on 12. Dec. 2017.
I like the suggestion/thought about buying gear for a currency @ 35:00 ish However I can't see them doing that as they literally removed the same system for pvp in favor of RNG FeelsBadMan
Hekk on 12. Dec. 2017.
Why not both though? Titanforging + upgrading via valor? If it tforges - great, you don't have to waste so much/any valor on it... here, problem solved
Zachsophone on 12. Dec. 2017.
Does anyone know where Preheat is from? He has a cool accent, very subtle but cool.
William Wall on 12. Dec. 2017.
M+ wouldn't be as active as it is today if titanforging wasn't around.
Yolodolf Hipster on 12. Dec. 2017.
An affliction warlock can do all that becasue the biggest con with affliction is how insanly boring
Ivailo Stefanov on 12. Dec. 2017.
Titanforge is amazing fuck you all that dont like it the only thing blizzard needs to do is make personal loot everywhere , there will not be tier sets so it wont matter at all anyway and if there are if you have 4 piece you can just be way less elightable for repeat .
Punker on 12. Dec. 2017.
Anyone else feel like Bloo's discussion on the POV script/addon could have huge repercussions?
Mathew Allen on 12. Dec. 2017.
I really enjoyed the discussion between top players from top guilds. As a dreaded casual that just doesnt have time to compete i do support all you guys putting so much into world first and i am sure it is a grind. I have played since vanilla and i love this game and without you guys all still pushing i doubt this game would still be so strong. Ill continue to play because i love WOW and you guys keep grinding and keep motivating Blizzard to keep pumping out content even for us casuals who just like to quest do a little dungeon running and pvp and yes an LFR here and there. Thanks guys!
Chewsdaydk on 12. Dec. 2017.
the problem with coven as a council fight is, its not just playing into ranged hands, the storm/fire adds literally stop melee from hitting some adds
Chewsdaydk on 12. Dec. 2017.
For people who dont know, if you cap your fps at 60, the bridge disconnects stop happening, worked for me today.
Nicholas Altieri on 12. Dec. 2017.
What is the BTS podcast? 1:17:03
Mitchell .W on 12. Dec. 2017.
I didn't know Daniel Radcliffe played for Limit.
Everlet t on 12. Dec. 2017.
how many LFR anythings are beating mythic drops like 3?
Darthen X on 12. Dec. 2017.
Calm down Preheat, as a Shadow Priest all we have competitive is DoTs for cleave. We don’t have great ST
Non Existent on 11. Dec. 2017.
another mythic boss not possible to kill and hc pugs getting curve on week 1. all is fine o.O
MrSherhi on 11. Dec. 2017.
fixing split runs? force personal loot only, remove heroic but add optional hard modes in normal, make raids longer/more gear checks, remove titanforging/warforging crap...
Ed Harris on 11. Dec. 2017.
Dis-incentivizing split runs I don't think is that hard. 1) Cap titanforge at the next difficulty level, as discussed in the video. 2) Loot lock by boss, not difficulty. You can only receive loot from a given boss, once per week, regardless of difficulty. 3) If you are loot locked, you don't count towards generating loot on future runs, like how it works in N/H today. Fishing for specific pieces will still be a thing, but if you get a lower one, you can't then try to get a higher one the same week.
yiric4 on 11. Dec. 2017.
Bay managed to get these guys during the mythic race to do this. He is becoming too powerful.
Steven Burkhardt on 11. Dec. 2017.
Titanforging isn't an issue. You could just show some semblence of self control and not grind every single difficulty on content in the game. Blizzard is smart for designing their game to have longevity at various difficulties. God forbid you have a reason to do other content once a week or month. I will never buy this titanforging is bad for the game argument. Great video otherwise. I loved the discussion and everything. I just feel cutting edge world first guilds are completely aloof and out of touch with the game. The game has to be compelling to millions of people outside of the first week or two you guys are racing for kills. No one cares about these things after the first week or so.
Zita Castillo on 11. Dec. 2017.
As much as I love Method, it would be awesome to see a US Guild get World First!