FINALLY! Appear Offline Coming; Leaked Skins for Halloween Overwatch Event (Diablo 3 Gameplay)

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Teodor Angelov on 8. Oct. 2017.
I like how you did not 'click-bait' the video title!
Silmarieni C on 8. Oct. 2017.
Discord would be fine were it not a huge security risk, by forcing you to open * UDP at your modem/frontmost router, instead of decently only reserving a range of ports. It's a disgusting architecture, and their team does not want to budge, with a customer service playing dumb and devs not answering securities enquiries. Regarding Diablo, if Blizzard doesn't announce anything it's because we're 3, 4, or more years away from D4.
Heavy Dps on 8. Oct. 2017.
Leave mercy alone! she watches over all of us ..
bryanJr8 on 8. Oct. 2017.
LULULULULU blizz doesn't care for gay diablo anymore it sucks
Shawn Christensen on 8. Oct. 2017.
I mean, if Blizzard is gonna giving the app Discord features, hell yea I'm going to use it, simply while playing Blizzard games. I'll used Discord for all my non-Blizzard games (which are usually stuff like mobile games or the like), and I'll use the features for Blizzard guilds, clans, and groups. I also feel it'll be quite a bit easier keeping track of different guilds and clans using the Blizzard app as opposed to Discord. I know it used to be a pain being a part of several guilds that all used Discord, since Discord users only had their one username. Of course, that did get better with the addition of group leaders being able to change the tag name of the members of their groups, but still.
vaulthunter ofLS on 8. Oct. 2017.
Personally, I'm not a fan of the new halloween skins; like probably only the vampire hunter Mcree but that's it really, hopefully Sombra gets a halloween skin.
mike panos on 8. Oct. 2017.
what is that dh bow transmog?
Cydney Devlin on 8. Oct. 2017.
diablo gets no love because it's not very profitable, once someone buys it that's it, one the one hand fuck micro transmissions in the ass with a rusty chainsaw but on the other hand we may need them in d3, at least if we wanna see it move forward in any significant way, PoE has a really good micro transaction system all purely cosmetic as far as it goes. spending any significant resources on diablo outside of d4 makes no sense for blizzard from a business standpoint.
Ancients PvP on 8. Oct. 2017.
I was more of a fan of Vanilla D3 than RoS, but that's just my opinion. I had about 3000+ vanilla hours and maybe 1000 RoS hours so far. However, I was still known by my friends to return for the start of new seasons and grind the first weekend very hard. Pulled all nighters, I often drove 4-5 hours to visit a diablo friend who I met back in 2013 and we would set up my PC and no-life the weekend away before returning to reality on the Monday. But with this Thursday seasonal reset I will not be playing. I didn't play last season and I will not play this season. The only excitement I get out of Diablo 3 these days is being able to grind overnight the first night or 2 of a seasonal reset and race people to completed sets and early leaderboards. With seasons starting on Thursdays I can no longer do that and thus will no longer be returning for seasonal resets. This patch will have been in beta testing almost 2 full months by the time the next season launches. Saying that you need to
Slavi Kaloyanov on 8. Oct. 2017.
Can you tell me the name of the pet?
Hartingtonser on 8. Oct. 2017.
Regarding season start being on a Thursday: It sucks! Big time... At each season start, 3 friends and I usually stack up on snacks and do a weekend push in order to see if we can get any of the "top" ranks at the start. Since we are all adults (lol) with jobs, we can't do that anymore.. We did not play last season, and probably won't play this season either. :( Especially when it is timed right after Blizzcon - 2 of us are taking time off to watch Blizzcon, so can't take time off again for Diablo.
MegaPain Quest on 8. Oct. 2017.
mercy should not be able to res ppl who got 1shotted/ not some1 she just used heal on. imo
Cynation on 8. Oct. 2017.
Wait wait wait... There are people out there who actually have Saturdays and Sundays off? What magical land do they live in and how do I get there? I don't think I've EVER had weekends off... Thursdays for me are only SLIGHTLY more inconvenient for me than Fridays because Thursdays are my Monday... T_T
wraithryder on 8. Oct. 2017.
deliberate to help the profit of their games not the health and even the profit was a placebo-like psychological satisfaction that everything was being done to help ppl connect when the forced all-or-nothing connection was becoming detrimental...seriously stupid. and even worse are the ppl are out there who dont see it this way and refuse to believe that others may feel differently from them....its not like u can tell someone to feel something, u either understand what they feel or u dont, u dont tell them what to do..../facepalm
wraithryder on 8. Oct. 2017.
glad its coming but years too late for me, i quit wow cause i couldnt hide from my friends or guildies - try making an alt in another raid guild cause i wanted a break from my current guild? fuck no! drama time! WAY too late - seriously a stupid feature when even facebook (THE most social app out there) understands the value of a "appear invisible/offline" mode. Blizz has great programmers but idiots for designers outside of gaming protocol...flexibility is the bread & butter of success due to personalization via DUH!
Raymond Chia on 8. Oct. 2017.
Personally, prefer it to start on Thurs. Just like me at work, Thurs is always busier and Friday we can take it easy. And if something happens, Friday is a good time to do recovery work.
Frostcharm on 8. Oct. 2017.
The loot crate will contain a spray can, an actual skin of a raccoon, and one of those 90s voice box things that say "eat my shorts"
tshinharR on 8. Oct. 2017.
Battle net voice chat is actually really good
Arthrogeddon on 8. Oct. 2017.
What's in the box ? New hero : Sombra.
Rainbow Sam on 8. Oct. 2017.
1 hour of patting themselves on the back. GG
Rainbow Sam on 8. Oct. 2017.
Rhykker pauses are an intrinsic composent in entertainmental speech. It gives us listeners time to let the information resonate
Stranger Danger on 8. Oct. 2017.
Appear offline? How about offline play....rhykker still can't accept Diablo is dead....give it up bro, it's trash...always have been..
Helena Turkulainen on 8. Oct. 2017.
TheLun4tic on 8. Oct. 2017.
LOL StarCraft behind Hearthstone. Never thought of that but it's probably because StarCraft is more of an e-Sport thing than it is about Story. Also they don't seem to have additional Addons or story for SC2 so no wonder it's not much about SC. Do bad that Diablo is such a badly treated Step Child of Blizzard. It is really Sad that they don't actually care about Diablo. They should at least release Hope for Diablo fans. I'm hoping and expecting a "Dark Souls" Style game in the Diablo Universe in development. I really do hope they are working on that.
Kind of Mimic on 8. Oct. 2017.
Honestly, i used bot once in diablo. Realized that won't help. Bot is slow, its just saves your energy when it do things for u. The only one reason why i wanna use bot again is farming death's breaths - this shit is really boring when u do it manually. May be bots improved since last time i used it.
isprin on 8. Oct. 2017.
Thoughts on a Diablo MMO .. ?
TheMojojay on 8. Oct. 2017.
Ask blizzard way this game is becomming a avoid 90% content game, cherry picking solo players in public groups. Literally people joining 4 mans and sprinting off and never seen again till its finished. So sad.
ThePleasantYukkuri on 8. Oct. 2017.
Odd Eology on 8. Oct. 2017.
If only this offline mode was single player...LIKE PLAY WITHOUT INTERNET! LIKE DIABLO 2!!!
Liur on 8. Oct. 2017.
Rhykker is always the best.
William Ling on 8. Oct. 2017.
Game devs aren't people. Source: I'm a game dev :(
Pezby69 on 8. Oct. 2017.
Diablo 3 has a community ? I thought Rhykker was the the only guy who played it.... :D
temparofl on 8. Oct. 2017.
rip diablo 3
Thorsten Paulinsky on 8. Oct. 2017.
Greetings Rhykker. Does it mean I am offline but I still have to be online to login. But I pretend I am offline?
reaverofsouls on 8. Oct. 2017.
i get my work week started ON the weekend, so I can stay up til 7/8 am. So if the next season starts on a Thursday, I'm good with that shit. Totally good. Cause I'll get out at 12 and can start that grind. Literally just bought the Necro tonight, and I'm not going to START a Necro til the next Season.... I'm totally good with this.
Michael Mahoney on 8. Oct. 2017.
like the new McCree skin, but really wanted a 'High Moon' Werwolf skin...
reaverofsouls on 8. Oct. 2017.
Totally get it. I usually run solo cause I kind of hate running multi, but one of my good friends kinda dropped in when I was running rifts... and.. well. I wouldn't shun the fucker, cause I've known dude for near twenty years. But... man. I just wanted to run by myself.
ii imperidal on 8. Oct. 2017.
The reason why software/game releases never on Friday is because, if shit happened, they still have Friday to fix it. Since most people take Saturday/Sunday day off.
Dat Phot on 8. Oct. 2017.
They said the Lucio "nerf" is actually a bug. There's no intended change to Lucio's kit.
BloggingLP on 8. Oct. 2017.
I love the new mercy and I hope they dont change her up too much. Ever since the rework I have basicly played nothing else then mercy. I really enjoy her new playstyle!
Andrew Meyer on 8. Oct. 2017.
I have never ran into any bots, I don't bot personally and to be quite blunt, if anyone bots Diablo they should just quit playing and find something else to do because bots take away what the game is all about; The grind, the hunt for those pieces of gear that are just right for your build and maybe that one Primal Ancient weapon that has a socket and perfect stat rolls, people who bot are too lazy to make time in their busy lives to actually play the game. Video games are designed for you "The consumer" to play them to your hearts content and if you decide that you don't want to physically play the game anymore and instead have a third party program play it for you, perhaps its time for you to move on to something else.
Danath Raynor on 8. Oct. 2017.
Luckily for me my days off are Thursday and Friday :-)
Marcos Ramirez on 8. Oct. 2017.
I play D3 as a Single player game. SO not bot problems here :>
Wolfgang Verde on 8. Oct. 2017.
Please do a shotgun crusader build guide I was thinking about doing that for 12 and I need some pointer
Unknown Fusion on 8. Oct. 2017.
Am i the only that prefers that he splits Overwatch and diablo new into 2 different videos
ChisaGaming on 8. Oct. 2017.
In other Overwatch news, Blizzard is testing a new server for south america, players have been reporting between 2 and 15 ms. The Blizzard forum moderator Predicador post and I quote: "We are currently testing the server "SAC1" on the Ptr on Custom and Practice mode".
Mexico New York on 8. Oct. 2017.
What is wrong with socializing... Video game players are awkward enough
Quentin Styger on 8. Oct. 2017.
Discord is beta testing video conferencing over internet protocol. Blizzard's got SFA against them. I hope Blizzard ridiculously buffs all classes to immorality and infinite GR pushing to make people bored of the game to force them into the new Diablo when it comes out. I won't get bored, but I may be the only one who'd find D3 fun at that point, but that's all I care about.
sps yn on 8. Oct. 2017.
when will Forza 7 released for PC?
Aaron Smith on 8. Oct. 2017.
yes, season 12 Thursday start is just fine.