First Overwatch 'Story Mode' Coming Next Week (Theory)

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Dogger on 6. Apr. 2017.
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LucaPlays on 6. Apr. 2017.
I think that the event will introduce a mission log type thing. More missions will be available when more story events are released.
Narukami75 on 6. Apr. 2017.
unsubbed, useless throw-away content
The Random Gamer on 6. Apr. 2017.
please i need the story campain
Iron Blade on 6. Apr. 2017.
Darius Marbray on 6. Apr. 2017.
Man everyone is complaining about the title being messed up when he first posted it. maybe he didn't think it sounded like clickbait at first or maybe he thought people would expect it to be a theory because nothing has been leaked about it being a story mode.
Clyde Marshall on 6. Apr. 2017.
I'm loving your idea but I think it's more likely that it will play out like this. Our team of heroes will use that bomb they have with them to just blast open the gates to reach the hostages themselves because of the AA defenses. Basically, another payload mission except with lots of A.I. enemies.
Fuze Coming In on 6. Apr. 2017.
2:33 is that a pro torb?
wickedBigKarma on 6. Apr. 2017.
It would be strange if McCree wasn't playable since he's already in London.
Lone Cawk on 6. Apr. 2017.
you say Comnic at 1:54 ... like comic+omnic
Mindbomb on 6. Apr. 2017.
I don't know why but on desktop your videos don't show up in my subscriptions right away.
Silentninja 12 on 6. Apr. 2017.
What if mercys rez is like "heroes dont die i guess"
Hugo Flanagan on 6. Apr. 2017.
This is pretty unlikely, but I just had a thought. What if in the new kings row uprising event, at one stage you think your done and then the floor splits open and you enter the underworld.
Fredy on 6. Apr. 2017.
Junkenstines revenge had 4 heroes to play, 4 heroes are going to the london mission, event confirmed.
Galaxy on 6. Apr. 2017.
1:55 - "In the end of the comnic"
EliDt on 6. Apr. 2017.
I read an interview with Jeff And he said that a campaign mode would take years to make. So story Will be known through events also, besides of course comics And such.
Fredy on 6. Apr. 2017.
Wrestle with Jeff, prepare for death
menamgamg on 6. Apr. 2017.
why isnt the comic on the official ow site or fb? wtf
courdoroy jones on 6. Apr. 2017.
What if you need to defeat the arcade story mode to release the new character / hostage!! Would be rad!
Nirva C. on 6. Apr. 2017.
I reeally hope the'y'll do some kinf of hardcore mode like WoW's mythic or something like that, that only good players in teams can complete
Bene Berger on 6. Apr. 2017.
I Fink mccree schud be alsow in the brall
Mei on 6. Apr. 2017.
Lol force you said at the end Of the "comnic" lol
Random Guy on 6. Apr. 2017.
Another bullshit, Stylosa..
Kevin Tyler on 6. Apr. 2017.
As far as the abilitys go on the teaser it is a mission archive. Meaning we are in he present looking back at the past
Eric Terwilliger on 6. Apr. 2017.
man who cares, clickbait or not, i still enjoyed the speculation
TheName'sOT on 6. Apr. 2017.
Everyone has been super hyped for a PvE event, and bringing up that Junkenstein's Revenge was the best so far. And i'm just sitting here still loving and missing my Lucio Ball.... FeelsBadMan
Gabriel A on 6. Apr. 2017.
Reinhardt Torb Mercy Tracer AND MCCREE? isnt he there on "vacation"
DwuvShep on 6. Apr. 2017.
I think u will be able to play mccree too, BC he's in kings row too.
Austin McCormick on 6. Apr. 2017.
Ya know from the beginning I think those bar codes in the original teaser mean something. There is 4 languages if I am correct that you can read bar codes in. I'd bet that if you where to get the right language and scan those codes you would get a pretty decent clue, when translated.
Jort Manshanden on 6. Apr. 2017.
Your videos are so much better then those of the other 'patch note Gods'!
Michael Barnett on 6. Apr. 2017.
Daddy Jeff why does updates always release on Tuesday
Laurenze G on 6. Apr. 2017.
clickbait bitch
Dr. Sanchez on 6. Apr. 2017.
Michael Barnett on 6. Apr. 2017.
Woah daddy Jeff listing planning get ready
Double 07 on 6. Apr. 2017.
No offense rein and torb fans, but I hope that they don't give you guys legendary. Especially Reno because you could just do a resin to make it look like the comic
digthehole usmn on 6. Apr. 2017.
What about McCree? He's still wondering around.
Tanasij Penko on 6. Apr. 2017.
i VEEEEERY much doubt that those player icons mean anything....maybe just that those heroes will get skins or something but...doubt it
Sammyg123 on 6. Apr. 2017.
if you have played the very first tutorial with soldier, it's exactly what a story mode would be like
bloodygrass on 6. Apr. 2017.
he said comnic instead of comic
Bryan Gomez on 6. Apr. 2017.
Jeff literally said it would take a whole ton of time to create, almost like creating another game. Next week? Hell no
Keegan on 6. Apr. 2017.
I hope the skins just get added to the loot boxes and not some special one
Jerad Sharp on 6. Apr. 2017.
Don't forget Mcree is on location for 'vacation' already.
Keegan on 6. Apr. 2017.
I wouldn't say story mode.
Koalanymos on 6. Apr. 2017.
fake news
WarKing on 6. Apr. 2017.
If they listened to us they would nerf the hell out of bastion.
Dirk Schwartz on 6. Apr. 2017.
"Mercy, Reinhardt, Torbjorn and Tracer are on an airship." That sounds like the start of a joke.
lamparitaful on 6. Apr. 2017.
Once you find the area, mcree will join you as an npc
Ike of Pyke on 6. Apr. 2017.
Congratulations too you a year to do something Battleborn did at launch
Nicholas Castagna on 6. Apr. 2017.
You make a video about how the omnics are coming to kings row and all that. Then you go and make this "theory" video which is just reexplaining the video about the omnics coming back and nothing to do with the STORY MODE. Overlapping video content is mind numbing.