Full ULTIMATE Before The Match (Overwatch News)

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veith885 on 5. Sep. 2017.
Am I the only person that noticed the only reason why he was getting ult was because he was in the "waiting for players" mode. If he were to actually start the custom match then his ult wouldn't have built up. Not sure if I explained that the best but yeah
Str03ong Gaming on 4. Sep. 2017.
I'm a new channel doing strategy, and i'd love if anyone supported me! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO3vKeqOm7RatYYH7uLZW8w
patrick sapling on 4. Sep. 2017.
Can you actualy get ult charge tho, you can heal teamares and even kill enemys in the setup stage of a game but you wont get ult charge, you were waiting for players, wich is basicly a scrimmage. Maybe im wrong tho
Enju on 4. Sep. 2017.
Honestly, I'm happy to see they're decreasing the amount of time it takes to recharge DM, that nerf was way too huge at first, as someone who mastered the current live Dva, that lowering the recharge time was one thing I was talking about when I discussed it with my friends, it was either that, or they revert her old nerf to that hp bar, giving her back 400 armor with 200hp, or at least make it 300/300 so that way she would have at least a little of survivability left for being a tank
Atef Khasawneh on 4. Sep. 2017.
Its kind of weird, i think its intentional because there is an actual animation of the bikes being destroyed.
I'm a gawd on 3. Sep. 2017.
All dva mains do is complain they complained and bitched when they got rid of her armor but she was still the most busted hero and this time they didn't even get to play her and she complained
Saint Piloswine on 3. Sep. 2017.
I totally forgot about torb :>
Zer0 Skillz on 3. Sep. 2017.
why did they allow turret building in spawn?
A_Sentient_Being on 3. Sep. 2017.
And after all this time i'm wondering whether or not to get overwatch :|
OspreyVFX on 3. Sep. 2017.
Its the secret buff they sneaked in
the videogame player on 2. Sep. 2017.
Where ana new legendary skin?
Amaury Chovaux on 2. Sep. 2017.
Symmetra's turrets don't charge her ultimate before battle (I saw this on another video talking about this and why I watch this one is because the other one didn't show the full charge and I like your videos)
acheron16 on 2. Sep. 2017.
I dont mind skins being released on events... what I hate is skins being available for buying only during an event. The Uprising event wasn't tied to any real time period, it simply came and had a bunch of skins tied to it... which then became unavailable after the event ended for discernible reason. They could easily have been permanent additions.
Hobo Hunter Rik on 2. Sep. 2017.
Cosmic Kirby on 2. Sep. 2017.
5:01 This is not the cynical viewpoint. It's the entirely correct one. Blizzard is a company. And while I doubt the devs themselves WANT to lock their hard work behind gachapon bullshit gambling-esque loot boxes, the marketing and finance teams definitely do. Blizzard is in the business to make money, even if the devs aren't in the same way.
Azza Osborne on 2. Sep. 2017.
I would love two skins for Doomfist that give him the appearance of the 2 previous Doomfists
ChrisPy96 on 2. Sep. 2017.
You clearly dont know anything about how businesses are run, Overwatch is in the first place a tool to make money nothing more nothing less, thats why they have and will have skins bound to "TIME LIMITED" events ( thats the kicker here) you said it allready, they want ppl to buy the skins. By putting all the skins in TIME LIMITED events they are putting pressure on you to buy lootboxes now because they wont be available anymore in X time and you have to wait a full year. Its a very simillar method phishing and scam emails work they all have the TIME PRESSURE quotient in the equasion which is a massive factor in getting someone do perform an for you desired action.
MULE!! on 2. Sep. 2017.
(PALADIN TOPIC) hey, basically i have this problem when i started to make an account in paladins, and saw the "sign with google" so i clicked it since i thought that would make my hi-rez account, and i saw that it LINKED my google to hi-rez account (which i dont have an hi-rez account) so then i realized it and tried to make an hi-rez account, and when i did it told me "this email has already been taken" please help me
Amit Cohen on 2. Sep. 2017.
why you reuse gameplay in your videos
Joao Pedro on 2. Sep. 2017.
As stated on several comments, the Uprising (7 years ago) is not the same as the Omnic Crisis (30 years ago). Nevertheless since the Uprising event is about the past, we can get some stuff about the original OC or a follow up to the last event (we didn't get to save the hostages after all and more story/map progression can be made) or even another omnic uprising (there could be other places where omnics uprised).
Bob Joe on 2. Sep. 2017.
Why are people begging Blizzard for skins and not more heroes? I feel they enjoy playing dress up more than the actual game.
GUIGUIB12 on 2. Sep. 2017.
the motorcycle can be hit with almost all heroes, but he has (with normal settings) not that much hp and break very fast (this was probably a custom game so the motorcycle don't die) plus, when the match didn't started yet, even if you hit something, you don't get ultimate charge, so please before doing a video about this, get fully documented bro...
Xerota on 2. Sep. 2017.
More common and rare skins should be added, there are so many legendary skins now.
Wither lord gaming central on 2. Sep. 2017.
How to crauch?
Wither lord gaming central on 2. Sep. 2017.
Wich skin is better oni or nihon for genji?
buggabug on 2. Sep. 2017.
they should add new legendary skins, but i also think they should add some more basic recolour skins for people who prefer the characters' original look but want more colour options (like me).
rob rodriguez on 2. Sep. 2017.
Wow who saw force fanfire smh
sharv88 on 2. Sep. 2017.
WOW, Junkertown looks awesome, in the design and visuals, def looks like a fun map to play on, also on the skins, yes, Halloween will repeat, winter event will repeat also "the year of the rooster"/ Chinese year, so it came in Jan 2017, so Jan 2018, would be Year of the Dog Event, so over time these events are about 2-3 months inbetween each other on average, and the amount of skins will add up quickly if people come into the game by the 3rd time events have been up or they miss an event some years, or if they farm levels the hard way and don't buy any extra loot boxes for skins etc. So imo I don't think they are lacking in the skin department, there is plenty of character skins out there already, and we'll get new ones in these upcoming events :D
8 bit Adamantium on 2. Sep. 2017.
uprising is not about the omnic crisis
Dubyyy on 2. Sep. 2017.
Hopefully they make the outfit mei had on in the recent short a skin I don't see them not doing it
pow20o9 on 2. Sep. 2017.
Something you missed about the non-event skins and regular lootboxes is that players could stock pile said boxes and open them all at once.
BobFrankie on 2. Sep. 2017.
I wonder if in the next Chinese New Year event if you can get the "year of the rooster" skins since it won't be year of the rooster anymore
Spish Spish on 2. Sep. 2017.
send this to blizzard
Collin Thorp on 2. Sep. 2017.
@Force you are wrong about the number of skins. it you include all skins released with new heroes the number is much larger
Nicodapeek2 on 2. Sep. 2017.
I have an honest question.... ...*_HOW DO PEOPLE FIND THESE BUGS?_*
Kien Nguyen on 2. Sep. 2017.
She protecc She attacc But most importantly, *sombra whispers: she got hacced
Lululin Xiavery Terluminne on 2. Sep. 2017.
Ana needs some new skins! Ana needs some love!
Kawayla o on 2. Sep. 2017.
ive just seen torb do this on live xbox servers no idea how he was on other team on ilios
All About Szek on 2. Sep. 2017.
I don't know why they didn't give Winston skin for Horizon, he doesn't have that many. Also think they will replace Omnic Crisis event with some talon event... Hopefully.
Agnius Grim on 2. Sep. 2017.
I'd like to see a change to DVa's DM as a main. Call it trivial if you will but I think it would be great if when DM is full it starts with its current color, but as the meter is depleted DM changes from blue to red gradually. I dunno, I guess it's just an aesthetic thing I'd like to see.
nevirful on 2. Sep. 2017.
Everyone talking about the ult charge, but I'm just impressed that the bike actually breaks piece by piece.
Terribly Charismatic Duck on 2. Sep. 2017.
*people getting mad that **D.Va** can't right click cancel almost all ultimates because apparently she can't 'tank'* > *people complaining about the same thing but with Roadhog* Nice logic there.
Camilo Etcheverry RĂ­os on 2. Sep. 2017.
Im suprised you didn't mention this about the motorcycle bug, Force: That motorcycle mas ANIMATIONS and evidently Blizz also gave it the functionality to be broken (aka can be interacted with). This could be something that was left over from Titan... or maybe at some point Blizz experimented with vehicles in the game. Let that sink in...
GarchompFan on 2. Sep. 2017.
Attack torb and symmetra meta
HalfLegit on 2. Sep. 2017.
Fuck DVA her defence matrix is fucking annoying. shez a whore. End of Story!
Suckynewb on 2. Sep. 2017.
Restricting skins to Event Boxes means you're further encouraged to spend money on them because of the limited availability window.
Neal Gijsbertse on 2. Sep. 2017.
What about mei's "skin" in her short?
Autistic Anime Girl on 2. Sep. 2017.
this is a secret torb/symmetra attack buff
Originele google naam enzo on 2. Sep. 2017.
event skins are nice but i can understand and agree that it isnt so much a priority of them when they actively balance the game