Genji is a CUCK? (Overwatch Lore & Backstory Analysis)

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Joshua Adkins on 13. Jul. 2017.
Genji mains are cucks thanks Rhykker.
Alex Cheung on 12. Jul. 2017.
So are we getting Genji's cousin anytime soon?
Jurassiccraft101 on 12. Jul. 2017.
greatshaman0724 on 10. Jul. 2017.
that was awesome clickbait material :)
Sebastian 583 on 10. Jul. 2017.
the most sense behind a theory ever. I think this is not a coincidence
adradox on 8. Jul. 2017.
This title though.
Balaclava Boris TM on 6. Jul. 2017.
so you're sayin hanzo's son plowed mercy
c.lewis on 6. Jul. 2017.
what the cuck?
William Weller on 6. Jul. 2017.
Every HotS ever Ima say "GENGI IS A CUCK"
ken on 5. Jul. 2017.
how could he be getting lots of women when he's gay??? explain please
Sergio Guerrero on 5. Jul. 2017.
Rhykker what the hell haha, lol. a cuck
Calvin Glenn on 5. Jul. 2017.
Love this. I'm always excite when somebody connects the stories we're enjoying today (our games, mostly) with traditional mythology and lore. Nice work on this!
Michele Pandini on 5. Jul. 2017.
I really enjoy the videos of the lore of Overwatch! Please, continue!
Paul Penry on 5. Jul. 2017.
clickbaiting me is a no no. but if you teach me something interesting in that clickbaiting? Ill allow it.
ScorchHellfire on 2. Jul. 2017.
Calling it now. Genji gets cucked by Pharah after officially starting a relationship with Mercy, who turns out to be bi.
sealedinterface on 1. Jul. 2017.
Looks like a MatPat parody.
Perdristan on 1. Jul. 2017.
If he is a cuck, with whom is Mercy doing it?
halffox102 on 1. Jul. 2017.
not only are people who play genji cucks but genji himself is a cuck..... amazing
Backwards Aussie on 1. Jul. 2017.
You always produce such quality content and in so much depth and detail. You take your time and get your facts right! Thanks for all the videos you post regardless of what game it is! Keep it up!
HanktheTank on 1. Jul. 2017.
This was fun. Love to see more vids like this, lore within the lore.
Michaś on 30. Jun. 2017.
How will Genji mains ever recover. they'll need ALOT of healing.
FrozenLemur on 30. Jun. 2017.
I started laughing when I saw this one!
Rafael d'Ávila on 30. Jun. 2017.
Sorry dude, that was one ridiculous click bait
Blitz_ Lightning_ on 29. Jun. 2017.
do a video on the upcoming McCree Ghost Hunter skin
TSG Gaming on 29. Jun. 2017.
Cuck would imply he's taking care of someone else's kids. I'm pretty sure Genji uses safesex when it's not with Angela.
Kaiser499 on 29. Jun. 2017.
Makes so much sense now with all these tryhards playing Genji. If you're a Genji main, you're a cuck.
Vimorain on 27. Jun. 2017.
skaionex on 27. Jun. 2017.
btw, is no one gonna question the fact that there's a board game centered around cheating? like wtf? a board game about being sleezy?
skaionex on 27. Jun. 2017.
preeetty sure they hated genji because he wanted no part in the clans..doings. it had nothing to do with genji being lazy or an embarrassment. he just didn't want anything to do with the crooked stuff so he was a liability per say.
Jan Henrik on 27. Jun. 2017.
The bird never realizes dude,the cuckoo pushes the other babys out of the nest and its being fed until it leaves the nest, get your facts straight on wildlife, not just on d3 and owerwatch
Paolo Faieta on 26. Jun. 2017.
Confession time... totally got put off because of what that means to the alt-right these days, but the video checked out. Risky click of the day.
Mike Printz on 26. Jun. 2017.
so if you're suckered into taking care of another's offspring because of unfaithfulness, does that make you a cucksucker?
Chase Miceli on 26. Jun. 2017.
So genji gave his bitch to hanzo bc he couldn't please her.
Fudge65x on 25. Jun. 2017.
all i heard was genji stories are the same-ish, story genji had a nephew. so overwatch genji will have a nephew. Rhykker did you just predict a future character?
Alejandra Cadena on 25. Jun. 2017.
this title was so funny I had to watch the video
Alexander Tetyukhin on 25. Jun. 2017.
What is written on your T-shirt?
Raistlin Fury Sjølander on 25. Jun. 2017.
Does Hikaru Genji need healing, though?
Tev Jun on 24. Jun. 2017.
this made me hyperventilate and I want to die
Michael Henriquez on 24. Jun. 2017.
I still don't understand
hibiki54 on 24. Jun. 2017.
Dem clickbait $$$
DarthClyan on 24. Jun. 2017.
I think you're a cuck.
Owen B on 24. Jun. 2017.
Loved this
Twinsen on 24. Jun. 2017.
Such an awesome video, showing the depth of the stories in Overwatch, and some people unliked it? I bet 90% of them didnt even watch the video. Edit: And 100% of them were cucks.
ReZo DaBaus on 24. Jun. 2017.
Genji mains are all beta weaboo cucks, thats a certainty.
DefCat on 24. Jun. 2017.
jfc Rhykker
DankDuckDinker on 24. Jun. 2017.
Titles like this are too much for the sensitive af overwatch community, put a "swear" in there, immediately it's clickbait
Slyrez on 24. Jun. 2017.
Faze Randall the bley blade God on 24. Jun. 2017.
I thought a cuck is a man that watches his wife get fucked and enjoy it