Glory of the Argus Raider Achievement Guide

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Patrick Jones on 16. Dec. 2017.
wtf is this shit
Jock Sprunger on 15. Dec. 2017.
Asmon looks like a handsome Orangutan
Plasticblade on 12. Dec. 2017.
F u and your mods for baning me for asking do you hate nikurs and btw your transmog is trash
TRF BRO on 11. Dec. 2017.
Asmongold Reactes BEST
Tipo Man on 11. Dec. 2017.
what sever he´s in?
ScorpiaGaming 12 on 10. Dec. 2017.
What would be the expected dps for ilvl 930 arms warrior and for a 930 fury warrior?
Axel Muren on 10. Dec. 2017.
How do you make a /rw pull timer thing (not the dbm one)
Skelly Hell on 10. Dec. 2017.
Got this finished this week, the only difficult bosses were Agrammar and Argus, purely because the timing was more precise than anything else in the raid
Leee on 10. Dec. 2017.
what a fag
its NPLM on 10. Dec. 2017.
Good video, but...... CLEAN YOUR GOT DAMN ROOM YOU FREAKING SLOB!!!! Keep up the good work though.
Algeria News on 9. Dec. 2017.
Pilav is the best, ❤ XD
Ben Eggen on 9. Dec. 2017.
Thank you so much for this! Jesus loves us all!! Have a great day today!
NoTruth on 8. Dec. 2017.
rank 1 raid. 10/11 m 1 day after it goes live.
NerdSlapper on 8. Dec. 2017.
You like balls don't ya? :D
Tanner Young on 8. Dec. 2017.
JoenneGee on 8. Dec. 2017.
The human eye can't see past 30fps
iFORitzy on 8. Dec. 2017.
It only takes 2 hours and really easy if you follow these steps: 1 find chiness People 2 give Them money 3 wait 4 boom mount unlocked xD
Nenny on 8. Dec. 2017.
I'll be pugging for progression through this raid but you made these achievements look very doable with a well-planned group. Thanks for the tips!
Apolyon, the Soul-Render on 8. Dec. 2017.
Fuck you, now i have to watch the whole thing for the JoJo reference.
Slick on 8. Dec. 2017.
The Speaker of Truth on 8. Dec. 2017.
Who gives a shit about Legion or Battle for Azeroth? Classic WoW is coming.
Grinners on 8. Dec. 2017.
I miss 360p servers, youtube really ruined the platform with their QoL updates and are refusing to listen to the 360p community on this matter. Shame to see Asmongold crumple on this issue. Unsubscribed
beowulf monsterslayer on 8. Dec. 2017.
Ηι asmongold what is your opinion about fury warriors?
GringoSEVEN1 on 7. Dec. 2017.
Asmon 1080p <3
Eduardo Fioravanti on 7. Dec. 2017.
Rogues aer bad for PvE ATM?
Kai BIG on 7. Dec. 2017.
i cleared antorus twice on normal,without a raidguild or raidgroup in where ppl didn't know each other. first was on releaae day,second one today with link achievement group,so i can say,when you join a random group without achievment it can be very difficult,then its not easy but then again today with a good achievement group it was like cuting with a warmed knife trough butter. so the odds always change unlike u have a main raidgroup or guild.
Remain on 7. Dec. 2017.
you can banish the adds you want alive on the Coven fight, they're elementals.
Milk Me Daddy on 7. Dec. 2017.
Sup yall, It's me ya boy 720p60HD
Khabib Nurmagomedov on 7. Dec. 2017.
Argus mythic solo guide?
Sam Sizer on 7. Dec. 2017.
Got it done before this came out! Was really RNG-fuckery on Coven!
Alluviere Rivers on 7. Dec. 2017.
Asmongold, why didn’t you invite me?
Jakob Kutela on 7. Dec. 2017.
Finally some fucking delicious content!
Rémi on 7. Dec. 2017.
0:02 backpedal
Golvellius on 7. Dec. 2017.
ah thanks, will solo in the next expansion.
Im A Meme on 7. Dec. 2017.
has he already cleared heroic?
Bamtori on 7. Dec. 2017.
You could at least show the mount properly... I can't see jack.
James Embree on 7. Dec. 2017.
Hey Asmongold do you usually do these runs with twitch subs or is there a community that you use to get the groups formed?
Griimnak on 7. Dec. 2017.
Dude, i think your channel success and happiness is growing your hairline back! LOL, cheers man keep it up
Silus Jackson on 7. Dec. 2017.
Reskined wyvern lmao
TheOneAndOnlyZeno on 7. Dec. 2017.
game's dead, but great vid Asmongold :)
Alijamaru on 7. Dec. 2017.
Thanks for the reupload my boi now I can watch without getting triggered.
Stefan Bastan on 7. Dec. 2017.
Thanks for the reupload
Ewok_Slayer27 on 7. Dec. 2017.
CatDany [Asmongold Highlights] on 7. Dec. 2017.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD!!!!!!
Veloci on 7. Dec. 2017.
Can't stand the ugliness of HD ugh.....
Gentle Singularity on 7. Dec. 2017.
I only watch videos in 360p. Fuck this HD shit.
Anon-Chan on 7. Dec. 2017.
Kuivia on 7. Dec. 2017.
Asmon why are you playing arms if fury is superior I current raid? like 2 weeks ago you said you should play arms cuz otherwise you're letting down your group by not being as strong as possible. Are you a hypocrite or were you just trolling?
MegaKratos97 on 7. Dec. 2017.
Bull on 7. Dec. 2017.
Kelani has a much better way to get the Eonar orbs btw.