GOLDEN Blood Elves! Battle For Azeroth Bringing More Options For All Races?!

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TheWeeaboo on 11. Apr. 2018.
Well will you look at that. After 15 years of World Of Warcraft there are proper customization options for your characters! Revolutionairy.
Punished Snake on 10. Apr. 2018.
Blizzard won't do any of this.
CreativeUsernameEh on 10. Apr. 2018.
this is awesome for Blood Elf paladins for sure, but this just reminds me of how badly I want High Elves still. Ugh, Void Elves... Why did they need to be ex Blood Elves? Why do they need tonALWAYS look ugly when Alleria looks like a normal High Elf when she wants? So close, yet still so far.
Caty Cika on 9. Apr. 2018.
I want blue eyes for b elfs
Korey Jordan on 9. Apr. 2018.
cool more for the horde
Tydin on 8. Apr. 2018.
I want more pouches, and profession gear like a backpack for archiolggsts or potion bottles for alchemists. I want to see like all the work and customisation has a pay off I can show the world
Firehorse Moon on 8. Apr. 2018.
Blizz really needs to give us character customization so we don’t look like a bunch of clones! I’m tired of glowing eyes, I want actual eyes for my blood elf...
arianawap on 8. Apr. 2018.
I hope they give blood elves a blue eyed option too so I can I watch all the alliance people that want high elves become enraged
TerminalVelocity on 7. Apr. 2018.
Bring back hunter quivers. this would make me quite happy. I mean as a cosmetic item, not the actual mechanic.
Kalexandrian1010 on 7. Apr. 2018.
Bronwyn Williams on 6. Apr. 2018.
I love these ideas. It would be awesome if these were implemented. I don't think we would get them anytime soon but a girls can dream :)
Kristóf Somogyi on 6. Apr. 2018.
Recoloring items? that would be a good thing.
Gideon Boyle on 6. Apr. 2018.
2:40 One of the allied races is fat Americans?
Logan Braveheart on 6. Apr. 2018.
and more fuckin skimpy armor
DDawg612 on 6. Apr. 2018.
I would like to say, you are by far the most interesting and my favorite WoW channel. Thank you.
DED DOA on 6. Apr. 2018.
I am guessing there will be a few new allied races, I am betting on new Goblin, gnome, worgen, undead, maybe even pandaren, with one of the alliance groups joining the horde to restore the balance with the Horde blood elf faction alternate the void elves being alliance. I just pray its not the Gnomes, though I wouldn't be surprised if it was the irradiated ones from gnomeregan. I'd much rather something like the northrend worgen though, but given they want you to skin orcs, I doubt it. Mind you the horde may actually finally get Ogres back instead.
PainApple on 5. Apr. 2018.
Stop fucking rantign Jesus Christ
Kate Marie on 5. Apr. 2018.
Blizzard, listen to this man. That is all.
Rico O' Rourke on 5. Apr. 2018.
New World on 4. Apr. 2018.
Blizzard needs to make the golden eye quest happen!!!
Evangeliya on 4. Apr. 2018.
So Alliance gets golden eyes as a allied race and horde as customization.
jollyscarecrow on 4. Apr. 2018.
mmmm makes me think of gorkamorka style orcs with metal used to patch them up XD would love that!
Korrigan on 4. Apr. 2018.
Great ideas
moagd on 4. Apr. 2018.
the moment this game turns into an anime like game with that kind of 'cosmetic gear' wearing candy cane waepons ETC will ruin it so much. it should stay as it is right now. do not ruin the core idea of the game.
nab 6215 on 4. Apr. 2018.
I like your customization ideas.
SoloSituation on 4. Apr. 2018.
I enjoy watching you, because you're a lot like a cousin of mine.
Pamela Herbella on 4. Apr. 2018.
Hey, I saw the dark ranger skin with red eyes in wowhead, is available in game?
glass bottle on 3. Apr. 2018.
you normie fags that love cosmetics ruined wow, just fuck off to a final fantasy shit cosmetic game already.
Captain Cirion on 3. Apr. 2018.
Hey Belular, I like the things you list as potential customisation...but I doubt it will ever come. Blizzard widely shits on RP-Players. Customisation aside of raidtear bling is not of interest for lets say 80% of players. It would not drag that much interest. I doubt they will start to add customisation for all the classic/cata races... I for one would also like to get spell colors, I would even buy them in the shops...its the same kind of stuff. I play 2-3 classes since vanilla and with transmogging in place my gear colors seldomly reflect my spec, class or spell colors....I would like to have a chance to change them to a degree. Have palas use, golden, white, blue or red spells would be great....its not even a hell of work, for the money it would give blizz and they dont do it.
Jon Snow on 3. Apr. 2018.
As someone coming from gw2 the customization in wow is pretty flawed.
Jebus crust on 3. Apr. 2018.
i personally dont like the sliders in RPG games i think it takes to much time and IMO its way to specific when you really dont even see your face that much i like how wow does its customization and its simple. I dont stare at my characters face and the cutscenes dont show them either so having sliders for everything is a huge waste for WoW if they ever do it. But i do like the new eyes and beards if they are implimented just not crazy specific things you take 30mins-1hr to make
maliceandroid on 2. Apr. 2018.
With all the race re-skins, they need to give us more character slots or lower the price of a race change. But, where's the money in that for Blizz?
João Gaspar on 2. Apr. 2018.
"Wow is pretty dumb so..." hahahahaha
DubzugPvP on 2. Apr. 2018.
Is no one else going to say that he literally copy and pastes his content from WoWhead? You are a joke and an embarrassment to the wow community and youtube population in general. Get original
Mark Vitus on 2. Apr. 2018.
I hope for new hairstyles for all races
Kirby Cory on 2. Apr. 2018.
Dear Blizzard, please listen to this man!!
Narcissus Fullofhimselfsius on 1. Apr. 2018.
i dont really want the sliders but more options in general would be nice
William Black on 1. Apr. 2018.
Shame no beards :( Well tbh we could use a WoW 2 now with an updated engine and combat system. Point and click mmos are dead.
William Black on 1. Apr. 2018.
Havent watched the video yet but... PLS LET THERE BE BEARDS FOR BELVES!
Sassy Saddles on 1. Apr. 2018.
Hope they add more stuff to regular draenei
Jokester6293 on 1. Apr. 2018.
I just want my Blood Elf beard.
Luis Saavedra on 1. Apr. 2018.
why dont female night elfs get golden eyes?
Colin Monson on 1. Apr. 2018.
Wow Bellular, upvote 50x for the unlockable eyes idea. That would absolutely make it more impactful if we have to work for the ability to have very specific customization options on old races.
Luke Warren on 31. Mar. 2018.
Yo, Bellular, mah boii... I tell you this because I love you... I think you're supposed to make the video 10 minutes to get dat algorithm love. Other than that, love the stuff ^_^
MrOrmanley on 31. Mar. 2018.
Golden eyes? Dont they indicate talent for druidism? Blood elf druids confirmed! :D edit: Just looked at draenei eyes; Regular draenei have blue eyes, which speaks of heavy arcane usage (see high elves). Since eredar are originally that super good spellcaster race, that makes sense. The lightforged draenei actually have the same golden eyes as blood elves will have. I guess over a long period of time, the arcane traces in a draenei's eyes were replaced with traces of the light, which are golden, just like the indicators for druidism. It could be that blood elves have a faster magic energy metabolism, making them more prone to magic addiction. This would explain why draenei after all these years, still show arcane traces, where blood elves are already able to shed their traces of fel in their eyes. Another explanation could be that the warriors (later blood knights) and priests that sipphoned of M'uru never actually tasted fel, and instead adopted this golden colour. Hence *the golden
dracoinsanity on 31. Mar. 2018.
Stuff like this would make all the difference to a lot of people. Personally I play dwarves as a main, but I've never really given a hoot about the Dark Irons, so that new allied race doesn't even interest me all that much. However, the simple act of giving my pre-existing dwarves the option to have (or earn, definitely) Wildhammer tattoos, would make me VERY happy, since I've always considered them (and RPed them on occasion) as WIldhammer rather than Ironforge variety. I mean, to those who care enough about RP, there's an RP addon that lets you change your character's racial display to other players with same addon, so I wouldn't even mind if they weren't another minor allied race, but the tattoos are totally what sets them apart. Obviously that's just one example that I always use because I've wanted more Wildhammer representation for a long time, but all of the ideas listed in this video are a good idea and I agree that Blizz should really be looking at investing a little extra ti
Alex Germán on 31. Mar. 2018.
I'd love to have that system (non-combat / combat armor) as you said, it would open the door for more RPG content, but Blizzard has been trying for years now, to make all their games "e-sporty" and RPG seems to not be trending :P
CoffeSpirit on 31. Mar. 2018.
Does anyone know when we will get the heritage weapon sets? Hard to find swords that fit the void elf gear set.
Matthew Lynch on 31. Mar. 2018.
How about just letting me use my purple or red bear on my resto druid? Or my werebear? I earned the bloody thing, but I can't use it most of the time, instead being stuck with the ugly default bear form whenever I take on the healing role.
cripnikka86 on 31. Mar. 2018.
still no changes for worgens? ....... Alrighty then.