Golden Loot Box - GUARANTEED LEGENDARY ITEM! (Overwatch News)

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Force Gaming on 20. Jun. 2017.
How many of you got a duplicate in your Golden Loot Box? For science!
Brobot 456 on 28. Jun. 2017.
Is this pic only or can I get it on Xbox
GayWatch on 26. Jun. 2017.
I didn't get a fucking legendary *TRIGGGEREDDDDD**
Darth2vids on 25. Jun. 2017.
Does Blizzard knows how many ppl wanted to cancel their Amazon Prime service? Probably like 90% in my region
Lauge Rønberg on 23. Jun. 2017.
its a company...
HellGod67 on 23. Jun. 2017.
If only they made every 20th or at LEAST 50th box a gold one.....
therealcraqerjaq on 22. Jun. 2017.
Jamie Rose on 22. Jun. 2017.
That's an ad.
Lexbraig on 22. Jun. 2017.
Guess it's time to use that Twitch Prime trial B)
dtanobo on 22. Jun. 2017.
Goddamn why are Blizzard such assholes.
Buttered Pikachu on 21. Jun. 2017.
While I agree that the loot box RNG and duplicates is a really bad system, the Gold Loot box isn't something you should get angry about. Twitch Prime has constant promos for games. A random loot box, an exclusive skin, whatever. It's something that has been going on for as long as Twitch Prime has existed. Getting angry about it, as if it's some sort of insult directed at player, is just stupid. Under most circumstances, promo items are created for an exist only for whatever promotion they're available from, that's just how it works.
Flynn217something on 21. Jun. 2017.
Jeff Kaplan. GO. SUCK. A. DICK.
Edwin Gonzalez on 21. Jun. 2017.
Nice videos I usually get my overtwatch news from you
Gzus on 21. Jun. 2017.
Is it one Loot Box per platform? I have Overwatch on PC, PS4, and Xbone. Does that mean I get a crate on each?
BEASTMODE209 08612 on 21. Jun. 2017.
i have ps4 wtf
KillthePenguin on 21. Jun. 2017.
Does this work on Xbox aswell?
Impaler722 on 21. Jun. 2017.
All the youtubers who say blizzard's lootbox system isn't a scam or say new skins don't mean anything are the same assholes who open 100+ loot boxes every event.
Rexonon C on 21. Jun. 2017.
I don't know what is sadder, how money hungry Golden Loot Boxes are, or the fact HOTS has a better Loot Box system than Overwatch...
HeeroXYZ0 on 21. Jun. 2017.
Does it work with console?
ptar124 on 21. Jun. 2017.
Think you're getting too few legendaries? You've never been in gacha hell where an Ultra Rare has 0.1% drop rate (yes they do reveal drop rates of these things)
manos xiwths on 21. Jun. 2017.
This is actualy fuckin bullshit cuz in some countries twitch prime is not even available so fuck you blizzard and your welcome.
Malrofl on 21. Jun. 2017.
worst event of the year cheak,worst patch of the year cheak,testing new loot boxes to sell cheak I'm bout done with this game
Houck on 21. Jun. 2017.
I got goth Zarya. Kill me.
Neo TricksterZero on 21. Jun. 2017.
Blizzard is Activision's Bitch. Sucks that they're doing this shit.
Skidzeez on 21. Jun. 2017.
i entered the code but i didn't get the lootbox...
pikboy gaming on 21. Jun. 2017.
I hope they add the exclusive content to main game :(
Ca C on 21. Jun. 2017.
After playing the game for 100 hours you pretty much have a legendary for every character you play. And having more legendaries is kinda meaningless.
Leo J on 21. Jun. 2017.
Duplicate are FUN.
Top Potato on 21. Jun. 2017.
Idk I feel like it's stupid to complain about it because it's like someone gives you something for free (not really but kinda) and you will complain instead of saying thanks And common let's be realistic blizzard won't give you a legendary in every single loot box
Hickjackass2k10 on 21. Jun. 2017.
To be honest, the loot boxes ruined overwatch for me and supply drops ruined COD. I just play rainbow six now and I love that game dearly.
coipo95 on 21. Jun. 2017.
how many times have I seen this gameplay footage?
And as a twitch prime member already I would be biased in saying i have no issues with this but I am 99% sure I wouldn't have an issue with it even if I wasnt a twitch prime member. There is always some sort of exclusive here or there in a video games live, its not like this will be the only golden loot box ever and I doubt Twitch Prime will be the only way to get it, if people are mad about this suck it up. I play a load of pokemon as well as overwatch and in the UK we get maybe 5% of the exclusive event pokemon that America and Japan get (just an example) you just enjoy the game and get on with it.
Everything except my legendary was a dupe and I got night ops 76, the hero I use the utmost least xD
Kornely Torres on 21. Jun. 2017.
I remember this twitch prime discrimination, because it is only available in 8 or 9 countries in the goddamn world with Tyrande hero for Hearthstone. And nothing have changed I guess...
Lance Leon on 21. Jun. 2017.
Do people actually care about ONE chance at a legendary skin from the base set? It seems pretty insignificant to me.
Samrai DCD on 21. Jun. 2017.
Oh boy, a Legendary Skin *Gets Goth Zarya for the 46th times in a row*
permeus2nd on 21. Jun. 2017.
i dont realy ser this as a you should get amazon prime just for this loot box, its more hay if you get this we give you free stuff ever so often, i was getting prime before the twitch intergration so for me this was a nice bonus on top of the free sub i can throw to some one i watch each month.
Potato King on 21. Jun. 2017.
RIP Roadhog. Your gun gave me many a rage but now, sweet prince, you may go to rest.
Jordick 69 on 21. Jun. 2017.
I never used Twitch and I probably never will, as live streams never interested me that much. So I guess I won't be getting these free(?) loot boxes either. Personally, I among others, never liked how the lootbox system worked in the Overwatch due to its high RNG and duplicate system. And when we finally receive some changes to it, they're only available for those people who pay little bit extra for the 3rd party company. I hope Blizzard forums chokes from the negative feedback that Blizzard will surely get for doing this exclusive decision.
Custard Slice on 21. Jun. 2017.
Had a beautiful duplicate leg skin! :D
Xionio Spelar on 21. Jun. 2017.
how the fuck do i get the code i have signed up for twitch prime free trial?
aaron evans on 21. Jun. 2017.
wait so after i commit to a month to month service i get one and only one legendary item? at least let me pick what a want man
Brandon Lisbon on 21. Jun. 2017.
My only complaint... why force players to go to a outside source for in game content. In game content should always be achievable/obtainable in game. Enough with the outside source stupidity.
Aaron on 21. Jun. 2017.
LOL People gana be mad mad mad.
ray040613 yt on 21. Jun. 2017.
you can get twitch prime for only 5.99 in other part of the world through Amazon's Prime video service. which is 1 dollar more than a regular twitch channel subscription, but it comes with the benefit of free monthly loot
KangarooJoey on 21. Jun. 2017.
Why do people bitch about everything. It's just a free loot box if you have a twitch prime. If you don't have twitch prime just stfu stop crying it's not a big deal lol
asd asdas on 21. Jun. 2017.
Greed is good. Black sheep wall.
Rob Cameron on 21. Jun. 2017.
Is this PC only, or am I able to get it for my PS4? Biggest problem with loot boxes IMO is the pathetically sad amount of gold you get for duplicates. You should get the amount of gold you would of had to spend to acquire w/e item it is your getting a duplicate of, or at least close to that amount. Right now its ridiculously low how much gold you acquire, I guess I could see why they wouldn't give the same amount like I suggested above but c'mon they really have to increase it from what it currently is in some way. They're making tons of money off of selling these loot boxes and they've been adding content to the game for free constantly which I really appreciate, that said they can definitely live changing this system to be more fair and not completely ruin their current business model.
Vortex 1711 on 21. Jun. 2017.
Can u claim it with a free trial of Prime?
KMP D on 21. Jun. 2017.
imagine you did every thing for this loot box and get 3 duplicates and 1 skin for character you don't play. hahaha