Greater Rift 115 Charge Barb (PTR 2.6.1)

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Uploaded: 1 Oct 2017 Likes: 254
Patch: 1.0 Disikes: 10

Juan D' Angelo on 20. Oct. 2017.
Robbie tweed on 15. Oct. 2017.
nice vid. great clear. One question How the fck do you get the B for billion I get 900,000M+ and no B... and idk how to get the enlarged Cursor.. I used to see it but now it's not an option..
Martin Parmas on 14. Oct. 2017.
2 sec left? Nice... :)
Límon on 14. Oct. 2017.
can someone tell me if the cancel animation trick has been fixed for this build?
David Yin on 14. Oct. 2017.
Rhyker Sent me here
MojoMakoto on 11. Oct. 2017.
looks like botting has been working out for u!
Hagi Ogrodowczyk on 10. Oct. 2017.
I see Old Nephalems coming back from time to time ;)
Razorsharp UT on 8. Oct. 2017.
Hi guys let me show you how to clear a 115 rift. "Doesen't mention he's Para 3700 with over 4M dmg" Fckng retard!
Steve Hash on 7. Oct. 2017.
WW did 118 then NURF lol you top guys gives blizz reason to nurf lo stop playing bitches hahaah.. all funny games but i do hate blizz for every high ass pglvl guy that does a high ass grift then nurf lmfao stupid company..
Dennis Michelbach on 5. Oct. 2017.
macayla Tucker on 5. Oct. 2017.
He's back!!!!! Thank Jesus xD I loved your vids on barb you got me to main barb xD thx for coming back
Jonathan Faulhaber on 5. Oct. 2017.
Fight a boss with that build. How does it do?
TheTehMaster on 4. Oct. 2017.
Hearing first 5 seconds of the video brings back memories. Thanks for coming back Chainer!
Badea on 4. Oct. 2017.
stop playing with the ball sack on your chin !
TheProtocol on 4. Oct. 2017.
ahh remember the times where barb could pull everyone along with Furious Charge
Razif Yakub on 3. Oct. 2017.
That RNGjesus at the end with oculus tho.. Gratz!
Rouwen Janssen on 3. Oct. 2017.
well played sir! Nice to watch you, do you for s12?
Masaiya Lee on 3. Oct. 2017.
Good stuff bro
Roland Sauer on 2. Oct. 2017.
Your the best ! I Miss your Voice
고대표 on 2. Oct. 2017.
Because of you, the barbarian will be nerfed. Fuck you!
Luffy 253 on 2. Oct. 2017.
nice to have you back, best barb in the world!
Twinrova on 2. Oct. 2017.
LastPoetry on 2. Oct. 2017.
nice man <3
Tysen on 2. Oct. 2017.
i want to play barb again in a new season. i would like to see a new set and new way to play
abraham lee on 2. Oct. 2017.
This video should be uploaded to youjizz
richard horowitz on 2. Oct. 2017.
It's good to see chainer back not going to lie.
GamingwithJC on 2. Oct. 2017.
God damn good to see vids from you again!
Cratic1321 on 2. Oct. 2017.
That smile =)
Tamas Gaspar on 2. Oct. 2017.
song at 5:40 please someone :)
Beny 82 on 1. Oct. 2017.
and idiots nerfed ww...
mohamed saladin on 1. Oct. 2017.
welcome back dude what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ;)))
Lockkj on 1. Oct. 2017.
barb is back!! and so is the best barb player :) good to see you active on youtube once again friend i cant wait for your build guide videos
roydamanna on 1. Oct. 2017.
EnterCHAINING video! gz on rank 1. Looking forward to see video's from you @s12 :D
Michael Hill on 1. Oct. 2017.
That is a super sweet kill! Do you think hota is just as good as charge and ww barb?
tensor on 1. Oct. 2017.
Isnt ss better than bt in 2.6.1?
Boyce on 1. Oct. 2017.
Hey Chainer, do you still need to have a mouse with a spinning wheel that keeps spinning for quicker charges with the charge build?
aperfecte on 1. Oct. 2017.
gratz chainer. I've quit playing d3 for like 2 years but it's still fun to watch your videos and the joy of seeing you get no. 1 was priceless
Tsunat3z on 1. Oct. 2017.
Jesus 2 sec LOL Finally i can go back to barb and not feel so damn weak!
DerD4nnY on 1. Oct. 2017.
I hope you will play PoE soon. Dont like the "Barb can only use THESE Skills" concept of diablo
FyrexYT on 1. Oct. 2017.
Seeing you playing Charge Barb while your typical music choice was playing just made me happy. Like in the old Season 5 days. ^^
Gertrude Furiosa on 1. Oct. 2017.
GG ! Always knew you were a furious charge gamer. Long live Raekor xD Nice !
Happy on 1. Oct. 2017.
this video should be uploaded to pornhub
Jeremy Joe on 1. Oct. 2017.
Dude when you lost your charge stacks just after taking the power pylon that was so intense! :D GJ
Guillaume Breton on 1. Oct. 2017.
charge barb master ! plz ton play WW zzZzZZz :)
Sinured on 1. Oct. 2017.
gz on that clear, watched it on twich;) hope blizz don't nerf barb again - that would make me quit d3 before s12: necro is still too strong compared to all others they are just not pushing on ptr they are higher on nonseason and even on SEASON 11 -.-
bennynutts16 on 1. Oct. 2017.
sometimes i pee on my balls for funs
BOOM ERANG on 1. Oct. 2017.
720 p is trash. get some upgrades
c Milner on 1. Oct. 2017.
That was close
dogpig K on 1. Oct. 2017.
Barb will be nurfed because of you
bakakun12 on 1. Oct. 2017.
Congrats man!