[Hearthstone] A Use For Darkspeaker

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crinosG on 20. Jun. 2016.
See, I think Kripp has it backwards. You don't use Darkspeaker to make a small minion bigger, you drop two power overwhelmings on a minion you have out, attack with that minion, then darkspeaker it, that way you keep the stats when the minion goes. Granted, I don't have any Darkspeakers yet so I haven't tested this idea. But it just seems like a better use for him.
Omrane Meddas on 20. Jun. 2016.
Kripp uploads two vids,in the first one he says "See you guys in a bit". but on the second vid he says see you guys tommorow,Illuminati cum(idfk)fermed
ShiroChill Prominence on 20. Jun. 2016.
I battled someone use an icehowl, then a dark speaker and the dark speaker just instantly got 10/7 stats
NetworkWifi on 20. Jun. 2016.
i didnt even know this card existed
ring wing on 20. Jun. 2016.
holy shit i remmeber this stream from like 3 monthgs ago
RedeemerBlood on 20. Jun. 2016.
The best purpose for dark speaker is with cards like dragon egg.
ItsJustAPhaze Lh on 20. Jun. 2016.
I totally forgot this card existed
theguitarhero898 on 20. Jun. 2016.
Darkspeaker + angry chicken = win
mm34639 on 20. Jun. 2016.
Angry chicken combo
Michael Hetzel on 20. Jun. 2016.
That tread is what happens to me on every lucky arena run
Carlos Ferreira on 20. Jun. 2016.
I'm going to make an angry chicken + darkspeaker deck.
Law Trafalgar on 20. Jun. 2016.
Reversed doomsayer.
Kirinketsu on 20. Jun. 2016.
You can also look at it this way, 5 Mana give your 1/1 +2/5 and get a free 1/1 minion, 2.5 Mana give 2/3 + 1/3 and get a 2 Mana 2/3 minion, 1 Mana give 3/2 + 0/3 and get a 2 Mana 3/2 minion, or 1 Mana give a 4/2 + 0/3 and get a 4 Mana 4/2 minion. Still better than Power Word Shitacles, and works for all classes. You are getting over 5 Mana in stats most of the time if you use it on a damage minion, , or if you use it on a low stat or damage minion to trade.
Michael Hetzel on 20. Jun. 2016.
Dark speaker works kinda well in evolve shaman
Johnathan T on 20. Jun. 2016.
This is just a 5 mana 3/6 with charge.
Briggs Bastian (Shmucly) on 20. Jun. 2016.
Ooh, look at me, I'm gonna use shitty evaluations and deck-building strategies, and then lose fucking anyway because some shitlord draws Flame Leviathan when you put a couple of 2-health minions on the board or Hero Powers into Dread Infernal after you just value-traded your minions or fuck it, why bother trading when you can just go for someone's face because they're never going to draw their consecration or taunts anyway. I got some asshole who made mistake after mistake; he used a Frostbolt on Turn 2 on an Annoy-o-Tron's Divine Shield when he could've pinged it, and then traded his Worgen Infiltrator in anyway, and pinged a minion before making a trade that didn't need the ping for it. But it doesn't fucking matter because he'll just top-deck a few fireballs and get the rest of the direct damage he needs from a top-decked Cabalist's Tome. And let's not even get into all the BM asswipes plaguing the Arena, I'd like to take that rope and wrap it around their Wow-spewing n
Kisserino Kripperino on 20. Jun. 2016.
Before this Arena run there was no way I was gonna kiss Darkspeaker I mean look at it it's disgusting :/ But when Questing Adventurer happened I felt the urge! :*
GreenSeD Smoke on 20. Jun. 2016.
В начале я охуел,ОЧЕНЬ СИЛЬНО ОХУЕЛ!
PrayFoPlaguez The Real OG on 20. Jun. 2016.
This hardcounters corruption on a 10 10
İbrahim Mouselli on 20. Jun. 2016.
Could it do something if you swap stats with a Power Overwhelming'ed minion ? It would be same as Void Terror i guess
ankhi3 on 20. Jun. 2016.
Could be sort of ok with minions that benefit from taking damage (grim patron, acolyte of pain, ...), even then it's not really worth it.
The Devil Chicken on 20. Jun. 2016.
Top 5 comments are all Kripperinos
frankohero on 20. Jun. 2016.
Darkspeaker is not so bad in a Patron Deck. Me thinks. And yes, Questing Adventurer is also a good option - maybe not in a Warrior Patron Deck.
ImaginaryMdA on 20. Jun. 2016.
So basically, Darkspeaker combos with Questing Adventurer.
blackfear jays on 20. Jun. 2016.
i turn 6 pit snake+dankspeaker first time i picked him in arena and killed a 5drop+4 drop with that snake whoever is badmouthing this card needs to know the truth!
MRkinkypinkie on 20. Jun. 2016.
jaime les pénis
maggot1234 on 20. Jun. 2016.
the reddit thread link please ? cannot find it at all
sean lennon (quazimofo1) on 20. Jun. 2016.
Could Darkspeaker work in Warrior Decks With Frothing Berserker? giving it an extra 2 health could be cool for more buffing
Leit Sabbath on 20. Jun. 2016.
This card has absolutly no reasons for sucking this much. It could a 6/3 to be basically a charger that needs another card to be played. Or just a 4/5. As a 3/6 the effect should be SHARE it´s stats with another card. Then instead of just making buffing a 1/1 by +2+5 for 5 mana plus a 1/1 in the best scenario. You have two 3/6 for 5 mana and a 1/1. Wich is playable, and also can be a good combo
lordemon on 20. Jun. 2016.
I feel so bad right now... was 11/2 with hunter with a preeetty good deck w/ cotw and deathwing in it. Last game i found a mage. I was ok in the early game and managed to get him to 15 life, but then he recovered thanks to a flamestrike and hitted me till i had 14 hp, so i decided to play the deathwing that i had since turn 1 in my hand. His hand was little but he was holding the same card for a lot. Though i had no choice but DW (i was out of cards with a couple of shitty minions on the board vs 3/4 decent minions for my opponent). Fortunately that card that he was holding was not hard removal, so my Dw lived the turn. he played instead gurubashi beserker and pinged it making it 5 attack. That's the spot. if i went face + hero power i would have had lethal next turn just with my hero power, but if i didn't he could have pinged his minion again and i would have died by fireball. 11/2 mage pretty often have at least a fireball imo. so i fucking traded and next turn he topde
zackariasvonworthing on 20. Jun. 2016.
Darkspeaker with a stormwind champion = awesome! the swap happens with the +1/+1 on it and then a new +1/+1 goes on it!
TheMrParagon on 20. Jun. 2016.
Dark Speaker + Eerie Statue + Silence (preferably priest spell) gives you two cheap 7/7 both of which can attack
QweMartiny on 20. Jun. 2016.
angry chicken might make a comeback
misMEGAVIDEOS on 20. Jun. 2016.
When did kripp became so dynamic and entertaining? Is he like, always drunk now or something?
wwwkofola on 20. Jun. 2016.
2 mana = 4 stats , Ice Rager 5+2 = 7! PogChamp !
matteo ricci on 20. Jun. 2016.
I was expecting 100 dust
Simple Jack and a Horse on 20. Jun. 2016.
He is not 7 - 0. It is calculated by subtracting wins and losses and then you can play against anyone that has +,-2. So that 7 -0 guy could had 7-2, 7-1,7-0,6-1,5-0,8-1,8,0. Because you had 7 total you could have queued against anyone between 5 and 8 in total. Please learn that then talk shit, ooo mister never lucky pro.
Frog on 20. Jun. 2016.
I forgot this minion even existed lol.
alaabia on 20. Jun. 2016.
question can u swap with something that has power overwelming? (or will it kill it?)
Toughhoneydew on 20. Jun. 2016.
I treat my rogues like I treat my women. I hit 'em in the face.
MechaKnightz on 20. Jun. 2016.
never seen this card
Strongside on 20. Jun. 2016.
I want to know what the devs intended when they designed this card. I have to assume they have a very specific idea in mind most of the time when they design cards. What was this supposed to support?
RagnorokGundam on 20. Jun. 2016.
this card is really cool but sadly their is like 2-3 cards that work with it being flame tougne totem and other stuff that buff things on the field cus the buffed stats are switch and the buff is given again
Asdayasman on 20. Jun. 2016.
I bet you could do some cool shit with Brann and Murloc Warleader.
TheGuyWhoCantFly on 20. Jun. 2016.
Been watching your videoes for some time now Kripp, should have done this before, but have another subscriber *Clicks* You deserve it, and I need it xD
Frazeard Gaming on 20. Jun. 2016.
darkspeaker = 5 mana 3/6 charge if you have anoother minion on board and possibility of transferring it to a minion with good effect but the negative is you can only attackk once with whatever stats you give the other minion
HingleMcCringleBerry on 20. Jun. 2016.
This message adds zero value to your life. I hope you enjoyed reading this, because I enjoyed typing it out. If you are still reading this, I would just like to tell you that you are wasting your time. If you think anything positive will come out of this final sentence, you are mistaken.
TheGuyWhoCantFly on 20. Jun. 2016.
I can imagine that it would be good to use on a minion that has gotten 2-3 power over whelming, or a mana addict who has been ramping up damage. Or maybe even just to give a low hp minion with a lot of importance some more health to survive "Focus" I wouldn't use it, but I can imagine its uses.
Lobnig Lobi on 20. Jun. 2016.
kripp blinked 1033 times this video
Conbz on 20. Jun. 2016.
darkspeaker can take stats from things that have been buffed by stuff with Power Overwhelming