[Hearthstone] Dr. Boom’s Terror Continues

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Edward Marshall on 17. Jun. 2016.
And the only reason any of that RNG happened was because you put Dr. Boom in your deck.
Lightn0x on 17. Jun. 2016.
That's what you get for not trading. Seriously, how do you even ignore a 7 attack minion when you're at 11 life?? That was sooo bad.
sora8711 on 17. Jun. 2016.
5:50 Biggest missplay costing the game. Why would you SMorc?...
Lightn0x on 17. Jun. 2016.
There are cards which have way more polarizing RNG than Dr Boom (for instance Ragnaros, Resurrect, Tinkmaster etc...) and yet people don't complain about those. The problem with Dr Boom isn't that it has polarizing RNG, it's that even when it's bad it's good.
Lucius “Marco” Kalendarius on 17. Jun. 2016.
7:20 is OMG
siegha on 17. Jun. 2016.
Tbh I really miss the old meta, was a lot more exciting.
bob bigford on 17. Jun. 2016.
Kripp got rekted XD
thebigpurplemonkey on 17. Jun. 2016.
I'm about to win so I'll just leave his 7 attack minion on board and hope he doesn't find a way to get past my 1 health taunt herp derp boom bots screwed me oh well not my fault.
Nate Hicks on 17. Jun. 2016.
"our only advantage here is that he may have died laughing" Exactly my feelings on every game of Hearthstone ever.
Zamuroy on 17. Jun. 2016.
"i can just trade the brann into it"
GunvorPlays on 17. Jun. 2016.
5:50 Anyone else cringed hard at that greed?
dioguito 814 on 17. Jun. 2016.
what app do you use to see your cards during the game?
THEGAMEGOD7777 on 17. Jun. 2016.
Kripp got fucked so hard this shit needs to be on redtube!
Mathmachine on 17. Jun. 2016.
All hail Dr. Balanced. The most balanced card Blizzard has ever, or will ever release.
Mark Chang on 17. Jun. 2016.
Sooo greedy Kripp. Use holy fire
Arjay Sarsalejo on 17. Jun. 2016.
how do i get dr boom i can't find him in collection tab?
17Haru17 on 17. Jun. 2016.
This isn't even taking into account all the times I went first with a turn 1 Y'Shaarj.
Marcos Perez on 17. Jun. 2016.
you lil cunt realized preatty late
Deep Journey on 17. Jun. 2016.
Arena with 9 legendaries? fuck my life
Rastrisfrustreslos Gomez on 17. Jun. 2016.
O.O now we know what happens when god plays priest!!
Magna Fox on 17. Jun. 2016.
That first guy was so disgustingly lucky he deserves his own kripp video.
Slivla Silvans on 17. Jun. 2016.
Oh tavern brawl? who plays that another wild format after one win?
Da Bx on 17. Jun. 2016.
I would craft Herald Volajz just for his intro. Dude sounds like he's about to end everyones existence.
FuckingArax on 17. Jun. 2016.
so what's your guys opinion about anal? :)
Shawnee Anderson on 17. Jun. 2016.
Not great at this game but what did keeping the Bran alive give him?
natekates on 17. Jun. 2016.
Kripp was especially salty in this video, particularly in the second match. Although the intro featured far less Kripp dialogue than usual, Kripp's saltiness about Dr Boom was refreshing and nostalgic. 8.3/10
Strongside on 17. Jun. 2016.
I know you're a fan of Tavern Brawl but is it possible to get like 1 brawl and 1 miscellaneous vid? Most brawls get boring immediately after playing them once for the pack.
Watcherino Kripperino But no Introrino on 17. Jun. 2016.
0:04 Watch Kripp fuckers.
Calis708 on 17. Jun. 2016.
I tried to watch a few streams of yours, but why is your twitch chat just pure spam cancer? I don't get it.
I am inside your closet on 17. Jun. 2016.
Dr.Boom: 7 mana 7/7 battlecry summon 2 1/1 boom bots. Boom bot: when it's on your opponent's board, deal 4 damage exactly where it will completely fuck you. When it's on your side of the board, deal 1 damage to the opponent's face. If you are threatening lethal, deal 1 damage to an irrelevant minion.
Nick Rosales on 17. Jun. 2016.
Kripp got a haircut....
This guys deckerino was insanerino Kripperino on 17. Jun. 2016.
For real though.. Did you guys see his deck!?
Kripperino's K'erinos on 17. Jun. 2016.
2 kays this episode
Ian Morris on 17. Jun. 2016.
Kripp seems so happy when he isn't playing Hearthstone.
I am inside your closet on 17. Jun. 2016.
PROMETHEUS GTV on 17. Jun. 2016.
Am I the only one that only watches Kripp when pooping?
MrTsogl on 17. Jun. 2016.
Vaidas Kondratas on 17. Jun. 2016.
what does the last click have to do with dr.nerf?
GreenRay on 17. Jun. 2016.
This T.Brawl really shows how OP Alexstrasza is.
Kat Reynolds on 17. Jun. 2016.
get fucking shrekt idiot
kappa Chino on 17. Jun. 2016.
pay2win dont tell anyone...
Klumb Dolt on 17. Jun. 2016.
you misplayed like crazy when you played your c'thun
Cody Womack on 17. Jun. 2016.
why would you not trade Bran in lmao
hipster_jesus on 17. Jun. 2016.
"He may have died laughing. Nope, he's still here, damn."
hipster_jesus on 17. Jun. 2016.
i would bitchslap those Boom bots so hard :D made ma laugh so hard :D
Christopher Davis on 17. Jun. 2016.
“the only advantage we have is that he may have died laughing”
Hampus Käll Robertsson on 17. Jun. 2016.
Okey, so it's not just me..
emyl ro (emylro99) on 17. Jun. 2016.
2:06 If you calculate the change to both boom bots hit the hero whit 4 dmg is: 1 of 4096
Kagarin? on 17. Jun. 2016.
This video felt a tad "Scraping the bottom of the barrel" Especially with the last clip
Garrosh Wittmer on 17. Jun. 2016.
You deserve to lose that first game for not trading Brann in. You HAD Lethal either way, why did you think you needed Brann?