[Hearthstone] Frozen Throne First Impressions

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Pétrou Velteau on 22. Aug. 2017.
bernd lauert on 21. Aug. 2017.
Oh wow Captain obvious thinks he's the new forecast god. Do you really think other people couldn't figure out that Druid is op at?!
chrcoluk on 20. Aug. 2017.
Wow this game has moved on a lot, every card seems to be uber powerful. Hearthstone deffo a no go for new players now up against these type of desks. Sadly I didnt get into hearthstone as I felt the situation they drawn up with beta testers able to keep their desks at launch was wrong and created an uneven player base.
MrUniq on 19. Aug. 2017.
Don't see why Jade's aren't base 1x1
chinom on 18. Aug. 2017.
since release i already got to 20 wins with my warrior. best expansion so far. sucked me in
Demon8856 on 18. Aug. 2017.
All I'm playing against is druid or priest and im about to say fuck this expansion early before i waste more money
James H on 17. Aug. 2017.
It's pronounced guyst!! ffs!!
Mike The Gamer on 17. Aug. 2017.
hooray, Jade decks are still a thing. Fuck blizzard.
elleyeah on 17. Aug. 2017.
Play the geesed
Marshall V on 17. Aug. 2017.
Totally agree; right now I am playing a Jungle Giant Quest with Ultimate Infestation and it's the best counter I fucking hate that panda.
88Hyo on 17. Aug. 2017.
"Because i play a lot" in rank 26
ThoughtRover on 17. Aug. 2017.
As a person that only played control and fatique, i quitted the game the moment i saw that jade druid card the first time on reddit.. I am thinking to start again but i hate this face cannot be punished in most moments mentality of hearthstione..
DelosTheRedShadow on 17. Aug. 2017.
The druid hero card is one of the best, yeah, some of the others are far more powerful in one specific setting but what makes the Druid hero card so good is that it's good in every Jade deck. You can not and will not find a single druid deck that makes that druid hero bad. Period end. Maybe it's not as good as the priest in a raza deck or the mage in an elemental deck but it's never going to be bad, like ever.
Costin V on 16. Aug. 2017.
Says druid it's overpowered actualy beats it. Wowwwww
Joe Schmo on 16. Aug. 2017.
I haven't played HS in a looong time, but was thinking about coming back.. how would my Mech Rogue deck do in today's format???
Jonathan Gréen on 16. Aug. 2017.
"Geest" lol
nope. ash on 16. Aug. 2017.
Jade druid is a big nono, primordial glyph rolling 2 discounted pyroblasts? A-ok. This stupid ass community in a nutshell.
Dylan McDevitt on 16. Aug. 2017.
I cringed every time he said "geest"
Botman on 16. Aug. 2017.
I want to try the Warlock deck Kripp is playing in the beginning of the video since I got the warlock death knight (and I also crafted Koch king), but I don't have dust for Thalnos, any suggestions on what I can use instead?
Balakrishnan Swaminathan on 16. Aug. 2017.
I play the geist as soon as I get it
Ayoub Khalil on 16. Aug. 2017.
How would the new warrior deck with the card that puts a copy of your hand into your deck do against jade druid? also if you ran geist with it. I haven't tried it but I really want to craft that warior deck if it performs well with it. I feel like it would cause you could technically never run out of cards in most games.
Daniel Gabriel Secară on 16. Aug. 2017.
Does anyone know how were the Blizzard's sale of this expansion?
Musadusa14 on 16. Aug. 2017.
yogg, praise it.
Musadusa14 on 16. Aug. 2017.
Musadusa14 on 16. Aug. 2017.
blankcard echo my memes, they went supreme.
Musadusa14 on 16. Aug. 2017.
nice adapt kripp, you are still salt, salt is infinite tho.
Musadusa14 on 16. Aug. 2017.
im nzoth.... yogg.... fuse.
Musadusa14 on 16. Aug. 2017.
spider meme, los manos won, my manos... muahahahhahahahahahahha.
Musadusa14 on 16. Aug. 2017.
its my throne, give it back, no spoilers anymoaaaaaar, hell rained supreme in the meme war. noone outmemes hell..... for real now.
Bl4ckPanda on 16. Aug. 2017.
havent seen a single jade druid since launch, mostly taunt/token druids
hater De on 16. Aug. 2017.
when will somebody tell kripp that its pronounced gaist and not geest
LrsLzk on 16. Aug. 2017.
I laughed at a simple post on Hearthpwn today that simply said "Tear up every card from MSG". I kinda agree. Even the artwork was miserable.
Rachel Logan on 16. Aug. 2017.
I think quest mage can beat jade druid.
Immortalits on 16. Aug. 2017.
also all the infinite value cards just trash the game as a whole, the deck building is about resource management and you just put into an agressive hunter deck a midrange ultra controll card with infinite value... sure, the game will be fun especially with extreme additional rng...
Eric Wraithraven on 16. Aug. 2017.
Everytime i play skulking geist against a druid I win. 2 just quit at turn 6 because I cleared their jades and 1 armor card. I always hard muligan for skulking geist and so far usually get it within 7 turns. This is shaman evolve deck and priest machine gun deck
Immortalits on 16. Aug. 2017.
Jade druid kills you before you can play geist if you play a controll deck
KeesPees275 on 16. Aug. 2017.
jade druid takes 0 skill, its he cancer of hearthstone
Jason Miller on 16. Aug. 2017.
In jade druid decks jade idol isn't even needed because of the amount of consistent card draw they now have, blizzard needs to just nerf the jade mechanic is general, or it will just continue to dominate alongside druid aggro
Average Gamer on 16. Aug. 2017.
pirate warrior is just as bad as jade druid atm
Jhonny Lee on 16. Aug. 2017.
jade druid? every deck of mine runs skulking geist or whats it called and always have it in my start hand and my dear jade druids always are slow af and i also dusted all kft druid cards i got so far
Steve Oldfield on 16. Aug. 2017.
Yeah I don't understand how the geist hate is justified when it literally won you the game
Frogboy on 16. Aug. 2017.
I want you to suicide me senpai Kripp. :'O
schrottinator on 16. Aug. 2017.
So, druid is the new shaman?
savagepinksock on 16. Aug. 2017.
geist should either be a 6 4-6 text "at the start of the game destroy all 1 mana spells" or a 2 mana 2-3 with the battlecry
TheBarret89 on 16. Aug. 2017.
Typical Kripp video.. Rants about how you can't beat jade druid even with geist because it's too slow and then shows a video how he beats jade druid with geist. :D
Alvious on 16. Aug. 2017.
If you're playing warlock, no wonder you lose
Eduardo Helvetios on 16. Aug. 2017.
Sorry to say that, but my Bloodreaver demon deck is raping jade druids
Chris Collins on 16. Aug. 2017.
wtf is a geest?
Taran Marduk on 16. Aug. 2017.
The first time I made it to legend no one was playing Druid and that was all I was playing. It's good to see my man get the respect he deserves, but it doesn't have to be like real life where the Druids went around kicking everyone's ass. Or maybe it does. lol
Quakarino Kripparino on 16. Aug. 2017.