Hearthstone Fun Decks: Bring Me Back (Paladin Deck)

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michael jeacock on 22. Sep. 2017.
"I think the fun with gimmick decks is when you pull off a win with them against somebody playing is the normal deck." yep, i had fun beating up jade druids with my ancient one big easy priest and i was just inspired by one of hobbs decks to build a dragon rogue which uses all the bounce from the old quest deck but with netherspite historian for a dragon army and cold light oracle for draw and milling.
DaRkTeRrOr on 21. Sep. 2017.
Cumback Israel lol, wp jaina
Crazylegs677 on 21. Sep. 2017.
21:23 missed lethal, ragnaros doesn't trigger ice block
Juan Camilo Merchán Loza on 21. Sep. 2017.
Did he actually bring back any good card?
gzerox2 on 19. Sep. 2017.
and hands of gold are always cold...
Owl Fred on 19. Sep. 2017.
Try a deck that i name Female Deck ( Youre deck must have only female minions)
M33f3r on 19. Sep. 2017.
Y no nzoth?
Satchmo Omega on 19. Sep. 2017.
I thought this might be a 'nostalgic WoW character' deck at first.
Shade338 on 18. Sep. 2017.
11:39 Hearth Stone in a nutshell. Lol
ClueLessPro Gaming on 18. Sep. 2017.
U had lay on hands your nerd
The Danish Walrus on 18. Sep. 2017.
6:05 why didnt you hero power
Treme Jenkins on 18. Sep. 2017.
Crendor, you should try to do some more of these gimmick decks against friends, that way if you do get your sick combos off they don't just concede.
McGliga on 18. Sep. 2017.
Surprised you don't run N'zoth in this deck, he brings cards back
Azzy on 18. Sep. 2017.
See, this is why I prefer Magic over Hearthstone. In magic there's a card called "Emeria" that streamlines the whole thing you're trying to do into a nice neat little package.
Stretch Jwayne on 18. Sep. 2017.
crendor none of the decks you make are great decks lululup
themightysven on 18. Sep. 2017.
Crendor Blocked out making the Big Bois vid due to the trauma of getting two Blood of the Ancients out without time for them to proc
Adwi Iwda on 18. Sep. 2017.
I got a remption :0
Dethrox on 18. Sep. 2017.
cmoon :D who didnt expect Entomb :DD i know i did..
Dethrox on 18. Sep. 2017.
wouldnt be priest better ? :D there is so much ressurect cards :O
Aethus on 18. Sep. 2017.
Crendor, you silly sloth! On that last game, if you hadn't attacked with your other minion, your Ragnaros could have killed him with his 8 damage.
Joey Carlini on 18. Sep. 2017.
Thinking about making a Naga Giants deck now that the card got changed, or is it no longer a gimmick deck if everyone is using it?
Darryl Williams on 18. Sep. 2017.
Disliked you didnt bring back nat pagle
MatthiasClan on 18. Sep. 2017.
I did this in standard. Not as full meme as you have it has a lot of the basic paladin tools like truesilvers and follow the rules. It also has the new paladin 1/1 taunt divine shield, the new paladin deathrattle, and hydrologists to pull more redemptions or getaway kodos. Ideally I bring any of those annoying deathrattles back repeatedly eating a lot of their resources to remove them. Then I N'zoth them all back for a big one two punch. Even if I fail to recycle minions I have bonedrakes, Cairne, the new paladin deathrattle, and Tirion to bring back. I've N'zothed back a board full of tirions on more then one occasion though and that's just fantastic feeling.
Lifted420 on 18. Sep. 2017.
As Paladin player I am jealous of your golden Paladin cards
Andreas Åhman on 18. Sep. 2017.
Crendor must be the only person in the world who plays wild. Plus the other 10 people he keeps queing into.
Maple Chan on 18. Sep. 2017.
"Crendor, non of your decks are good, blawaawaa" -Credor 2017.
Zulatobari Greatforge on 18. Sep. 2017.
Considering how big your hand ends up getting, and deathrattles, swap Divine Favor for Nzoth (or Thaurissan)
yung venuz on 18. Sep. 2017.
that first match tho
yung venuz on 18. Sep. 2017.
that first match tho
Mr. Rawke on 18. Sep. 2017.
What you need, is a Barnes.
kopitarrules on 18. Sep. 2017.
Yo Crendawg, you should add the deck recipe for the deck you use in your video to your info section. Just a suggestion mind you. ;)
Uldihaa on 18. Sep. 2017.
It's too top heavy.
BlastBowman90 on 18. Sep. 2017.
Aw dude, N'Zoth would have been perfect here. Still a fun deck tho
Fant Frei on 18. Sep. 2017.
Take on meeeee
Amatthew123 on 18. Sep. 2017.
Plunder Boy on 18. Sep. 2017.
Why didn't you just play resurrect priest or ancestral spirit shaman? You had a nice idea, but didn't utilize this games full meme potential. Hear me out. Ancestral spirit, ancestral spirit, baron rivendare, reincarnate. BAM. Easy money. You play for memes, but never go whole hog.
MashMash on 18. Sep. 2017.
Xpyto on 18. Sep. 2017.
Suprised nzoth didnt make the list