Hearthstone Fun Decks: Bring the Big Bois Back (Watch till the end, trust me)

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Skitigdread on 15. Sep. 2017.
Did Walt Disney meet Crendor back in the 1930's? Cus I'm pretty sure I know where the inspiration came from
Peasant on 12. Sep. 2017.
Well, which is it!? Bring back the big bois, or bring the big boi's back? the title and thumbnail are inconsistant Crendor! ahhhh
BasketOfWeasels on 11. Sep. 2017.
His Cren-scream at the end got me so good haha.
gzerox2 on 11. Sep. 2017.
Send to trolden
tscarable on 11. Sep. 2017.
Tier 1 fun deck
Sixtiies on 10. Sep. 2017.
Spark man on 10. Sep. 2017.
This is completely unrelated, but I figured out why starbucks water is so good.
andrew10022 on 10. Sep. 2017.
Crendor comin' in with the click bait.
TombstoneSMB on 10. Sep. 2017.
"Win me a pack senpai" goddamnit Rob XD
TheNZJester on 10. Sep. 2017.
MissMisery left you in Misery
Jade on 10. Sep. 2017.
This where we wreck this by telling him big priest is meta? Lol
Overlord Kaiser on 10. Sep. 2017.
I watched till the end, and all i got was this lousy comment.
Eric Martinez on 10. Sep. 2017.
Time Warner or Spectrum has been really bad recently. Constantly drops connection and I've heard from my bro that his buddy in Dallas whom has a 200mb is going through the same shit. That guy at the end prbly just lost connection.
sheeppusher on 10. Sep. 2017.
You're playing with the big boys now
Dolphchu on 9. Sep. 2017.
But crendawg you forgot my bb dr balanced
silentstorm on 9. Sep. 2017.
Crendor this video was made for you! It's IKEA ASMR: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uLFaj3Z_tWw
Matthew on 9. Sep. 2017.
Why isn't this deck called the boys are back in town?
Sman MMO on 9. Sep. 2017.
You should post the links to your decks in the description so we can try em out
DoubleUpOmega on 9. Sep. 2017.
Huh this deck could easily become heroes never die just change the big minion to legendaries
ValValtress on 9. Sep. 2017.
Dethrox on 9. Sep. 2017.
Slow deck in 2017 :/ i know you are trying to have fun but.. thats even harder than proceed on ladder :( nowadays..
Yves Isidor on 9. Sep. 2017.
THE END THO! WORTH! HAAHAHAH! *whispers* can I get my money now?
Bren Bloem on 9. Sep. 2017.
The ending was amazing, not disappointed.
Steve Mullins on 9. Sep. 2017.
@wowcrendor, you need to run more control in your big priest deck..some of the cards you have in your decklist are dead draws..
TheSpacing on 9. Sep. 2017.
more games with mojache commentary
Shtoops _ on 9. Sep. 2017.
Only crendor would put small minions in Big Priest
Peter Nilsson on 9. Sep. 2017.
first game: eternal servitude when you can only roll Onyx Bishop or Shadowfiend second game: misses the most obvious lethal the world has ever seen, wins after god tier Rag rng third game: Resummons Bran to BE IMMEDIATELY KILLED by the same truesilver champion that killed him before
Jordan Weir on 9. Sep. 2017.
yo crendor awesome vid but could u make more of the pointless top 10 vids? i love those and havent had one for aaages, thx
Gimli, Son of Glóin on 9. Sep. 2017.
I trust you Crendor.
Andreas Åhman on 9. Sep. 2017.
What's up with the click bait Jake Paul style title!!??
Wuxian on 9. Sep. 2017.
I don't know why everyone is such a fan of french wood... you should rethink it.
Brian Bmo Morgan on 9. Sep. 2017.
Abres Tenelles on 9. Sep. 2017.
That was one great game vs the Warlock! ^.^
Monochromize on 9. Sep. 2017.
I love Crendor but, holy crap his decision making... lol
jvjd on 9. Sep. 2017.
I would like to recommend Rob(Mojache) be your hearthstone buddy while making these vids :)
TheGameGuy on 9. Sep. 2017.
12:43 That was... painful to watch
BowlUndrFire on 9. Sep. 2017.
Isn't this just a more extreme version of the current meta Priest though?
Strongraider101 on 9. Sep. 2017.
When are you going to do the lich king?
SH4D0W0733 on 9. Sep. 2017.
R.I.P spectator.
Mr. Boling _ on 9. Sep. 2017.
The clickbait title was worth it. GG!
slye l. on 9. Sep. 2017.
crendor can you showcase the new tavern brawl?
Endgame on 9. Sep. 2017.
Lmao why did you play a 5 Mana minion + heal on turn 8 you could have played the lich King or Rag, Misplay Master
suspekt2670 on 9. Sep. 2017.
Are you on drugs or something? How the hell do you make so many mistakes all the time
Froakadoke on 9. Sep. 2017.
Man, we're never getting that Yooka Laylee playthrough uploaded here, are we? I was so hyped for it too because of all the videos leading up to release Crendor put out.
Muatasim22 on 9. Sep. 2017.
;_; i can't continue watching this, it hurts.
Wurstmilch on 9. Sep. 2017.
That LEATHAL miss tho...
Mikeztarp on 9. Sep. 2017.
12:58 Rob loosing his shit because Crendor missed lethal cracked me up. xD 13:21 Crendor can't even *spell* lethal.
MrNoobxs on 9. Sep. 2017.
I really hope that paladin watches this video, so they know they accidentally performed the worlds most perfect BM.
ChaosSabre on 9. Sep. 2017.
I got salty at that RNG at the end. Man that hurt.
Ergon17 on 9. Sep. 2017.
Who is Bron Bronzebeard?