Hearthstone Fun Decks: Mirror Image Mage

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MastermindIQ on 29. Aug. 2017.
You should put Crazed Alchemist in your deck to buff the Mirror Images.
Ian Beltran on 28. Aug. 2017.
Crendor, ya gotta make a deck with almost nothing but spiders and Nerubians. So maybe like Druid or Rogue? Possibly even Hunter because of all his spider related spells.
Ridge Marcero on 26. Aug. 2017.
You should add kal thuuzad for rezing mirror images
Satchmo Omega on 26. Aug. 2017.
What you do is you get a lorewalker cho and copy him, then use your chos to spam your opponent with mirror images. Then fun stuff happens.
zomagewow on 25. Aug. 2017.
Pepperjack on 25. Aug. 2017.
Crendor, try the suicide deck battle with Hobbs or Rurikar :D
Hercule Pyro on 25. Aug. 2017.
Why does crendor call him Bronn Bronzebeard? He's Bran Bronzebeard.
Hercule Pyro on 25. Aug. 2017.
Crendor why don't you ever change your cardback?
Pandu is fat on 25. Aug. 2017.
Good times when he made videos with rawb
Tim Brazeal on 25. Aug. 2017.
oh god, 1 minute in and this deck has to be awful
Guffler9000 on 25. Aug. 2017.
its like u could tallk about anything in the world would still laugh
Andy Cao on 25. Aug. 2017.
BowlUndrFire on 25. Aug. 2017.
Lorewalker Cho could be a reasonable pick here. You could send and maybe get back some more Mirror Images (though your opponent would too). It's subject to the common Mage issue of having too many useful spells you don't want to be forced to give to your opponent, but with enough minion-based buffs you could find opportunity to get rid of him when you need to. Speaking of those buffs, consider getting some Lance Carriers in there. Possibly replacing the Shattered Sun Clerics with them, they're cheaper and I think the extra +attack will be more useful than 1 more health. Could try replacing 1 or 2 of the Arcane Intellects with Acolytes of pain. Draws you 2 cards on average, already pretty useful with Mage's ping, and you could get even more mileage with the buffs.
joalo hg on 25. Aug. 2017.
The video starts at 2:47 thank me later
Xerxes Break on 25. Aug. 2017.
Please do a video on your Furnacefire Colossus Warrior deck you showed off in the Wowhobbs collab. I would've loved to see the combo but both of them got stolen lol.
Japhet on 24. Aug. 2017.
Should've named the deck "Mirror iMAGE
Totally Not A Cylon on 24. Aug. 2017.
It bothers me that Shattered Sun Clerics are referred to as "Sun Cleric" They're Clerics of the Shattered Sun. Not Sun Clerics that are shattered.
Nikita Sjölander on 24. Aug. 2017.
Hey, can you reveal your murlocadin deck?
kopitarrules on 24. Aug. 2017.
Hmmmm.... Well Crendawg, if it were my deck I would swap out darkspeaker and anubisath sentinal and put in arcane explosion and that potion that does 2 damage to all minions (cannot remember it's name off the top of my head). It would help with decks like that face hunter or pirate rogue, to get the cards you had to wait a few turns for, in all 3 games. Just a thought.
Shredded Cheese on 24. Aug. 2017.
anthony gaona on 24. Aug. 2017.
You going to do a kotft play through?
Alex Hamilton on 24. Aug. 2017.
"This is a Mirror Image Deck" Doesn't play Mirror Image till Turn 9
Margenen on 24. Aug. 2017.
Don't stop playing Hearthstone, it's an instant click from me
Adam Jankowski on 24. Aug. 2017.
Turn 3 "I have flamestrike so I'm not worried about imp gang boss" classic crendor
Cyril Figgis on 24. Aug. 2017.
Seems akin to token mage - maybe add in Violet Teacher?
Kysman95 on 24. Aug. 2017.
If you play the video on 1.25 speed, Crendor talks like a normal person
LyricalDJ on 24. Aug. 2017.
I wonder, Crendor, if you have ever made a deck based around Echoing Ooze. This deck kinda reminded me of that card. Also, this deck should obviously have been named 'Mirror iMage'. ;o)
RAJJZY on 24. Aug. 2017.
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Mikeztarp on 24. Aug. 2017.
16:49 inb4 Disney/Lucasfilm copyright strike :P
Stoytcho Stoev on 24. Aug. 2017.
ninjustin123 on 24. Aug. 2017.
dude use that card that makes your end of turn effects trigger twice
Matthew on 24. Aug. 2017.
I keep forgetting the GG at the end is Crendor pressing a button and not the game
Slavicus Vile on 24. Aug. 2017.
A deck I thought of earlier- Wild Evolve Inspire Shaman. You could set up the earlygame aggro (pirate opener), but have super-duper value cards like Kodorider that you could play in the late game. With some modification, it could be decent, and probably pretty fun.
kyle moughler on 24. Aug. 2017.
Legend says if you say a legend says comment, the youtuber making the video will respond
Chris Kelling on 24. Aug. 2017.
Hunter deck - 1/3 of the deck 1 cost beasts, 2/3 beasts and buffs. Use trap cards that summon beasts (like snake trap or bear trap)
Icedrake201 on 24. Aug. 2017.
Mirror I-Mage.
Tan3l6 on 24. Aug. 2017.
Gimme tavern brawl
Jckfrbn on 24. Aug. 2017.
I swear half the fun of a crendor vid is yelling at the screen, I love it
Kaizor on 24. Aug. 2017.
I was about to go to bed till i saw a Crendor video...
DHtheGamer on 24. Aug. 2017.
Woo! Early
Quigglepuff on 24. Aug. 2017.
Hell yeah, Crendor before bed.
Outcider on 24. Aug. 2017.