[Hearthstone] Highrolling With Barnes Priest

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kpjxX on 22. Aug. 2017.
Hr actually did highroll there..... Kripp confirmed lucker
BluBulletin on 22. Aug. 2017.
60% of the time it works everytime
DarkSkay on 22. Aug. 2017.
Barnes Priest pulling a Y'Shaarj from the deck is as skillful and fun as a turn one 10/10 Edwin from Rogue.
Mark Chajev on 21. Aug. 2017.
Great deck idea.
Just on 20. Aug. 2017.
I Went from rank 9 to 6 with this deck (With my alterations) , its pretty strong but relies on getting Barnes or a shadow essence with some defensive cards to get it rolling
I.B. T. on 20. Aug. 2017.
Am i the freakin only one who tried this deck and that fck barnes never came up?
Mark Joseph Bonion on 20. Aug. 2017.
uhmm i hope someone answer me, so i completed the quest and my prize is maiev but i don't know how can i use it and where to find it, so please SOS
cabuuuuum on 19. Aug. 2017.
So as anyone tried to pull off the four hoursemen effect in a none pali deck? You could (and this is just an example theres tons of ways) froustmourn 3 of them, get them back and like potion of madness the fourth one
Tayu Blackwolf on 19. Aug. 2017.
10 games. Never had barnes. 4 times I coined Shadow Essence and each time I got Barnes
Nogard on 18. Aug. 2017.
This deck is a complete pain to play against. I played against this deck once, and i didnt know about it, so i was just screaming "WILL YOU PLAY A FUCKING MINION ALREADY!?!?!" It really frustrated me.
Tom Wellbrock on 17. Aug. 2017.
I wonder do you win when you steal all horseman with frostmorne?
432 on 17. Aug. 2017.
dang it. I only play priest and I'm not even close to having this deck.
Attila Tímár on 17. Aug. 2017.
2nd match was daily quest rogue... play class cards quest on ladder,eh?
ImperatorZed on 17. Aug. 2017.
The wild version of this deck is so much fun.
SkinnyDude on 17. Aug. 2017.
Does anyone think Onyx Bishop would be a good addition since resurrect is gone? Or would that just be more problematic?
TwitchNuB on 17. Aug. 2017.
This deck is pretty damn fun, my opponent finally conceded after the 6th Ysera.
Focux on 17. Aug. 2017.
Any thoughts on putting Madam Goya into the deck?
Jarf99 on 16. Aug. 2017.
"No deck list today" Has deck on the right side of the screen
Bruce Lee on 16. Aug. 2017.
Final match is the definition of pay to win
same1992if on 16. Aug. 2017.
hey guys. I'm Japanese and studying English with some HearthStone videos including this. Today I have a question. His speaking is so clear that I hear well. But I can't understand what he says after "hey guys how's it going..."(place about 0:05) Someone tell me?
Robsin on 16. Aug. 2017.
Mirage caller should be pretty good to in this deck
Bijan Ashtiani on 16. Aug. 2017.
I feel proud to say i made this deck on my own before it entered the meta
smal_midget on 16. Aug. 2017.
i would remove 1 spirit lash and put medivh...
Zabimetal on 16. Aug. 2017.
Alex Brennan on 16. Aug. 2017.
Why no N'zoth?
Immortalits on 16. Aug. 2017.
this deck misses N'zoth so much :) yes, it is an extra barnes fail, but a full board obsidian is also great
Laskiri on 16. Aug. 2017.
he should try and add malygos to this deck xd
Park Shiyi on 16. Aug. 2017.
Before you played this deck, I was experimenting on this deck. You don't need the extra card draw from power word shield, your hand will always be more than 6-7 cards and N'Zoth helps a lot in this deck. My deck is -2 power word shield, +1 pain, +1 death, -2 thoughtsteal, -2 ffa, +1 shadow visions, -Y'Shaarj, +1 bloodhoof, -2 spirit lash, +1 greater potion, +1 mass dispel. This deck works very well with cards like pint sized + horror too. Tried a lot of cards combination and I find N'zoth with it very strong. Arfus was inside my deck too, can't remember the exact deck list but its a very fun deck. because my current deck is so spell oriented and doesn't have board presence, it loses to decks that can deal a lot of damage in a single turn (otk decks, c'thun, quest mage) this deck actually does quite well against jade druid..
Samik Sood on 16. Aug. 2017.
I am running awaken the makers priest with elise lyra nzoth shadowreaper anduin and archbishop benedictus and turns out he is actually good, a bunch of games go into fatigue so i steal my opponents deck when we both have like 10 cards
La Maze on 16. Aug. 2017.
the guy looks like he's on drugs or something.
ilmu011 on 16. Aug. 2017.
Omg that Rogue Rank 15. NA, you are terrible at this game.
Lensku on 16. Aug. 2017.
And this deck is the reason why we are going to have shitty meta
DidKrippChangeHisGarbageFacecamarino Kripparino on 16. Aug. 2017.
Sadly, he still did not.
coldnightswarmpeople on 16. Aug. 2017.
So many kripperinos on comments ..
Atem on 16. Aug. 2017.
Beats rank 15 so this is awesome OMEGALUL
Hi Me again on 16. Aug. 2017.
Just recently started watching some kripp videos, and was reading through the comments when i had to ask myself; HOW MANY FUCKIN KRIPPERINOS ARE THERE?!?!?!?!
Steve Ozone on 16. Aug. 2017.
Is it worth coming back to Hearthstone? I stopped playing years ago when I realised it was all netdecks and no variety.
Lifes Insight on 16. Aug. 2017.
I built a fun deck I think you could probly get to work better, Legendary warrior, quest 8-10 taunts some draw minions and spells, fill with cthun minions and new legend hero it's more fun then effective sulfuras on the new hero with a cthun drop
archaicScrivener on 16. Aug. 2017.
Kripp you're playing 5 cards you don't want to draw (Garnets as they're called in the YGO community) and 1 card which enables combos with them in a 30 card deck. You are statistically unlikely to draw Barnes before your Garnets, and you have a 1/6 chance of drawing one each time you draw a card (higher as the game goes on), as opposed to a 1/30 chance of drawing Barnes. You also have no way to search out Barnes to combo faster, because Blizzard hates consistency. What I'm saying is, you're not getting "unlucky" to draw your Garnets before Barnes, that's just the statistical liklihood playing such an inconsistent mess of a deck.
Thomas Jin on 16. Aug. 2017.
17:11 Make the video slow - mo and watch as he uses he hero power. Same goes for 20:17 (coincidence?)
kZonE on 16. Aug. 2017.
Medivh wouldn't be bad in this deck.
Andres Vuchetich on 16. Aug. 2017.
wild's another story tho :D http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/894833-top-10-legend-resurekt-control-priest-wild
Predaderp Gaming on 16. Aug. 2017.
What's the deck tracker he uses
Stag Randson on 16. Aug. 2017.
I also added Leeroy Carine and velen with good success
Koala Bear on 16. Aug. 2017.
Does anyoneknow how this works: While experimenting with DK Paladin, I noticed that if you bounce the first Horseman to your hand, then hero power next turn, youll summon him again. If you, however, manage to bounce the first two, then your hero power will summon the 3rd- if you bounce him, then next turn youre guaranteed to summon the 4th. Is this a bug that you need to have the first two together to start bouncing them to your hand? You could also bounce 1st, play him, bounce second, then 3rd, 4th, and since the 1st will have died- play 2 3 and 4 and youll summon 1. Very weird nteractions if you ask me.
BrevityIsFTW on 16. Aug. 2017.
Fuck everyone who plays priest. It's the game's current cancer.
TheQoogle on 16. Aug. 2017.
I Made a playable Deck Out of this pile
Zeitzeuge on 16. Aug. 2017.
Would love to see this against pirate warrior
wafflanjunior00 on 16. Aug. 2017.
You know, for being a video called "Highrolling with *Barnes* Priest" there are surprisingly few Barnes clips.
Bruce Goins on 16. Aug. 2017.
He looks bored playing this lol