[Hearthstone] How Good Is Blade of C’thun?

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Charlie Walton on 11. May. 2016.
My mother does love this face
redX111t on 11. May. 2016.
My best c'thun as rogue was something like 38/38... brann + blade of c'thun combo on opponents c'thun... one shotted the 30hp opponent next turn
viperstudioshass on 11. May. 2016.
very and this is why ok so this is the best exchange ever so I summoned blood of the ancient one, my opponent used 2 faceless manipulators and fused the to summon the ancient one and I used my black of c'thun to kill the ancient one and give c'thun + 30/30 this didn't help in the match itself but one of my blades of c'thun is golden i also had c'thun in my hand so I managed to summon it the next turn and win
Mohammad M on 11. May. 2016.
How to win every tavern brawl this week. Cards: 2/2 Class: Warlock Forbidden Ritual Power Overwhelming Your welcome.
criscrunk on 11. May. 2016.
Strongside on 11. May. 2016.
Pirates card back = best card back.
Felix Schlenkermann on 11. May. 2016.
i only play blade of c'thun because i want my c'thun zo have the stats 9/11
Dániel Simon on 11. May. 2016.
0:17 he said "blade of C'Thun alows you to play C'Thun Rouge without having any other cards in the deck"
TheGoodguyperson on 11. May. 2016.
got an idea blade cthun your buffed up cthun and revive it with doomcaller , or is that not how it works ? XD
MassiveDestructionSP on 11. May. 2016.
Awww yes! The Kripperino winterino has ended! They've returned at long last
thrashish on 11. May. 2016.
this weeks brawl is great. bout time priest got some love in the brawl. im 2-0 so far with priest. i won w/ shrinkmeister/curator vs. a brann/flamecaller mage and mind vision/pw: shield vs. an innervate/druid of the claw druid
TheJackMouse on 11. May. 2016.
Hey kripp, when you do a video on this weeks Tavern Brawl, I insist you try my Patented Goldshire Footman Bolster Warrior. ;^)
Licantropique on 11. May. 2016.
guys what does he uses for it to show the card in his deck on the right side of the screen?
Merik Malhads on 11. May. 2016.
He just sacrificed c'thun to c'thun
Adam Wizbicki on 11. May. 2016.
yea so on day one of the expansion i hit a ancient one 30/30 with a blade of cthun and then played a cthun for 43/43...first day
Daniel Alejandro Pasos Pérez on 11. May. 2016.
Nocturnal Gaming on 11. May. 2016.
7:15 That joy
Romen Drost on 11. May. 2016.
Tried something simular to this deck. Got rekt by aggro decks hard though. Funny combo is to put in a shadowcaster and use it on brann. add a Thaurissan tot reduce those high mana cost cards and you can get aan guaranteed brann&cthun or brann&blade off.
Chubacca7 on 11. May. 2016.
We love the double uploads Kripp!!!!
Leonardo Rabelo Luttembarck on 11. May. 2016.
The best combo for taverna this week: ICE BLOCK and FIREBALL.. IMORTAL
Sebastian Guerrero on 11. May. 2016.
This card is incredible and insane If you get a shadowcaster copy of the card. Though i still Think the card should have been named Death's Sting with artwork showing a rogue in Deathdealer armor to come full circle for us who played wow back in vanilla
nope nope on 11. May. 2016.
Brann+shadowcaster on blade of c'thun = nerdgasm
nobady9752 on 11. May. 2016.
I had a 65/65 C'thun. I bladed a 22/22 C'thun with Bran up... How you ask? Toxin on blade, so he was 7 mana and Brann was 3.
Phillip Ta on 11. May. 2016.
Was always wondering this, thank you Kripp!
Stormray on 11. May. 2016.
heyguyshowsitgoingkrippan here
Caleb D. on 11. May. 2016.
"I only played two cards and C'Thun's at 27" Kripp you luckily got two pull back toxins and played the best C'thun buff card three times... Lol.
Bonfire Keeper James on 11. May. 2016.
Doing a hybrid Dragon Priest/C'thun Priest has been my favorite deck so far. Just enough C'thun cards to activate the twins and what not. Lots of fun!
^[FANTAKU]^ on 11. May. 2016.
Whoever is playing the new tavern brawl : Try Mechwarper + Metaltooth Leaper OP AFFF
SlueHS on 11. May. 2016.
Just getting my daily amount of Kripp while eating junk food alone in my room, don't pay attention
Cameron Mcindoe on 11. May. 2016.
After that first game it looks like a C'thun eat C'thun world...
MasterSheep :D on 11. May. 2016.
How good is argent watchman?
Timothy Stacey on 11. May. 2016.
i was running this combo against a really careless opponent... he let me keep a bran out and an emperor thor for a turn. the next turn i copied the bran with the shadow caster, shadow steped the shadow caster. had 2 1/1 brans... eventually drew my other shadow caster, played a 1/1 bran, shadow castered a minion (got 2 apothocaries for healing) shadow cast the shadow caster. This set me up for end game where i would just shadow cast my blades of cthun and other shadow casters with my bran's for infinite removal... ended up getting a 130/105 c'thun before i ended up drawing it. I of course c'thuned him in the face with a bran on the field.
Robin de Haan on 11. May. 2016.
So cool that you are uploading twice a day now! I enjoy watching your videos so I appreciate your hard work to upload 2 videos a day, keep up the great work!
sober667 on 11. May. 2016.
Blade of cthun ur cthun and resumon it :)
Jeffrey Gebb on 11. May. 2016.
How many times does he say C'Thun in this video?.
TinyBirdBird on 11. May. 2016.
13:46 That's preeeeetty good!
HENRIQUE ALMEIDA on 11. May. 2016.
this card is so fucking good that it's playable even without c'thun
Obama Bin Laden on 11. May. 2016.
why doesnt this nigga do asmr
Atlas on 11. May. 2016.
The reason why aggro decks always wreck you is because you play greedy decks like this
JackManic1984 on 11. May. 2016.
when you said you only played 2 cards that buffed c'thun, you meant 5. 3 blades and 2 pandas.
Joshua Wilson on 11. May. 2016.
The subtitles for this are way off, it's hilarious
MannnisEi on 11. May. 2016.
I think this card is bad because I played North Sea Kraken with Effigy in arena and I got this so I'm salty.
Dimitrisgr98 on 11. May. 2016.
Mark van der Staay on 11. May. 2016.
you didnt say how good the card was! Not a word on how slow it is etc...
Bluetone on 11. May. 2016.
Who complains about too much content? Why???
Mr Wilson Gaming on 11. May. 2016.
I'm surprised he didn't put in shadow caster.
3rKo on 11. May. 2016.
Really, Kripp, you were excited about a 19/18 C'Thun? You should have played a control C'Thun rogue at the launch, Blade-ing your opponent's 20/20 C'Thun every other game killing your opponent with your 40/40 C'Thun
232338rm on 11. May. 2016.
I feel like i've seen these clips before. Where they used in the previous video mentioned in the beginning?
Ixord on 11. May. 2016.
ive used this in a c'thun mill with shadowcaster, sometimes i have a 70ish c'thun by having 3-5 shadowcasted blades of c'thun
PancakesForBreakfast on 11. May. 2016.
Hella good