[Hearthstone] How Good Is Evolved Kobold?

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CuriousMoth on 26. Oct. 2016.
I think Evolved Kobold is actually very good and a little underrated. I've tried to build decks around it in lieu of having a Malygos.
ShaadeGaming on 26. Oct. 2016.
Its not that people playing the cards for a cool type of deck u just copy some streamer's deck. Please do ur own deck stupid community
Thunder the Bright on 26. Oct. 2016.
I don't know, these decks seem just as fun and interactive as OTK warrior, just harder to set up.
LikeGdz on 26. Oct. 2016.
That's a very weird 4 mana 7/7
Kirk Veli on 26. Oct. 2016.
The way the priest lost Cairne was sooooo disappointing.... He overdrew because the bishop revived shade (that's reasonable) but the turn after he plays another Shade, a clearly obvious mistake considering he played Blademaster the turn after that.
Silverhanderino Regenterino Kripperino on 26. Oct. 2016.
Yo dawg I herd you liek the stat 2. So we have a card that gives 2, has an attack of 2 and a defence of 2, for the price of... 4... The inconsistency... A new DLC confirmed?
Gazeth Sonica on 26. Oct. 2016.
"I think this lives in america and his name is Eric." DOXING CONFIRMED!
Christ vargas on 26. Oct. 2016.
Man I hate freeze mage but I'll take it over mid range shaman
Burnt Taco on 26. Oct. 2016.
the comments 60% kripperinos, 30% people who are circlejerking about how they used kobold when it was released, 9% freezy pop mages, 1% yours truly.
Barneserino Kripperino on 26. Oct. 2016.
Imagine the value of getting one out of me!
Isak XIII on 26. Oct. 2016.
belongaskip on 26. Oct. 2016.
Freeze mage: play card draw and and removal until emperor and direct damage spells= win. "decisions" "planning ""thought"
Brandon Oliveira on 26. Oct. 2016.
turns out Evolved Kobold is preeeeeeeeetty good
Saša Ostojić on 26. Oct. 2016.
im surprised there is no nzoth in his decklist
Joshua Piedra on 26. Oct. 2016.
I'm crying. "You wanna buy a Funnel Cake" Kripp: "Sure"
Bobcatsalesman on 26. Oct. 2016.
Good in Mage.. perhaps druid, shit in everything else.
Niemanden Interressierts on 26. Oct. 2016.
Wow the Moment he said malygos malygos appreaded as discover option
Sir Zippington on 26. Oct. 2016.
I had watched Firebat play this deck and I made it except I was missing a few cards and I was wondering how I should replace them. Currently I don't have: x1 Ice Lance x1 Bloodmage Thalnos x2 Doomsayer x1 Ice Barrier x1 Ice Block x1 Blizzard If you or someone else in the comments could help me replace these cards it would be a great help. I'm running my own replacements right now, but the deck doesn't have quite the win rate that it probably could have. Thankyou!
RiV on 26. Oct. 2016.
4:00 missed lethal. Bane of Doom the kobold, then Doomguard face.
Кенни Маккомрик on 26. Oct. 2016.
master6339 on 26. Oct. 2016.
I've always had a sweet spot for spell damage when I do play Hearthstone, I usually put evolved in because it let's me compete with top control decks because I simply have more removal (usually spell shaman and rogue)
Fede Vieira on 26. Oct. 2016.
I wonder what does Kripparrian thinks about all those stupid fanboys in all his video's coments
Paradoxal Mindfucker on 26. Oct. 2016.
I used the card when it was released in a spell damage druid deck.
Jacob Collier on 26. Oct. 2016.
freeze mage is cancer
Axel Muren on 26. Oct. 2016.
Maelstorm portal is like an arcane explosion with a cooler animation and summon a 1-cost minion
LichKing786 on 26. Oct. 2016.
fun and interactive class
gidgit03b on 26. Oct. 2016.
guess you could say the meta "evolved"
wrainexc1 on 26. Oct. 2016.
Kripp, all the shaman players are chillin' at legend ez pz
Matías Santos on 26. Oct. 2016.
Actually Kripp's vids chat section is one of the most hilarious I've seen so far lmao
Marc Rosenbaum on 26. Oct. 2016.
Fun and interactive 4Head
Duckerino Kripperino on 26. Oct. 2016.
NKofman on 26. Oct. 2016.
I always found this card good, right when it came out. I used to play it in malygos shaman and malygos rogue, still do. Everyone was telling me to not use this card because it's shit.
NML ENTERTAINMENT on 26. Oct. 2016.
Man it feels good to watch face hunter lose. Every time feels just as good as the last.
Morru Qu'aan on 26. Oct. 2016.
Fucking smorc Mage
Scoop2427 on 26. Oct. 2016.
Yo does anyone have kripp's and trump's stream schedule
Shawn Ryan on 26. Oct. 2016.
I introduced this card to the meta a couple months back yet I'll never be credited...Feelsbadman
Bruno Policarpo on 26. Oct. 2016.
Shiba on 26. Oct. 2016.
God I hate freeze mage, the most un-fun deck to play against. Even if you win, it's just that they drew poorly
Anton Wilzewski on 26. Oct. 2016.
I knew evolved Kobald is a good card from the start, but what do you Do as a priest player with 2+spellpower
StandardTrickyness on 26. Oct. 2016.
recent?? it's been here for 2 months https://twitter.com/LaughingHS/status/775054594040791045 WTF man step up your game
Dathremar on 26. Oct. 2016.
"I'm going to ping him down" "BY FIRE BE PURGED"
FarSightterino Kripperino on 26. Oct. 2016.
Good math prediction: 14:01. One of the most amazing predictions in the history of Kripparrian: 9:18.
no u on 26. Oct. 2016.
There needs to be a RipperinoKripperino that tells us when kripp dies or concedes
TheModernMaxi on 26. Oct. 2016.
Fun and interactive
Duke Cactus on 26. Oct. 2016.
"Face, yep" - Octavian "Kripparrian" Morosan, 2016
YouFluby Tuber on 26. Oct. 2016.
"I simply do not understand, match # 15, Shamans played 0." Maybe people have learned that there is more than one tier 1 deck. Maybe people got tired of playing the same cards over and over. I vote both.
Pwnstar on 26. Oct. 2016.
in paladin it can be 8mana flamestrike with a 2/2 body for example ... its two cards tho so bit worsem not bad card but since its not aggresive no1 plays it *edit: I wrote this before watching the clips ! :D I was right xD
Kitty Biceps on 26. Oct. 2016.
What is that app that Kripp's using on constructed?
Gavin Rai on 26. Oct. 2016.
I genuinely dislike the new type of freeze mage, getting burned for over 25 damage in one turn isn't exactly fun.