[Hearthstone] How Good Is Fandral Staghelm?

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Agustin Rizzo on 13. Jun. 2016.
Kameoka(the zoo player) kept a hand with no 2 drop... How is this clip any valid with that kind of players?
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Artistic Victory Bear on 13. Jun. 2016.
i play c'thun mix fandral with choose cards. win rate is 75 percent.
VladiMaster on 13. Jun. 2016.
I am proud to share my Theme with Fandral INSECTS
Mark Chang on 13. Jun. 2016.
that last guy. rekted!
Erotes Colpone on 13. Jun. 2016.
It's kind of hilarious that this video came out after the first time I got completely destroyed by Fandral. I can completely relate to the first contact bit
AlphaAJS - on 13. Jun. 2016.
6:33 Guys reaction to opening said card "Oh god why"
MyViolador on 13. Jun. 2016.
Nothing butt ass!
Dreamscythe1 on 13. Jun. 2016.
how do you know if some one died when you use yogg?
Xanek on 13. Jun. 2016.
How do you tell if someone died when Yogg is first played?
You meen Ko on 13. Jun. 2016.
He can be replaced by Sen'jin Shieldmaster.
Jacob S on 13. Jun. 2016.
Fandral works amazing with spells, the choose one minions have a much smaller impact.
Никита Апальков on 13. Jun. 2016.
9:52 Lethal WTF???
Anon Ymoose on 13. Jun. 2016.
druid doesn't have good removal? they have 4 instant removal spells, granted they cause your opponent to either draw 2 cards or gain a random minion.
Ayad Polis on 13. Jun. 2016.
Wow the legendary is so cool, Kripp!!!
Southbayable on 13. Jun. 2016.
kamilman2 on 13. Jun. 2016.
UC23 King Conor Devotee on 13. Jun. 2016.
9:45 lethal misserino kripperino
Michal Fridrich on 13. Jun. 2016.
Get a haircut duuude
TheScorpion | Bättlrappexpehrte on 13. Jun. 2016.
0:00 Refresherino Kripperino
Mar Mar on 13. Jun. 2016.
I don't get why people don't watch kripp; hes soothing tenor; his tanned skin the stylish t-shirts... ... also his insights
Iskander Khalilov on 13. Jun. 2016.
Now this is my favorite video on your channel.
William Beach on 13. Jun. 2016.
The current Decktracker has an overlay that keeps track of spells played for Yogg.
Santiago González on 13. Jun. 2016.
mehh, he's still pretty meh, druid is just gimped Green, Fendral should've been a 4/5
Kenryk Anchecta on 13. Jun. 2016.
I just notice that kripp has hair :o
Pedro Vilas Boas on 13. Jun. 2016.
you made the deck Lul
Jack Duripper on 13. Jun. 2016.
Turns out he's preeeeeety spectacular
Dual Twin on 13. Jun. 2016.
It's funny cuz I just got Fandral and Kripp releases this vid now I know how to really use him
Witch Hunter on 13. Jun. 2016.
how many ogre brutes do you need to attack the hero 10 because rng is shit in this game
Joshua “LordKingJosh” Olesen on 13. Jun. 2016.
Thing about Fandral is that a lot of the choose one effect cards are extremely versatile/powerful on their own. Some like keeper of the grove/ancient of lore are no longer good because of the nerf, but a lot of the spells and minions, Ancient of War, Cenarius, Druid of the Claw, Wrath, Mire Keeper, etc, are good enough on their own to make the deck competitive. Fandral is just a insane win more/win condition card, and gives so much value in extra-cards/mana, that even if Fandral only lives one turn, you have probably secured the win for that game. Plus ramp is still really fucking hard to deal with as an opponent. The druid can have between 1-5 more mana than you, and usually because of innervate, they have a bigger board/board control over you.
freezaplanet419 on 13. Jun. 2016.
"Fandral Stawghelm"
xnotx123 on 13. Jun. 2016.
I just watch the beginning then leave when he gets to the games lol
NerubiansOP on 13. Jun. 2016.
Choose one: summon a nerubian or keep the egg
Xavi Simon on 13. Jun. 2016.
Kripparrian and the Never Lucky blues band, presents... the Tavern Brawl tour. Legendary show in the Toronto Arena, only 3200 dust, get your tickets before Blizzards nerfs them.
Yogg-Sarron Hope's End on 13. Jun. 2016.
we all know the star of all cards
Far Sightterino Kripperino on 13. Jun. 2016.
11:55 "If a get rid of that [...]" Then draws Living Roots. 18:21 Kripp knows
Thatedvardguy on 13. Jun. 2016.
Good game.
ArtistGenjuros on 13. Jun. 2016.
hearing krip voice in 2 videos!!! kreygasm on
Antonio Rados on 13. Jun. 2016.
Do you know why hearthstone can't be a trading card game? Because face hunters exist. Ba-du-tss
Kenny Tong on 13. Jun. 2016.
turns out preeeeeeeeety good (with a wacky face)
Ramon Bernardes on 13. Jun. 2016.
19:10 , starfall would be hilarious!
Qwertycal on 13. Jun. 2016.
J4ckiechan's deck but with Acolyte of Pain? Hmmm... SeemsGood
Anton Wilzewski on 13. Jun. 2016.
One Theory I missed in Kripps statement "why is Fandral good", is that Fandral is especially good with spells, because spells have two effects equal to their manacost, so the value 2*mana cost of spell + 1-2 mana (Draw a card), where as minions with chose effects have a body, so the choseone effect is weaker when put into relation with spell choose one effect.
Dank Potatoes on 13. Jun. 2016.
12:22 Why the hell didnt he play Fandral, Roots, Roots, Power of the Wild? He would take out 2 minions and be left with Fandral a 4/3 and 4 2/2s
Swaghetti Yologness on 13. Jun. 2016.
Extended BM
Oscaro300 on 13. Jun. 2016.
Scott Santaella on 13. Jun. 2016.
turns out its preeeeeeety good
DoozyDooey on 13. Jun. 2016.
does kripp ever show his username?
Rush Caliber on 13. Jun. 2016.
It's like he has a lot of hair but at the same time don't...
Sharan V on 13. Jun. 2016.
i shall do as you say, i shall do as you, do as you ,do as you, do as you say.. someone needs to make remix out of it