[Hearthstone] How Good Is Firelands Portal?

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Jordan Ramos on 20. Oct. 2016.
Does anyone else hear that echoey noise in Kripp's audio?
Ebola Chan on 20. Oct. 2016.
there are 420 comments, happy blaze it:>
Esben Frey Jakobsen on 20. Oct. 2016.
And this is the reason I don't play HS atm. Shaman ruining ladder and mage ruining arena. That's just no fun for me.
Vusal on 20. Oct. 2016.
i sleep so well after Kripp mumbles at me
CaptainTul on 20. Oct. 2016.
is preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty good
Bumsecks on 20. Oct. 2016.
*sigh* K, i guess...
Mart Leuvering on 20. Oct. 2016.
Stop. Yawning.
Lilz on 20. Oct. 2016.
I wanted Kripp to talk about how many Firelands Portals is good in Arena. In my own personal experience two is amazing, but usually at the three or four mark I start to notice a drop in its usefulness.
n0skill91 on 20. Oct. 2016.
Just make Firelands portal an epic or even a rare card, no more issue in the arena when enemy has like 5 of those.
Mrinal Pillai on 20. Oct. 2016.
Theres something new out there knows as Faeria? I just heard of it yesterday, is it better than HS? Whats your take guys?
Ivan Dimitrov on 20. Oct. 2016.
Dint you review all these alredy ?
Mark Gilliam on 20. Oct. 2016.
Man fuck fire lands portal. Shit is some bullshit. Fucking blizzard.
bo adams on 20. Oct. 2016.
It's amazing I just saved myself 22 mins.
Clipperino Kripperino on 20. Oct. 2016.
0:04 - [Talkerino] 3:19 - welcome to Karazhan Arena 4:57 - direct damage is amazing 6:23 - fiery trades 10:33 - top draws 16:52 - portal madness
Nima Rahimzadeh on 20. Oct. 2016.
It's not a few percentages. A good freeze mage will beat mid range shaman 80% easily.
Pwnage Irl (Pwnageirl) on 20. Oct. 2016.
fuck man stop breathing so loud
Matthew Hermes on 20. Oct. 2016.
kripp kraken= crackin' not krayken
Ben Stola on 20. Oct. 2016.
Way to kill it in arena, even Blizzard says you're the host with the most in the Americas. Keep crushing it dude
Jake Motionless on 20. Oct. 2016.
laughs hysterically at the title
dawfydd on 20. Oct. 2016.
And winning is important to blizzard, you do NOT get gold rewards for losing, otherwise people would be fine with losing a couple of games and still getting gold and quests done.
HamsterHearthstone on 20. Oct. 2016.
Blizzard obviously makes Mages OP and increases their occurrence rate on purpose. No one would be passionate about a perfectly balanced meta - you need lords and underdogs to catch peoples emotion and make them care for the game.
Sebastián Caris on 20. Oct. 2016.
Just got beat because of firelands portal..........
Timmy Rascal on 20. Oct. 2016.
11:58 i cant get over how stupid this mage is. am i wrong or should they have not pinged their berserker and attacked instead of attacking and then pinging his face.
The Progenitor on 20. Oct. 2016.
It's ok I guess
reversed desrever on 20. Oct. 2016.
Not to disagree with Kripp from a balance perspective or anything, but as a clarification, the odds of facing a mage every game if they were A) well-balanced and B) always picked is around 54%. The chance of not seeing mage as a choice is 8/9*7/9*6/9~~.46 (not 33%). So while 80% mage matches would be well into unbalanced territory, say 40% mage match-ups wouldn't necessarily be.
TheScholesie09 on 20. Oct. 2016.
9:33 DJ Khripped.
Christopher Thieme on 20. Oct. 2016.
I guess Kripp would have won with that deck https://gyazo.com/80451f5580fcc49ab352193fa5efd152
GFmanaic on 20. Oct. 2016.
"if everbody picks mage (...) you will see 33% mages in arena". Riiiiiiight.
tabuuking on 20. Oct. 2016.
i had a game where my opponent played mana wyrm turn 1 effigy after... gets freaking kvaldir the best one drop out of that and PLAYS 3 FIRE LANDS PORTALS 2 OF WHICH GAVE HIM LEEROY JENKINS
Icks Deh on 20. Oct. 2016.
where is skipperino
Smeagle Reegle on 20. Oct. 2016.
legit request here: can you please not scream into the mic out of nowhere? You talk quietly most of the time and then you blast my speakers with a random hype moment, it's terrifying.
gulthor on 20. Oct. 2016.
Kripp, stop saying that Standard is rotating next expansion. Two expansions, buddy.
John Brunke on 20. Oct. 2016.
Rip skiperino :/
Illiwom on 20. Oct. 2016.
does anyone else keep getting horrible rolls with Firelands portal? I swear, I've gotten 2 junkbots in one constructed game -_-
Brian on 20. Oct. 2016.
I've been messing around with a cthun mage with medivh and firelands combo in late game, pretty fun to me at least.
Eric on 20. Oct. 2016.
I love the way kripp always stretches his arms during the video. Lol its so weird and sometimes looks like he has no arms.
FromGumi on 20. Oct. 2016.
This card is the reason why I quit arena for now. Hope mage gets gutter trash class cards in the next expansion
Jaco on 20. Oct. 2016.
They should just remove it like Purify.
Luis Dreher on 20. Oct. 2016.
Hey guys how's it going Kreirain here.
HiddenWen on 20. Oct. 2016.
Nothing feels better than beating a mage with 3 firelands and 2 flamestrikes.
hendrix Fan on 20. Oct. 2016.
WTF is skipperino dead!!???
Dillon on 20. Oct. 2016.
The Hearthstone dev Mike Donais was spectating Trumps stream just an hour ago and asked if Firelands portal should be removed. Trump said yes but who knows what it means at this point
RageFireMaster on 20. Oct. 2016.
If everybody picks mage, there will be 33% Mages in arena?! What do i not get here?
SaintZ on 20. Oct. 2016.
Why is it a common! It's one of the only portal cards that are common and it's the most powerful!
Innersoulwithinme on 20. Oct. 2016.
Play Medivh. Play Firelands Portal. The Value.
Mirain Lewis on 20. Oct. 2016.
i swear to god the karazhan expansion has made for the most boring arena environment ive ever experienced. Cant wait for the occurrence bonus to shift over to the next batch of cards so we can get a bit more variety
IMLR. on 20. Oct. 2016.
Title shouldve been: 'How good is Kripp being salty over a card that he hates already'
MeandMonkeyLP on 20. Oct. 2016.
Dammit i need a Kripperino Acc..
numberfreee on 20. Oct. 2016.
I was 4 and 0 yesterday. then I went up against 4 mages back to back. I finished 5 and 3. lol
Toh Nic on 20. Oct. 2016.
Ben Brode 6 man 5/5 Battlecry: Add 3 random portals into your hand.