[Hearthstone] How Good Is Kabal Talonpriest?

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GoldenCovers on 24. Jan. 2017.
Typical kripp: "OMG, OMG he has a card, wow, that's so ridiculous. Why am i SO unlucky, BabyRage" Meanwhile, having a perfect Madder Bomber, that cleaned entire opponents board. Dude, that's absurd.
Orange on 24. Jan. 2017.
How good is madder bomber?
HOoD868 on 24. Jan. 2017.
I just had the most epic HS match ever with Kripp's Chansey Priest, played against a Jade Shaman, sustained with healingpotion and two fking healingwaves from my oponent's deck AND reno, Spawn of Shadows was in my last 5 cards, rest of combo in hand with harrison, he equips his claw uses it 1 time, so I could play harrison 1 turn after I used Reno to draw the last combo piece, wich put me at like 16hp bcz he had nearly full board but traded, execute the nearly full combo, got armor from finley and survived with 2 hp and exactly killed him with shadowform dmg, I think I can stop playin HS now, there can't be a more epic game then this for me xD <3
Dominik Jaroński-Gaworczyk on 24. Jan. 2017.
Point taken. Second that, too :P
TM1337FalconPunch on 24. Jan. 2017.
pretty sure abyssal enforcer is rated 10 points higher on HA
DrHideInet on 24. Jan. 2017.
You get sick from exposure to cold indirectly. The blood beeing withdrawn from your throat and other body parts as a reaction to the low temperature lowers the blood circulation and therefore the immun systems answer to bacteria or viruses bein present. Now you know kripp
Galaxy Phoenix on 24. Jan. 2017.
20:57 drooling noob spotted
Neil Schmitt on 24. Jan. 2017.
That madder bomber tho.. Much skills
OSaV on 24. Jan. 2017.
20:58 Moment of the day
Ragatokk on 24. Jan. 2017.
You don't get sick from cold.
rafael petry on 24. Jan. 2017.
They need to change the text of this card to (3 mana 3/4 if you have a minion in the board win the game)
Vyers Reaver on 24. Jan. 2017.
Them misplays.
Assar Henden on 24. Jan. 2017.
how good is kabal talonpriest? its broken
Petr Bezpták on 24. Jan. 2017.
12:00 orgasm
sweetapplesound on 24. Jan. 2017.
"I don´t know this world very much" :D
Mojjj on 24. Jan. 2017.
Do you wanna take this inside?
ColossalDonut5 on 24. Jan. 2017.
Kripp commits honorable sodoku at the end LUL
Alex Kataev on 24. Jan. 2017.
We already had almost the same card in Naxx, Dark Cultist, it was good in Arena, but shitty in ladder (opponent often was able to clear and not allow you to use deathrattle), I think now its the same thing . If your opponent can catch your tempo and remove you minions one by one each turn - you have spidertank (not that great, but still good), if he cant - he still plays agro dumbfuck deck, so fuck him, at last good priest card))
Bill S on 24. Jan. 2017.
Getting sick from the cold is a myth. The cold does not affect the immune system except in the case of hypothermia which if you have hypothermia getting sick is of far less priority than getting warmer fast. The reason that the rates of illness increase in the winter is due to people staying in close proximity to each other in buildings for the warmth thus increasing the likelihood of transmission.
Fin “minecraft2jere” Tuber on 24. Jan. 2017.
Why in the world is it 3/4?! 3/3 is a no brainer
Aivaras Braziulis on 24. Jan. 2017.
What does he call win more cards? In mtg win more cards are called the ones that while have huge efects are irelevent cause the setup to get the efect wins already.
Peter Pan on 24. Jan. 2017.
How good is unsubscribing - turns out its pretty damn good.
Robin de Haan on 24. Jan. 2017.
Oh WOW no two drops, fucking crybaby kripp strikes again, meanwhile I'm getting a 2 drop once in 20 games
FlamSalad on 24. Jan. 2017.
It's fucking broken
t sch on 24. Jan. 2017.
theres a special place in hell for priest players who heal themselves at full hp
Codeblueninja on 24. Jan. 2017.
Err Talonpriest sees plenty of play in dragon priest. Its usually a lot better then the alternative 3 drop since it usually has better stats since you run good 1 and 2 drops.
geiler hengst on 24. Jan. 2017.
nice meme
Clipperino Kripperino on 24. Jan. 2017.
0:04 - [Talkerino] 5:13 - winning 10:04 - Talonpriest going second 16:36 - Talonpriest going first + dumb
Strongside on 24. Jan. 2017.
Why Kripp? Now I've just envisioned him in his underwear...so pale....so gangly.
jack geterd on 24. Jan. 2017.
kripp is so bad needs rng to win him games
J Roe on 24. Jan. 2017.
11:55 Kripp has an orgasm
pandulce on 24. Jan. 2017.
people who go second should be able to attack with the minion they play on turn 1. basically give a card charge.
ericdragoification on 24. Jan. 2017.
The ending made me slap myself in the face so hard i retired from heartstone
Brandon Myers on 24. Jan. 2017.
If stats are pretty good then more stats must be better.
Richard Booth on 24. Jan. 2017.
Priest has been my most successful class - I did have a draft with three of them, and even though the rest of my deck was just okay, 10 wins.
J S on 24. Jan. 2017.
Such a baby lol
Tylor Franklin on 24. Jan. 2017.
Abyssal Enforcer for Warlock still has a lot higher score than Talonpriest (130 vs 120), and is also a common. I know it's a 7 drop, but it's STILL 4 points above Dr. Boom, which is also a 7 drop.
PrOxAnto - AnthonyJellema on 24. Jan. 2017.
I made an 80+ tier score deck in Arena, having 5 Kabal Talonpriests. Highest tier score before that deck was 73 at best.
The Observation of Life on 24. Jan. 2017.
"I don't know this world very much" - Kripp 2017
Zach Ireland on 24. Jan. 2017.
I am not even going to watch this because I know it is just going to be him ranting about this card being broken.
Boki in The Dark Woki on 24. Jan. 2017.
3/4 + 3= 3/7 for 3 mana with no draw back whatsoever. Thank you blizzard!
Serious Business on 24. Jan. 2017.
12:56 Fuck you Mathmachine!
MattGL21 on 24. Jan. 2017.
i think kripp got his first boner in this video
Pukpui Jun on 24. Jan. 2017.
Finn Kenyon on 24. Jan. 2017.
actually winter being flu season is an effect partially of the fact that if your body has to fight physical cold you have more trouble fighting the cold or the flu, but mostly the fact that people stay indoors more often because it is cold, and then they are in a closed environment with other people often near a heat source, as well as wetness being more prevalent within the home because of snow and stuff, this creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and means viruses also spread easily.
The DanD guy on 24. Jan. 2017.
I mean it's Dark Cultist only faster, hence better.
Tachiikun on 24. Jan. 2017.
Stronger than abyssal enforcer? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Every constructed Priest deck has this card too so.. lol
Stefano “Urius” Crispi on 24. Jan. 2017.
Is it good enough to make you complain more than you already do?
Jesse Frederick on 24. Jan. 2017.
18:05 I misheard the beginning of this where he mentions he was taking his dog out to pee. I thought when Kripp said "I went in my underwear" that he was saying he pissed himself rather than get out of bed when it was cold out. I thought that was a particularly personal thing to share with Twitch and Youtube.