[Hearthstone] How Good Is Nerubian Prophet?

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Rokas Deveikis on 5. Jul. 2016.
I've been waiting for a long time to watch this card revealed. You are awesome kripp!
Tony The Tiger on 5. Jul. 2016.
Nerubian Prophet + Evolve = Nerubian Profit
Simon on 5. Jul. 2016.
Skipp kripp isn't here today, im his replacement. 5.02
Simple Jack and a Horse on 5. Jul. 2016.
Hey guys, how it is going, Kripparian here. Today i will show you how good is "insert card name here", but only on games that i won, because i lost only to guys that top decked, were always lucky and i was never lucky( this game was made for me and only i can be lucky) , also i will complain about power overwhelming, because you know it is bad for a game to have cheap good decks. See you tomorrow.
Chris W on 5. Jul. 2016.
how does he get that card deck overlay on the right side...looks super useful also is it bannable?
Богдан Виноградов on 5. Jul. 2016.
Hey, Kripp, what can you say about Heartharenas deck archetypes. The decks that turned out to be anything but tempo failed me terribly, so I wanted to ask, wether it is me misusing deck archetype tips or something else?
Андрей Охапкин on 5. Jul. 2016.
Nuel Nu on 5. Jul. 2016.
Krip keeps saying other people's deck is insane but in the end you still win. Soooo your deck is more insane
OkasPL on 5. Jul. 2016.
i always skip half of the Kripp... just watching till im bored and looking for game on my own, Fck skipperino
Sebastian Blackhurst on 5. Jul. 2016.
the n00b prophet is insane in evolve shaman, ive had some insane late game play, ending up with a powerful board although i have been unlucky and got some bad 7 drops :(
Jerome Hebert on 5. Jul. 2016.
I wanted to make a porn joke but I came too early...
TheMegapossum on 5. Jul. 2016.
Been running it in my F2P C'Thun Druid lately, and it's putting in substantial work.
John Smith on 5. Jul. 2016.
This video introduced us to TooMuchCofferino Kripperino
Noah Birkett on 5. Jul. 2016.
Just start players with 35 health. That will shift the meta towards less aggro.
‫עדן רביצקי‬‎ on 5. Jul. 2016.
well his name is "Nerubia Profit"... its kinda obvious
TurnsOutItsPrettyGood Kripperino on 5. Jul. 2016.
Kripp. Can you go to like a supermarket or whatever, walk up to a cashier and ask her. Excuse me miss. "Yes?" How Good Is Nerubian Prophet? and start ramble on for 5 minutes about pointless shit :)
thepekay on 5. Jul. 2016.
Not going to lie I'm starting to get pretty salty about how salty Kripp's being on like so many videos now. "Oh wow this guy lost a game with a deck like this how did he do that" -> Video always ends with him beating said amazing deck while also having lost before, right?
CookieKingGameing on 5. Jul. 2016.
Title should be how good is unstable portal.
Dreyard Berlin on 5. Jul. 2016.
4:15 But Ogre can ignore taunt SMOrc
Swiftblade on 5. Jul. 2016.
Faced a Warlock in arena that had 3 legendary minions. Deathwing Dragonlord, Sizzle Bang, and Kelthuzad... I was so done. And I had just crafted a deck with 2 legendary minions. :c (I lost that game)
Boogeymonsterino Kripperino on 5. Jul. 2016.
In terms of stats, why decrease the expense when you can become more immense?
Jason Miller on 5. Jul. 2016.
That one joust card in hunter that could draw you a card, is a 2 mana 3-2, that's why they run it not for the joust effect the good on curve stats
FinalValkyrie on 5. Jul. 2016.
Shots fired at ADWCTA and Merps, lol.
♡iDon'tGiveAFuck♡ on 5. Jul. 2016.
Fuck you. Wait what, you clicked for more ? Are you mad ?
Rujan Octa on 5. Jul. 2016.
not first
Ebrofi on 5. Jul. 2016.
getting a Nerubian Prophet in the opening hand is, preeeeeeetty good
Smeagle Reegle on 5. Jul. 2016.
How good are the "How good is *__*? Kripp videos? Turns out preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety good boyz
Chairman Meow on 5. Jul. 2016.
why is he talking so fast in this video lol
Bryan on 5. Jul. 2016.
more kripp wow
Spoilerino “Spoilerino Kripperino” Kripperino on 5. Jul. 2016.
Yes! In Arena!
DCM Nick on 5. Jul. 2016.
Dragon Tiger on 5. Jul. 2016.
I'm so salty I literally just fucking played against a 100% constructed zoo deck in arena
Shadow on 5. Jul. 2016.
First time i've seen illidan.
Fiptrix on 5. Jul. 2016.
11:19 *bwuup*
Duke Telescope on 5. Jul. 2016.
Last time I was this early Kripp was playing wow
Jordan William on 5. Jul. 2016.
Mempo on 5. Jul. 2016.
Its good in Arena. Kappa
Angryrino Kripperino on 5. Jul. 2016.
17:23 I'm finally here
rottingluck on 5. Jul. 2016.
ogre brute can bypass taunt, that thing won me games
Ember Faux on 5. Jul. 2016.
didnt he already do a video covering this card?
Krippe-Reno on 5. Jul. 2016.
6 mana 4/4?!?! bitch i can heal you to full for the same cost and make you rich!
RagingRens on 5. Jul. 2016.
1:08 How good are Kripp´s hands? Turns out they're preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety good!
Oto Suchomel on 5. Jul. 2016.
If you wait 6 turns you get Nerubian Profit.
Zthewise on 5. Jul. 2016.
I love using Nerubian Prophet in evolve shaman, though the worst cards to get are ancient of lore and ancient of war, seeing how most of their power comes from their battlecry.
MINIMAX on 5. Jul. 2016.
How Good Is Nerubian Prophet? Crappy apparently...... 5:17 :P
randomchicken01 on 5. Jul. 2016.
Druid ramps enemy mage up to 7 mana crystals with several 4 health minions on board... GUD PLAI
DuskBoarino Kripperino on 5. Jul. 2016.
Easy kill for me (magma rage sucks)
DJ Khalerino Kripperino on 5. Jul. 2016.
wiewior658 on 5. Jul. 2016.
Nerubian prophet lacks a lot in consistency. You speak of it as a tempo tool but you need to HAVE it in your opening hand for it to be a 3 mana 4/4. On latter turns a 4/4 is just not as impactful vs aggro/zoo, it's not good enough for constructed meta.
Tom Weeks on 5. Jul. 2016.
not good.