[Hearthstone] How Good Is Prince Malchezaar?

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Xandy on 17. Oct. 2016.
That's bad... Also bad... Also bad... overall okay I guess
ciry on 17. Oct. 2016.
dude where's the decklist?
LordTchernobog on 17. Oct. 2016.
What of decks are this one fits?
Hans Modvig on 17. Oct. 2016.
Exept this party
Jeremy Leyland on 17. Oct. 2016.
You said never concede! My whole life is a lie!
Nikl ! on 17. Oct. 2016.
My opinion: Malchezaar (arena): 6-7/10 Malchezaar (casual): 10/10 Malchezaar (ranked): 0/10
Robert Jones on 17. Oct. 2016.
Kripp needs to thesaurus some other words for 'generally'
Tyranoman on 17. Oct. 2016.
Another heavy control card turns out to be disappointingly bad, who would have guessed?!
TobyIKanoby on 17. Oct. 2016.
I am playing some kind of dragonpriest, I play just for fun. With Malchezaar and the different "stealing/copying from enemy deck or class/pick a dragon" mechanics it's great fun and never the same like that boring stuff all those agros are playing. It actually works pretty good a lot of times and I get a shitload of cards (I can get more than 42 for sure), add the emperor, enough draw,... And my opponent can never really know what will come next. Not a deck to hit legendary, not my intention anyway, just having fun.
Nate Springer on 17. Oct. 2016.
Hey can you do one on Tirion Fordring
Hans Bansor on 17. Oct. 2016.
I think its a very good card for all those new players who cant afford enough legendaries to play a control deck. Also its a fun card. I like fun cards.
steeL G. on 17. Oct. 2016.
your skills are growing
Joe Momma on 17. Oct. 2016.
man If they made a few smaller legendarys 35 legs would be a decent deck to play I've actually beat top tier decks with it
Klapp Stuhl on 17. Oct. 2016.
@kripparrian you think na arena is hard ?? try eu u faced a rogue with 6 midnight drakes all 9/4 i killed 4
Mariomario3425 on 17. Oct. 2016.
I put Malchezaar in my tempo cthun mage deck and my winrate skyrocketed
The Strahl on 17. Oct. 2016.
Try out a Malchezaar + Yshaarj Priest. It's pretty fun.
OJANproject on 17. Oct. 2016.
From what I've experienced, this card can be good if you get the legendaries that you deemed to be too slow to originally put into your deck when you match up against control matchups.
Dank Memes on 17. Oct. 2016.
Don't get why this card is so bad in arena, i mean you don't have to play any of the legendaries and you usually have a small chance of drawing exactly the card that you need. Therefore i think its better than a normal 5 mana 5/6, because playing the added legendaries is optional.
zoltansaged on 17. Oct. 2016.
I play a Prince malc, Cthun, Nzoth, Reno paladin deck and its fun as hell, I'm looking into making a version with dragon synergy as well.
Trios92 on 17. Oct. 2016.
Hey guys , i have one question that just struck me while i was playing. Have you ever seen a new player recently? (about for a mounth) . About a new player i am expecting to not see exact the cards he needs for his deck and i talk about legendaries , golden cards , a full deck. Since i restarted to play the game in may 2016 i NEVER found a player that hasn't a complete competitive deck (2k+) dust. This makes me wonder.. All new players are between rank 20-25 or new players don't exist?
aspol15 on 17. Oct. 2016.
I got soggoth, anomalous and prince malchezar in the same arena run and... 3-3 GG
Kris Morris on 17. Oct. 2016.
That moment when you're 6 minutes in and kripp is STILL talking
Crash Override on 17. Oct. 2016.
Ahhh the classic Malchezaar Shaman Arena Mirror match, both starting with Haunted Creeper.
Clipperino Kripperino on 17. Oct. 2016.
0:04 - [Talkerino] 6:26 - crush the boy 11:41 - the better case for arena 15:45 - using garbage 16:33 - over-hyped
CuriousMoth on 17. Oct. 2016.
Its stats needed to be a bit better to counter its negative text.
บอลไทยไปบอลโลก on 17. Oct. 2016.
What type of shaman that he use
ManToast on 17. Oct. 2016.
Why Malchezaar doesn't mix and match class Legendaries is beyond me. I mean yeah, Antonidas in Rogue would be broken as shit, but Antonidas in a Rogue deck running Malchezaar? Maybe that's on a different power level is all I'm saying.
Matthew Osterloh on 17. Oct. 2016.
6 minutes of talking...come on Kripp...
The Message's Movies on 17. Oct. 2016.
It would probably be fine enough if the card actually just did what it says it does, put random legendaries in the deck. By adding the "hidden" restrictions of them being both class-limited and subject to the legendary limit rule it made the card waaaay worse, not just because you can't get ridiculous things like five tirions in a row but mostly because the pool of legendaries gets significantly weaker when you omit almost all of the class cards. I'm not even sure why they did it this way, it's not like getting cards of another class or getting multiples of legendaries has ever been an issue before. They even printed cards that do that in the very same expansion as this, why arbitrarily make the BBEG weaker like that?
Anyfinerino Can Happenerino Kripperino on 17. Oct. 2016.
Until it changes to a 5 mana 5/6, 'When the game starts, add 5 extra Murloc Warleaders to your deck.' it will always be mediocre.
Kira Pham on 17. Oct. 2016.
Look at his face at 16:22 I wonder what if the hunter guy got 2 more damage Kappa
Milkman69ner on 17. Oct. 2016.
Shaman is the new cancer
RyM3ks on 17. Oct. 2016.
Turns out it's preeeeeeeety bad. Now you don't have to watch over 20 min video. You're welcome.
pvrhye on 17. Oct. 2016.
the most damning thing about malchezzar in arena is that you have 2 other choices of legendary
Brett Berkey on 17. Oct. 2016.
Prince Malchezaar and his 5 BRO LEGENDARIES.
Freeplayone on 17. Oct. 2016.
Never Millhouse :D
Supsup516 on 17. Oct. 2016.
call me a fag but tbh i only watch kripp talking about the stats/use of the card and skip the gameplay
Gorri on 17. Oct. 2016.
Мне в интересные канала добавили американца? WTF?!
Magnum on 17. Oct. 2016.
Ripperino Skipperino :(
Flying Dildo on 17. Oct. 2016.
Its pretty mediocre.
TheEponet on 17. Oct. 2016.
Does being slightly worse than a 5/6 with no ability make it a bad card? Pit fighter is actually a pretty reasonable arena card.
Frank A on 17. Oct. 2016.
I have more success in Wild than in Standard. On top of this, I've noticed an increase in win rate when I pop this into some aggro decks.
zakwasny on 17. Oct. 2016.
"That's bad... also bad... that's bad. But it's ok." Kripp 2016
WingOfWar on 17. Oct. 2016.
What is about a good built fatigue deck with him for more cards. Could work... (I am not that good in hearthstone, so it was just an idea! :) )
Charbel Wakim on 17. Oct. 2016.
Hey mate love your videos! actually started playing hearthstone cz you made it look so tempting! anyway I was wondering as a new player if I am willing to pay for the adventures should I buy them all ? or just the newest one? I am playing shaman as the welcome pack gave me Al'Akir ... cheers! +Kripparrian
Helgi Jacobsen on 17. Oct. 2016.
when i play prince malchezarr i always draw big mana cards early on i dont like that card
roxorsoxor on 17. Oct. 2016.
it does well (for me) in my mill deck
Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas on 17. Oct. 2016.
I think you need to draft differently when you get Prince Malchezaar, more early game, less late game. Moreover, it should be more powerful in some classes than others.
Serious Saurus on 17. Oct. 2016.
There is a lot of talkerino in this video.
Themightyinvader on 17. Oct. 2016.
this card fucked arena... Seriously I've had an opponent get boom,deathwing, tirion,hallezeal and baron