[Hearthstone] How Good Is Soggoth the Slitherer?

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Brandon Laudo on 5. Jun. 2016.
Hey kripp i've just opened for 3rd time the boogey monster can you please do a video about this card so it can see some play?
Jeff Scott on 5. Jun. 2016.
"there's a few control pally decks, but generally considered inferior" Meanwhile control pally is one of, if not the best ladder deck right now, and literally directly counters aggro. 4Head
Guiorgy Potskhishvili on 5. Jun. 2016.
make a video on renounce...
Lino Canaan on 5. Jun. 2016.
Sylvannas and Equality. GG Soggoth
jrsdef on 5. Jun. 2016.
5:10 Skip the Kripp, figured I'd do ma duty
JMG DK on 5. Jun. 2016.
Gotta love that Blingtron Harrison combo
apjean1 on 5. Jun. 2016.
Could it be playable in a OTK warrior combo?
Marntuga on 5. Jun. 2016.
What? No one plays this card on ladder. Anywhere. Ever. At all. Krip's analysis of the card is pretty spot on, aside from the fact that anyone uses this card in anything anywhere.
Kelvin Vu on 5. Jun. 2016.
How good is a deck full of legendaries? Turns out its preeeeeeeeettttttttyyyyyy good
Ragnarök Ex on 5. Jun. 2016.
Control paladins are definately alive and well...
NerubiansOP on 5. Jun. 2016.
I couldn't find any Nerubians here :(
PseudoWoodo on 5. Jun. 2016.
You can say that Soggoth is... So Good (Kill me, please)
LordSathar on 5. Jun. 2016.
the meta is slowing down -Kripparian 2014, 2015, 2016
IDIDATHING on 5. Jun. 2016.
His mustache is growing into his mouth.
mrmarioscatman on 5. Jun. 2016.
10:40 Hearthstone x Pokemon crossover?
Soggotherino The Slitherino Kripperino on 5. Jun. 2016.
I am just the best aren't I?
John Senap on 5. Jun. 2016.
Not gonna lie... I spent the whole video looking for an opportunity to read your shirt Kripp
ThunderingVids on 5. Jun. 2016.
Kripps bangs though... Majestic
Logan Radermaher on 5. Jun. 2016.
Is it me or does he look like a pedi file
Salmonella Fella on 5. Jun. 2016.
hey guys hows it going kripprian here
pedrolopa2 on 5. Jun. 2016.
sucks vs aggro, you're often dead by turn 9
Colin Brown on 5. Jun. 2016.
*sigh* Is it preeeeety good?
Marcus Rutledge on 5. Jun. 2016.
Crazy arena game at the game
Lord TAKAHASHI on 5. Jun. 2016.
we need anti aggro deck please. make a few
Jake Yeet on 5. Jun. 2016.
Boogeymonster is OP
DBlastHD YT on 5. Jun. 2016.
i got a golden soggoth is there any deck that he fits in
Shane Okakpu on 5. Jun. 2016.
Soggith loses to equality
PancakesForBreakfast on 5. Jun. 2016.
Funny how I run Death knight in every one of my decks...
Austin101123 on 5. Jun. 2016.
When you hover over the timebar, and get the preview-image of what the video is there, there is a bit extra to the right for the whole video. What is that???
guzotak on 5. Jun. 2016.
KRIPP YOU SUCK. See guys he is a pussy if he had any balls he'd come here and smash my face on the keyboabhrgwekafnhluierfhmnauireghieufhapureoeuimhdiujker
Nice Rager on 5. Jun. 2016.
Just saying...I have the same amount of his attack for the third of his cost...and I don't die to Dread Infernal...
1Rekuiem on 5. Jun. 2016.
He must really like the taste of his moustache
Adam2gud4u on 5. Jun. 2016.
turns out. Hes pretty good
егор краснов on 5. Jun. 2016.
да подстригись уже!, а то как бомж
Monochromification on 5. Jun. 2016.
so happy when the first piece-of-shit, emote-spewing, trash hunter lost the game. i would've roped that retard each turn
Aybars Elçi on 5. Jun. 2016.
Turnipkin on 5. Jun. 2016.
What about making a deck around him and buff him ad infinitum with minions? OP?
Turnipkin on 5. Jun. 2016.
What about making a deck around him and buff him ad infinitum with minions? OP?
Odin on 5. Jun. 2016.
Eyy yo Kripp you look freaking great with a standalone moustache, no kidding Try it out man
Czuowiek Widmo on 5. Jun. 2016.
How good is Boogeymonster 4Head
Xander Raidon on 5. Jun. 2016.
Renounce Rogue, OP Meta.
Tara Dichiaro on 5. Jun. 2016.
soggath the slitherer is the cthulu
nick mcginnis on 5. Jun. 2016.
its funny you HS streamers are always wrong about your predictions
kokooos “Tsunades” deathmolish on 5. Jun. 2016.
fucking loooooove how out of all the faces of hearthstone, Kripp especially been voicing how slow the old gods meta will be, "bye bye cancer and aggro" etc... good prediction bro, when was the last time u played against not aggro sham my?
Syath Roma on 5. Jun. 2016.
Damn i would gladly pay for seeing the face of that hunter with that many heals
Sergeant McFiddlesticks on 5. Jun. 2016.
That first Hunter, doing a few emotes early on. Of course he shut the hell up after Reno, skill-less Face Hunter deserved it LMAO
Cody Borden on 5. Jun. 2016.
I thought this card was really cool when it was first revealed, usually people save hard removal for the big minions, but with this guy the only hard removal I can think of is deadly shot
buckybone89 on 5. Jun. 2016.
Tavern Brawl this week: Two Mistcallers into two Soggoths...I swear, this Totally Happened, you'll just have to take my word for it since I wasn't thinking well enough at the time to take screenshots.
Don Korb on 5. Jun. 2016.
I was lucky enough to get Soggoth in my first Old Gods Arena, and I must say, it performed SPECTACULARLY well. Every time I played him, I won the game. You're absolutely right, Paladins have quite a few ways to deal with it, but other than that... basically no class does. Also, many Paladins use the Keeper of Uldaman earlier than turn 9, because it allows for a great tempo swing even then, and seeing as LoE cards don't have an occurence bonus anymore, you don't run into more than one of them THAT often. Right now, I think the best Arena class out there is Rogue, and if the Rogue doesn't happen to have a Sabotage, Soggoth stops him in his tracks instantaneously. So while I agree that there are better Legendaries for Arena, if I get Soggoth again, I will most likely pick him against most other Legendaries.
Fzoid on 5. Jun. 2016.
I'm playing him in my ramp druid and he's doing great. Black Knight and Equality are the only real enemies he has and BK is gone and paladins are pretty rare too nowadays.