[Hearthstone] How Good Is Spawn of N’Zoth?

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Alfonso Mendoza on 28. Jul. 2016.
9 mana 17/17 is preeeeety good.
Zomboni13 on 28. Jul. 2016.
Am I the only one who comes mostly for the comments?
Bellyrubberino Kripperino on 28. Jul. 2016.
ЯUSSIAИ GUУ on 28. Jul. 2016.
Dawid Golda on 28. Jul. 2016.
Kripp, you should make one video "How good is name_of_card?" and just say "It's fuckin awesome!". I'm waitin' for it!
Snocone333 on 28. Jul. 2016.
i just wish malganis was still around, he was my favorite
Ultimate Twitch Fails on 28. Jul. 2016.
My daily kripp is here
Reacing “asd” , on 28. Jul. 2016.
not bad face 10:54
Victor Kossoski on 28. Jul. 2016.
Dude you gotta shave/trim, unless you're going for friendly mutton chops
MercSet1 on 28. Jul. 2016.
7:55 How good is Fel Cannon?
Bjarkenb on 28. Jul. 2016.
I see a lot of new Kripperinos lately... I like it... ANOTHER!
Dexerino Kripperino's Pet'erino on 28. Jul. 2016.
why doesnt kripperino give me a treatireno?
Slivla Silvans on 28. Jul. 2016.
Oh kripp, this game is such bullshit.
Catapu1t Things on 28. Jul. 2016.
Turns out 5 mana mal ganis is preeeeeeety good
Clemente Biancalani on 28. Jul. 2016.
Kripp did you fall asleep and forget the fan on power 5 aiming mercilessly towards your right cheek?
jonny1891 on 28. Jul. 2016.
FarSightterino Kripperino on 28. Jul. 2016.
Kripperino Temporino on 28. Jul. 2016.
2 slow 4 me
kloobus on 28. Jul. 2016.
omg shave your fucking ugly ass beard, its disgusting
Darkmage1293 on 28. Jul. 2016.
Bane of Doom + Spawn of N'Zoth combo confirmed.
GaMellOft on 28. Jul. 2016.
I think the card ist just a slow raid leader because ur Minions die to boardclear anyway
Mathmachine on 28. Jul. 2016.
As weird as it sounds, I find this to be a good late game card. If you've got any amount of a board and play this, your opponent will suddenly do some less desirable trades, otherwise you basically trade insanely well and they'll never recover.
Louis Cho on 28. Jul. 2016.
Spawn of N'Zoth Priest OTK (Wild, sadly): 1. Summoning Stone gets you Spellslinger. You return the Spellslinger to your hand. 2. Brann and Spellslinger gets you Innervate + Shadowstep, 3. You Shadowstep the Spellslinger. Then, you get a Shadowstep + Burgle. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 3 times. The 6th Spellslinger gets you 2 Shadowsteps, which you use on the Brann and the Spellslinger. On a later turn, the 8th Spellslinger gets you an Unstable Portal 5. Burgles get you 1 Ancestral Spirit and 3 Reincarnates. Unstable Portal gets you a Master of Disguise. 6. Thaurissan + Master of Disguise. Thaurissan triggers twice. 7. Spawn of N'Zoth + Baron Rivendare + Wolfrider + Ancestral Spirit on the Spawn + Reincarnate on the Spawn + Wild Pyromancer + Reincarnate on one of the Spawns twice for an 11 attack Wolfrider. Double Faceless the Wolfrider for 33 damage.
dimitri tsatsikki on 28. Jul. 2016.
Hey guys. How´s it going, Kripparian here <3
C'Thunerino Kripperino on 28. Jul. 2016.
Spawn of N'Zoth can give your board minions +1/+1, but can it buff a 10 mana 6/6 in your deck? It doesn't even provide even close to as much V A L U E (wherever it is)
Business Cat Inc. on 28. Jul. 2016.
It's garbage.
Kripperino Outroreno on 28. Jul. 2016.
XDthejulianXD on 28. Jul. 2016.
I use him in my evolve Shaman. :)
John cena on 28. Jul. 2016.
i want kripp to walk down a street... in china...
SuperNovaPL on 28. Jul. 2016.
Shave you fucking monkey
sven on 28. Jul. 2016.
Watch kripps openings with subtitles. Thank me later.
Pwnstar on 28. Jul. 2016.
so kripp did insane in the membrane achiev in wotlk ? dude ur a playa
Ragnerino The Firelordino on 28. Jul. 2016.
lauri karppinen on 28. Jul. 2016.
In Soviet Russia N'Zoth Spawn's You!
Gabriel Franciosi on 28. Jul. 2016.
Implosion? more like.. IMPOCALYPSE ohohoho Thanks god no one will see this.
funkmasterjo on 28. Jul. 2016.
it's crap. no. it's crap/
Vincent Comte on 28. Jul. 2016.
Simply the best comment section on Youtube.
Christian Young on 28. Jul. 2016.
Franco Gimenez on 28. Jul. 2016.
that mage went full shamantard
Ashley Trammell on 28. Jul. 2016.
i run the spawn in my n'zoth zoo. the main problem with it is that you need a board presence, and there are so many board clears
chooseoneerino kripperino on 28. Jul. 2016.
choose one gain a bigger bizeps or deal 3 damage to your sisters face
Pol Bulano Salto on 28. Jul. 2016.
This vid should have been about bane of doom
Lucho 2320 on 28. Jul. 2016.
Almost 800k!!
Weston T. on 28. Jul. 2016.
How good is getting Mal Ganis from bane of dooming you own 3 drop?
Millerino Druiderino Kripperino on 28. Jul. 2016.
What is the point in Deathrattle cards? When they get milled, the deathrattle is useless. Coldlight Oracle is much better.
Aleksandr Bogdanov on 28. Jul. 2016.
WHY YOU DIDNT PUT "Murloc Shaman" For SHAMAN????
Qwertycal on 28. Jul. 2016.
It could help zoo decks against Warrior's 1 damage AoE's, now that OTK Worgen is trendy.
Knightofmines on 28. Jul. 2016.
3 drop 7/7 - joust. If you lose, destroy this minion.
MrTechgeeknerd on 28. Jul. 2016.
Should buff it and make it one health
Pol Bulano Salto on 28. Jul. 2016.
I liked to play this in the perfect draws tavern brawl because I always had Baron Riverdare as my four drop, so I could play that and run the spawn into whatever minion they had, which would give my minions crazy buffs and basically win me the game. Good times.