[Hearthstone] How Good Is Twilight Darkmender?

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GenerallyRelative on 27. May. 2016.
CMX_ on 27. May. 2016.
If you steal your opponent's cthun do his cards buff your cthun that was his cthun?
Peinlich Pimmler on 27. May. 2016.
Why should my dick ever betray me
WootmansayWOOT on 27. May. 2016.
0:19 "Expansial" Kripp with his silly krippspeak
Lord Drago of Kronstadt on 27. May. 2016.
this card is auto include in any C'thun priest, but sure, I'll listen to Kripp yap about it for 20 min at 2x speed Kappa
Slivla Silvans on 27. May. 2016.
They should allow priest to increase their health
Psychedelic on 27. May. 2016.
priests constantly steal others cards... and that is disgusting
Francesco Nobile on 27. May. 2016.
i've actually tried some version of c'thun priest (being a priest fanatic) but i've realized that the darkmander usually does not get to heal for 10 but less, although when it does heal for 10 you are usually so behind that those 10 point are nothing if you don't clear. all of this not counting the worst scenario when you can't actually heal because your c'thun has less than 10 attack (in some list may be rare but it can happen). it's almost better to play it for tempo some times, given the fact that c'thun lists can play on curve pretty easily.
Vikingr Fmly on 27. May. 2016.
Gods I hate Entomb.
IdSAB YSAB Scrub on 27. May. 2016.
0:40 not Reno
you lie to me .ok emile on 27. May. 2016.
19:39 disappointment face.
charrrger on 27. May. 2016.
priest has so many good cards and i dont know which ones should i put in my deck
Radócz György on 27. May. 2016.
why can't nerf hero health to 40 every class. and decks to 40 cards. much completed game would be. not so who can put many minions on the field. and over.
Bremwynn on 27. May. 2016.
I still think that hero should have 40 health.
Mihkel Majas on 27. May. 2016.
That was quite some evil you excavated there...
MrHades974 on 27. May. 2016.
they should put extra heal when its reach over 30 lp so it become the new max life points for the priest.
Frog on 27. May. 2016.
I think Cthun cards should be in arena.
Viewtiful22 on 27. May. 2016.
I like my rank like i like my women, the lower the better.
Sir Sniffl on 27. May. 2016.
I'm a control player, so Priest is my nightmare... This class is getting more and more sick tools to win control matchups. Waiting for the day when Entomb is finally leaving Standard -.-
TheAstek321 on 27. May. 2016.
Pavlin Pavlov on 27. May. 2016.
so blizzard doesn`t want healing but warriors can have 40+ armor
Majora Shy Guy on 27. May. 2016.
15:04 "I have no entomb, I have no death" "I have no time for games!"
Frinzix MC on 27. May. 2016.
the twi light dark mender
John Papas on 27. May. 2016.
Fun card wish is was a 5/6 instead of 6/5....but still useful
Andrea Moraja on 27. May. 2016.
when you are low hp, darkmender with brann saves you
IceRagerino Kripperino on 27. May. 2016.
Not as good as Ice Rager.
TheChrisW95 on 27. May. 2016.
Twilight Dankmemer
Carlos Izcoa on 27. May. 2016.
Whaaaaaat. Kripparian is canadian??
huldu on 27. May. 2016.
Priest in 2016 LUL
deagle1666 on 27. May. 2016.
Kripp: I have no Entomb Kripp: I have no Death Sylvanas: I have no time for games!
olix pl (Olix 9) on 27. May. 2016.
bran and this card = enemy left the game
Kazuo “Rysk” Noboru on 27. May. 2016.
does anyone actually watch his stupid talks at the beginning of the video?
thebloodedbroadaxe on 27. May. 2016.
How good is twilight darkmemer
MINIMAX on 27. May. 2016.
Kripp. You missed the point that Armour will ALWAYS 'heal' you for the full cost...... Twilight Darkmender may only heal you for 5 or 1 or maybe even nothing if you are full health. You also did not mention that Warrior has HUGE synergy with Armour i.e. Shield Slam.
jagvillinte göradet on 27. May. 2016.
They could add in overhealing, and have healing slowly dimish when above 30.
Tong Zou (GuitarGamer44) on 27. May. 2016.
I thought Reno was the best heal card in the game
Watcherino Kripperino on 27. May. 2016.
Adam Wizbicki on 27. May. 2016.
i do find the darkshire alchemist to be quite a good card in my normal control priest nowadays
Adam Wizbicki on 27. May. 2016.
they should maybe take a page from other card games where you can heal past your starting number , i mean you can even cap that but just being able to heal past your starting number to maybe a cap of 10-15 over start life if there must be a cap then maybe healing decks might be viable ......just not being able to heal past stating life total as where armor can really makes a huge differnce imo
edcorners on 27. May. 2016.
Yolo C'thun, I have no entomb I have no death, I have no... ... I have no time for games ...
ArathousGaming on 27. May. 2016.
"He yolo C'thuned, I have no entomb... I have no death..." "I have no time for games!"
Leung Klund on 27. May. 2016.
If you are watching this video on a Mac laptop, try zooming in on Kripp's face and you will get the feeling that Kripp does not really move that much anymore.
Mathmachine on 27. May. 2016.
I've never quite understood why Blizzard has such an issue printing new healing cards (Earthen Ring Farseer from Classic being an example of a heal card done right). I get that they've said they actually *do* want Aggro to stick around as an option, but at this point I think most would agree that the game is so heavily slanted towards Aggro, giving more efficient heals wouldn't kill Aggro, just stop its overwhelming pervasiveness.
AIDS on 27. May. 2016.
"I all have to do now is not lose" -Krip 2016
SirWalty69 on 27. May. 2016.
Kripp works for two years as a computer monkey and thinks he knows everything. Why am I not surprised?
Pusky on 27. May. 2016.
Turns out it's preety good..
Filip Muchowski on 27. May. 2016.
Twilight Dankmemer
kevin cork on 27. May. 2016.
Priest is a cancer class. Whats worse than having your minions being fucking deleted all the time? Being absolutely being shit on by your own minions. Priest matchups are boring. They rather have no answer or every answer possible. Like what other class can use a 2 mana spell that can delete a 4-5 cost minion permanantely.
D_West on 27. May. 2016.
Priest gets all the best 5-6 mana cards in the game Meanwhile, that 2 drop spot.....Hope you like playing dragon decks!
Jonas Löcher on 27. May. 2016.
do you guys think buffing the priest hero power to heal for 3 and with justicar to 6 would make priest mor competitive ?