Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne - Second Wing in a Nutshell

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Uploaded: 26 Aug 2017 Likes: 1110
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Megaspider 47 on 31. Aug. 2017.
Nixxiom! If you play the snowflipper penguin in the lich king fight he says "I......love him." Edit: if you play sindragosa he will also say something funny
Annika Jakoubek on 30. Aug. 2017.
Damn... I'm still not past Lady Deathwhisper.
Slayer on 30. Aug. 2017.
When you get trolled by the Lich King.
Ghost Wolf on 29. Aug. 2017.
Nixiom, apparently the Lich king loves snow-flipper penguins. Lol You can check it out in hearthstone yourself if need be.
John Rambo on 28. Aug. 2017.
Lmao great stuff
Десислава Илиева on 28. Aug. 2017.
nxxiom play the snowflipper panguin vs the lich king and see what he says :)
PumpkinPatchers on 27. Aug. 2017.
It's Frozen!, See what you did there hehe.
GronowLP on 27. Aug. 2017.
i cant wait to see u beating lichking with all 9 classes xD
Farid Emre on 27. Aug. 2017.
Whats the music called at the end of his machinima videos?
Soviet Bear2.0 on 27. Aug. 2017.
Nixxxiom. Your next video NEEDS to be the lord of rings challenge!
Level 58 DK on 27. Aug. 2017.
8/8 zombies... just sayin...
Lempis on 27. Aug. 2017.
How is everyone saying that the second wing was easier when for me it was harder?
Nathan Eldridge on 27. Aug. 2017.
Play a snowflipper penguin when you fight the lich king it's worth it
Wizard Brandon on 27. Aug. 2017.
it took me about 20 attempts to to the 2nd wing first boss
Zom on 27. Aug. 2017.
Funny enough since you played during Naxx you are gonna have a majot advantage with the warrior Lich King fight. I am kicking myself for breaking my wild cards... so many disadvantages by not realizing wild cards can be used in adventures
ZRAK-TORIAN on 27. Aug. 2017.
Nixxiom put a snow flipper penguin in your deck when face off with the lich king you will not regret it I promise. Because there's a "special" response that the lich king gives when you summon a SNOW FLIPPER PENGUIN.
Shion Lindley on 27. Aug. 2017.
I subscribed Love you're videos
monaca morgan on 27. Aug. 2017.
Priest death 3 times....damn dude
Zenyatta on 27. Aug. 2017.
Use murlocks on lich king and you win. ez No, I'm serious.
Maple Chan on 27. Aug. 2017.
Shouldn't you shave your neckbeard as well?
Ivo gonçalves silva on 27. Aug. 2017.
Lanat'thel - 2nd try, Putricide- 7 th try, Sindragosa- 2nd try...... Lich king = FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE
Von Steiner on 27. Aug. 2017.
Just you wait for the huge difficulty curve.
Далариэл Гибельный клинок on 27. Aug. 2017.
Ishnu'ala cyka bleat! :D
Pavel Dítě on 27. Aug. 2017.
Nixxie, play Snowflipper Penguin against Lich King. You will be very surprised! :D ;)
Lava Hound on 27. Aug. 2017.
0:07 Blood Queen Lannathel, *mmmmm...* I was fully expecting Nixx to say... *I like it*
Dio Brando on 27. Aug. 2017.
I can't wait to feed on your incoming dispair nixxion see you in your lich King tryout video
Jaina Is a Dreadlord on 27. Aug. 2017.
Its not a haircut if you ain't got no hair :D
Iced Tea on 27. Aug. 2017.
5:28 The part 4 was unclear, ended up following Moocluck's channel. Please advise.
Princesa Amanda on 27. Aug. 2017.
such a misogynistic, unsub :/
Plasma on 27. Aug. 2017.
Plasma on 27. Aug. 2017.
Nice! using your hero power for more minions as pala... Wait
Dániel Horváth on 27. Aug. 2017.
Sindragosa frozen the game :D
sannyer on 27. Aug. 2017.
I subbed pls dont purge me!
Actila on 27. Aug. 2017.
Now you have to get arthas :)
Dominick Khan on 27. Aug. 2017.
Use doomsayer nixxiom just one doom say nixxiom, you'll see, thank me later
BoomDowg on 27. Aug. 2017.
When you go up against the Lich-King, just remember... Snow Flipper Penguin!
Alexandru Popescu on 27. Aug. 2017.
The answer is....you can't.Mwahahahaa!!!!
Edurm Dabus on 27. Aug. 2017.
you didnt face Lich King yet....Soooooooooooooo Caaaaaasuaaaaal!
Toasted_Cookie on 27. Aug. 2017.
Knights of the frozen screen #totalyoriginalcomment
Hollow Apoc on 27. Aug. 2017.
Essentially ;)
Avocado Pancakes on 27. Aug. 2017.
I have an idea! Make a machinima about how food always turns into bread!
Aislinn Shaw-Eisemann ALT on 27. Aug. 2017.
Hey Nixxiom i saw this is a easy challenge to make you to win! good job!
Bryan Wong Wei Jun on 27. Aug. 2017.
Waitwhat that WArlock doing?
Olav Lomeland on 27. Aug. 2017.
3:51 Frozen Throne to be exact.
matthew skullblood on 27. Aug. 2017.
thumbnail makes you think its going to be a funny animation
11spiritwolf11 on 27. Aug. 2017.
I loved the baby punching animation XD
sire411 on 27. Aug. 2017.
Sindragosa took me 4-7 times.
Mesisir on 27. Aug. 2017.
The greatest weakness of LK are murlocs
Owl Town on 27. Aug. 2017.
shave your head you woman