Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs... In a Nutshell

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Uploaded: 16 Dec 2017 Likes: 1407
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Scook on 17. Dec. 2017.
major disappointment on not using the rod of roasting
Maplesea Evol on 17. Dec. 2017.
So true
Raikaria on 17. Dec. 2017.
Got a Legendary... a Legendary which reads 'Lose the game'.
Donkey Monkey on 17. Dec. 2017.
You filthy casual, where is the next part of the lord of the rings challenge?!
HaloFikus on 17. Dec. 2017.
the legends of azeroth outro <3 .. oh and the video was pretty good too :)
Eppon6 on 17. Dec. 2017.
Potion of vitality+Rod of Roasting is the most hilariously overpowered thing imaginable for those dungeon runs. Especially if you get the potion twice. Funny as hell, all you need to do is delay and protect yourself until you have 10 mana and the rod.
Edward Enchev on 17. Dec. 2017.
This isn’t a Kobold catacomb! It’s a tomb!
Lorna Crowley on 17. Dec. 2017.
2:12 Me in WoW when I die to a Whorde (That's right, burn me at the stake, idgaf) player
kholood almegadi on 17. Dec. 2017.
kholood almegadi on 17. Dec. 2017.
my dick is cverd in cum
Kerem Kurt on 17. Dec. 2017.
Did you stop making WoW machinimas?
Nazshak on 17. Dec. 2017.
Hey Nixx - stream it :P
Muscraffe on 17. Dec. 2017.
I got a legendary! Wtf Temporus.
Freddy Stripes on 17. Dec. 2017.
Nixxiom i would love to see a hearthstone ranking series.
vili rantala on 17. Dec. 2017.
*You fucker skipped a 28 stack Bolvar battlecry*
TheReaders And TheWriters on 17. Dec. 2017.
Tbh, the song in the trailer sounded like every The Cog is Dead song ever, and I loved it XD
Haven117 on 17. Dec. 2017.
Omg Yu-gi-oh reference :)
Templar on 17. Dec. 2017.
Upload some dota :D
Attila Farkas on 17. Dec. 2017.
People will remember this day as the fall of Nixxiom. Hearthstone has sucked out the soul of so many of us before
Taeneri Bladestorm on 17. Dec. 2017.
Was waiting for "Kobolds and Catacombs...beaten bitch! *mis-clicks on minion instead of opponent*
Unoriginal Content on 17. Dec. 2017.
Filthy casual
CyanOcelot on 17. Dec. 2017.
You get card back beating the dungeon run with all 9 heroes.
SithLord Pancake on 17. Dec. 2017.
I wanna see you play more stuff. Play more stuff.
Torlok icebreaker on 17. Dec. 2017.
so nixxiom for your skyrim challenge is it a requirement to be a stormcloak and what difficulty
Tywin Lannister on 17. Dec. 2017.
You actually defeated the dungeon run with a draft that used Bolvar as a finisher. That's ballsy. And mighty well played.
Remy Lebeau on 17. Dec. 2017.
Did anyone else happen to get a legendary weapon and their first legendary from Kobolds for the SAME class? I had it happen to me and I noticed that both of Nixxiom's legend cards were for priest.
4L3KS on 17. Dec. 2017.
Ahahaha Im watching this while taking a shit and the poop went out
Brayden M-H on 17. Dec. 2017.
I lost the 8th boss once because of that stupid staff
darcraven01 on 17. Dec. 2017.
Beat all 9 classes to get a card back
C. Carter on 17. Dec. 2017.
The candle is awesome. I love candles. Their not too bright dark enaugh and they create an atmosphere of mystery and secrets that I really enjoy.
Bodri videótár on 17. Dec. 2017.
Nixxiom..... i've opened 4 legendary from that 5 pack :P :D
Arveduhir the Archmage on 17. Dec. 2017.
2:12 a reaction pick is born
Roulden on 16. Dec. 2017.
Didn't complete a run until after 60+ attempts. The RNG can be fucking stupid sometimes.
Aaron Lopez on 16. Dec. 2017.
GOT A LEGENDARY, the worst one in the expansion : (
Rick Gastly on 16. Dec. 2017.
more hearthstone pls ty xx
WolfieBiscuit on 16. Dec. 2017.
" Piss in my butthole and call me Sally. " Dear lord
Destro on 16. Dec. 2017.
If you beat the dungeon with ALL 9 classes u get a card back, so you could try and get that if your planning on making more HS vids
IIArchonII on 16. Dec. 2017.
:59 glyph of warding, holy shit blizz got someone to actually pick that garbage
sandspirit 10 on 16. Dec. 2017.
Hey nix, you should do a compilation of you saying: Bitch!
Nyokota on 16. Dec. 2017.
can we like have more
Meme Queen on 16. Dec. 2017.
I find it funny.. I visit my dad every Saturday and he watches WoW YouTubers and I mention "I watch Nixxiom..he's a little quirky but I like him." My dad goes "I watch him too! He's a interesting character." Keep working hard Nix. ❤
Zom 2018 on 16. Dec. 2017.
Sees your first list of perks... prediction, final boss is loaded with minion removal (Darkness) because you didn't take stealth
George K on 16. Dec. 2017.
I laughed my ass off at 3:49
BlinkingEspurr on 16. Dec. 2017.
I love Dungeon Run. I have only beaten it with a warrior. Some of these bosses are insane.
Электрик Гоша on 16. Dec. 2017.
-"Hello everybody. My name is Nixxiom." Oh c'mon! Like we don't know. You are too popular to introduce yourself. Just hire a butler already. Jeez~
DexterousCobra on 16. Dec. 2017.
"Silently judges your skills at this game as you suck at it"
kejs azizolli on 16. Dec. 2017.
Play more hs these videos are funny af
randomusernumber1 on 16. Dec. 2017.
2:26 "i can just be a mage where all my guys just come back to life when ever they die" , you mean , like a , neeeecromancer :D
marshall bates on 16. Dec. 2017.
More Dungeon videos Nixxiom, your ghoulscribers Demand it !
O Valete on 16. Dec. 2017.
Hey Nixxiom, you know that Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is out right ? so you can use Exodia !!