[Hearthstone] My Most Hated Cards

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Lathan Harlan on 26. Jun. 2016.
What if Sap reduced the cost of the minion?
Ângelo Nuno Almeida on 26. Jun. 2016.
Sap's mana cost is equal to it's target, is that the sort of thing you want Kripp? Is this balance?
Adrian Liøkel on 26. Jun. 2016.
I agree with almost every card, except for sap and dr. 4. I know it sounds weird, but every class has a way of dealing with a 7/7 + they get overload. If tunnel Trogg didn't exist then it would've been kinda okay. Same with sap, you could just play battlecry minions and minions that changes the boardstate etc, to counter it. But the million damage cumboes with Leeroy, thats not fun. "Oh, you have 19 health. Leeeeeeeeerooooooy Jeeeenkins" and you're dead.
Daniel Magolo on 26. Jun. 2016.
i think divine favor should be a must be on that hated list "spend all your cards the fastest way possible and win the game next with divine favor" no nerf for such bullshiiiiiiiiiiit ?
Peter Kropotkin on 26. Jun. 2016.
flamewanker DansGame
WhiteCrowization on 26. Jun. 2016.
How is control so bad when it's played in tournies and high legend and also appears high up tempo storm's meta snapshot? You want broken/retarded cards here you go 1. Reno Jackson-terrible design with a smug grin 2. Shielded Minibot-terrible card, i hate this one more than muster 3. Entomb-really you said sap when this card exists? 4. FlameWanker-Killer of brawls 5/6 Mana Wyrm/Tunnel Trogg- if the buffs were not permanent then they would be good 7. Justicar-Welcome the the ResidentSleeper 8. Emperor I love it but it's broken design wise, not as bad as reno 9. Darkshire Councilman-why isn't this a 1/4? 10. Flamewreathed Faceless-Thanks RedditFags for complaining about a 3 mana situational removal.
Alan SoF on 26. Jun. 2016.
Naw sap is okay and also flamewalker is okay because without it there would be no tempo mage at all, it gives some chance against agro. Agreed with everything else though :) Faceless should be 6/6 obviously.
Erik Dijkstra on 26. Jun. 2016.
Old man Kripp: everything was better in the past :'). But seriously ya got a point with the cards. But abusive, c'mon man those beautifull plays that are possible! If you are on the dishing out end of the spectrum then abusive is awesome :-D Personally I hate the Kodorider who buffs the totems, cause I never have the right removal for it. And I have a soft spot for Zoolock cause it is the first netdeck that I could assemble (I'm F2P). But yeah with more cards now in my possesion I really love control!
Danilo Mendonça on 26. Jun. 2016.
Finally someone agreed with PO, its like a cold blood without combo
gelidsoul on 26. Jun. 2016.
You forgot to include every Hunter secret ever.
FuckBO2 on 26. Jun. 2016.
DrZaius3141 on 26. Jun. 2016.
How is Dr Pay-2-Win not on this list? Especially because it's a legendary so the chance of it being drawn is low, but Boom easily flips an entire game, so it's pure luck.
Rasmus Bjulf on 26. Jun. 2016.
I hate Death lord so much, mostly becouse my rng is lower then 0 so I always get a wispers from it, Even if im not playing wisp....
The FreshFighter on 26. Jun. 2016.
No grim patron?
Matheus Farias on 26. Jun. 2016.
gaarajuice on 26. Jun. 2016.
Guess Power Overwhelming should be 2 mana +3/+3 to be a more fair mechanic I think. I don't agree with your point of view concerning the Mad Scientist though. As u said it's pretty broken when the synergy is complete but you have to get a good secret in ur draft on the top of the mad scientist, have your mad scientist in the early game and not have your secret in your hand to get the insane value on the scientist. It's basically happening one game in hundreds or even thousands so I think that's not that broken (even though it is really value broken when it happens). About flamewinker it's insane when you come to think that 2 random dmg kinda end up like + 2 spell power so i think u're right on this one ... Concerning the 4 mana 7/7, they really fucked it up when they did it. Might have been so great if that was a trading creature which couldn't go face ...
DeadKavaiol on 26. Jun. 2016.
Mad scientist - beloved card of pretty much everybode. Kripp hates it. Master for battle - almost out of constracted, almost "fair" card. Kripp hates it. Power Overwhelming - only reason why warlock been played so much. Kripp hates it. Flamewaker - just worse sorc aprentese. Kounters only aggro & zoo. Kripp hates it. Tunnel Trogg - only card that keeps Shaman in game. Kripp hates it. Sap - canonised hard removal, best of them, THE hard removal. Kripp hates it. Blizzard pls don't listen to Kripp, he's dummy.
The eagle Sight on 26. Jun. 2016.
explosive trap is pretty much like 2 drop cansecration , broken .
Richard Kerckhove on 26. Jun. 2016.
Sap but no Execute? For two mana you can destroy 10/10 minion and get a minion 2/2 yourself.
Theodore Spilia on 26. Jun. 2016.
Jewelled Scarab into Muster FeelsBadMan
Luca Fontana on 26. Jun. 2016.
Divine Favour
Bjørn Lodvar Larsen on 26. Jun. 2016.
45 peeps loves face-shaman.
molterino kriperino on 26. Jun. 2016.
My most hated card is molten giant
Jonny Harris on 26. Jun. 2016.
I reckon a good way to balance sap so as it doesn't punish control decks too much is have it cost the same amount as the minion you sap.
christopher fieb on 26. Jun. 2016.
krip is so full of himself
CharmingRogue on 26. Jun. 2016.
I hate it when my opponent plays cards
Uni Flux on 26. Jun. 2016.
How about sap costing 2 mana less than the minion you sap? It would be free against small stuff and costwise way more balanced against big minions.
noah davis on 26. Jun. 2016.
My most hated card is that priest card that takes your card and puts it in there deck
Nate Hicks on 26. Jun. 2016.
I've always loved zoo ever since I began playing , so it makes me sad how infuriatingly common and scummy it seems nowadays
Rik de g. on 26. Jun. 2016.
Reno Jackson.
Black 13 on 26. Jun. 2016.
So much salt in the video and chat, I feel like I'm going to die of salt poisoning.
ThePuffingMuffin on 26. Jun. 2016.
Curse of Rafaam plz
Pieter Hulsen on 26. Jun. 2016.
Sap should basically be a 3,5 mana cost to reduce the tempo win to fair levels. So next nerf round (new standard year) make it 4 mana and it is ok
indigoBIue on 26. Jun. 2016.
CALL OF THE WILD! CALL OF THE WILD! CALL OF THE WILD!!!!! oh yeah and c'thun, fuck c'thun. and yogg-saron, fuck yogg-saron too.
Edwin VanCleeferino Kripperino on 26. Jun. 2016.
Kripp loves edwin confirmed
Ashton Mitchell on 26. Jun. 2016.
Flamewreathed Faceless is a 6 cost 7/7 when overload is included... that's better than the vanilla 6 drop~broken
Koen Weijsters on 26. Jun. 2016.
C'thun its just so boring.
Headerino out of Camerino Kripperino on 26. Jun. 2016.
No work for me here, have a nice day guys
311pique on 26. Jun. 2016.
fucking hate Entomb and Thoughtsteal. Love them when I got Yogg and Cthun
flamingo91kl on 26. Jun. 2016.
make sap cost 3 or 4 but make the minion unplayable next turn?
Malcolm Austin on 26. Jun. 2016.
Can this guy talk without moving his head so fucking much?
drewguardo on 26. Jun. 2016.
u just gotta get gud
Bheki Ndhlovu on 26. Jun. 2016.
Leeroy Jenkins + Power Overwhelming x2 Is so irritating in Zoo decks
OrigamiSAT on 26. Jun. 2016.
I can't believe you didn't say about Justicar, especially for warrior, 4 armor is just absurd! Impossible to against!
Ctrl+Alt+Del on 26. Jun. 2016.
I hope blizzard listens. There are still plenty other cancerous cards in standard; but this is a great start!
Aaron Yu on 26. Jun. 2016.
I personally don't feel that doomhammer is broken, it's rockbiter that is. if we change rockbiter to only target minions, then doomhammer can be used more for control rather than face burst damage.
rekrn12345 on 26. Jun. 2016.
Haven't been playing a strategy based card came since it was released. It has always been more luck than skill. By like a huge margin.
Daniel Carvalho on 26. Jun. 2016.
What about that warlock 3 mana 1/5, gain +1 atack whenever you summon a minion. As if warlock zoos weren't mental already
Pierpaolo Mercurio on 26. Jun. 2016.
i have to say that mid range shaman was, for a long time, the only shaman deck. to have some truly synergic cards with the crippling mechanic of the shaman... well i think it's just fair for the shaman.
buggy b on 26. Jun. 2016.
Just natural Kripp rage.