Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: A Frozen Recipe

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BowlUndrFire on 15. Sep. 2017.
Dammit THEY DID IT AGAIN. They held off the Expansion-related Brawl! It's been about a month but it's still pretty long. Here's the thing. People talk about the concept of having this sort of Brawl a week or so BEFORE the expansion, giving people a deeper look at the new cards, like the old Grand Tournament one. It's so much better that way. We gotta assume it's on purpose at this point. Refresh the expansion fun a bit once it's starting to wear off.
CaryAnn Fly on 15. Sep. 2017.
Wow that's nuts, I just got a temporary crown on today too. Here's to hoping we both heal up quickly!
Strifebearer on 15. Sep. 2017.
Hello, my name is Richard, aka "Ricky".. AND I'LL SNAP IF I WANT TO! **snaps** AH HA! WHAT NOW!?
Drow0036 on 14. Sep. 2017.
Try our new frozen throne frozen foods; owned and operated by the lich king himself. :D
yeah on 14. Sep. 2017.
WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! 0:22 Spoilers man cmon
The Duke Of Dorks on 14. Sep. 2017.
this has to be my second favorite brawl next to kel vs rafaam
anthony gaona on 14. Sep. 2017.
Are you gonna play the solo adventure?
MrFForger on 14. Sep. 2017.
Anyone else here that tried to play the game while Crendor was away without realising that they were trying to do so?
Crazyness1994 on 14. Sep. 2017.
well it's not really for trying the new cards as most of the pre-made decks doesn't even focus on the new cards... like both rogue and hunter focus on n'zoth. Sure there are some of the new cards. However it's far from as many as it could be.
Gwen Truman on 14. Sep. 2017.
More quality content from Crendor yay~ and omg I'm getting a crown in soon too wooow
Justin Carson on 14. Sep. 2017.
That first match was looking rough for him, but he turns it around
dejalmer on 14. Sep. 2017.
Crendor while you were gone Timmy and I ate cat then replaced it with a robot whose sole purpose is to kill you. You have 5 days to live.
aksen303 on 14. Sep. 2017.
7:04 crendorChair
Andreas Åhman on 14. Sep. 2017.
Here for the daily dislike!
chaosincarna on 14. Sep. 2017.
Crendor now leaves his youtube videos to do something off camera, not just his streams. lol
Some Mightyena on 14. Sep. 2017.
i don't know why it upset me so much that you weren't summoning your silver hand recruits when you were at 8+ mana for a few turns lmao
Nathan Goslin on 14. Sep. 2017.
How did crendor beat the lich king 9 times?
Sebastien Devos on 14. Sep. 2017.
Teachers out, quickly kill the blasphemers! ahh catholic school
slaverstrike on 14. Sep. 2017.
Hey, I'm watching this right after coming home from the dentist. Samesies!
MrEpic7203 on 14. Sep. 2017.
Or how about you just get your tooth removed from your mouth and send it to me so I can treasure it forever and ever and treat it as if it were my child?
Mikeztarp on 14. Sep. 2017.
Ricky snapped! I saw him!
furydeath on 14. Sep. 2017.
gettign a crown he's gonna need all that youtube moneys
Slapperfish on 14. Sep. 2017.
Have Crendor's lucky snaps ever worked? >_>
Maple Chan on 14. Sep. 2017.
Picks N'zoth > Never uses it.
FLEAKEEPER on 14. Sep. 2017.
The button to the right of your hero is a hero power crendor....
Darth on 14. Sep. 2017.
Hellooooooo Crendor
Yotam Shitrit on 14. Sep. 2017.
I am snapping so much right now
Correctitudable on 14. Sep. 2017.
I'm just here to see what you got in your pack.
TheNZJester on 14. Sep. 2017.
If you need a drink maybe you should get some from Dodger Coffee Co! There is even a frozen recipe of iced coffee. ;-p
Cody Ortwein on 14. Sep. 2017.
Deathbystupidity on 14. Sep. 2017.
i am a broke free to play account i opened my 3rd pack of frozen thrown today and pulled a deathstalker rexxar. I damn near went through the roof i was so stoked!!!
Trevor Boyd on 14. Sep. 2017.
I love seeing the lich king in a lil chef hat xD
lightning19900 on 14. Sep. 2017.
So while crendor is out, i made this comment, and not watching the video
LunarTemplar 101 on 14. Sep. 2017.
Seems legit bro... jk but mage is my favorite one by far. Do you agree?
Sprinkle Police on 14. Sep. 2017.
I am first! To legitimately commit suicide after saying so in a YouTube comments section!
Gustavo T. on 14. Sep. 2017.
Hallo Krendorw :3 ...Me dunt spel gud :c
Cowwy Reddoa on 14. Sep. 2017.
Crendor you stanky
BirdNest Gaming on 14. Sep. 2017.
Rfits thcib