Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: A Peek to the Past

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Uploaded: 5 Oct 2017 Likes: 324
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PersuAsian on 5. Oct. 2017.
crendictatorship. Still better than Kim Jong Il and Trump combined.
Silver M on 5. Oct. 2017.
I'd live in a country ruled by a Crendictatorship
Scootlaboot on 5. Oct. 2017.
i just threw all the golden cards i had into a zoo hunter deck.
itexistsnow on 5. Oct. 2017.
Crendor rules with an iron fist in the Crendictatorship.
Darkrynblade on 5. Oct. 2017.
I remember that key giveaway. I made a card of the giant snake tail from some WoW dungeon that Jesse hounded the blizzard devs about when he was allowed one question at blizzcon. Good memories.
Mikeztarp on 5. Oct. 2017.
Kind of weird that yetis aren't beasts.
ryan bell on 5. Oct. 2017.
this brawl lets us make yeti great again edit : i didnt not get what i did with that before few min afther posting
CasualWoWfarmer on 5. Oct. 2017.
its my birthday today can i pls get 12 dislikes
Jamie S on 5. Oct. 2017.
So boring, if I wanted to make a classic deck I would, why don't they reuse some fun brawls. Like 2 cards only or play a spell summon a minion etc, it's always shit brawls like crossroads
tipoima on 5. Oct. 2017.
Wish they'd do ACTUAL peeks to the past: Like Naxxramas with unnerfed Undertaker, or something from beta. (And actually allow us to use all the cards for free, seriously)
Maple Chan on 5. Oct. 2017.
17:30 It's usually refered to as Face Hunter.
Mistereo on 5. Oct. 2017.
I wish they'd do a real Classic brawl, where you can just build a Deck, with all the cards unlocked, and with the old vanilla Card stats and effects
2in dabush on 5. Oct. 2017.
You complain about people BMing you and then you did it....man hypocrite thy name is crendor.
Lethal Harmony on 5. Oct. 2017.
Sad to hear some bad eggs ruined giveaways on Youtube for ya. Definitely understandable though. Nice video! Nice bit of classic nostalgia, haven't played HS much since then but love watching your videos on it. :)
TiCLer on 5. Oct. 2017.
Crendor is my city.
James Hudman on 5. Oct. 2017.
Hey Crendog. Fun fact about legendaries. If you want to try and roll for a specific golden legendary just disenchant the one you want and the next Legend you open will be that card (because you have all the legendaries). This let's you specify what you want to try and roll as a Golden Legend rather than just getting a random one.
NaZReD on 5. Oct. 2017.
vanilla HS.... but but but why didn't they do vanilla WoW
Orion The Author on 5. Oct. 2017.
Crendor don't listen to haters, love the video.
AllasterGaming on 5. Oct. 2017.
Well... I'm not going to bed for at least another 24 minutes and 43 seconds now
lance on 5. Oct. 2017.
Can we take away spells to in this brawl im free to play and i cant be trusted to buy wild packs with my dalily gold because explaing rotaion is too confusing for new players even though it literally warns me every time i craft a wild card so how can i be trusted to understand standerd and classic cards and spells put together in this brawl
Endgame on 5. Oct. 2017.
Why would you keep deadly shot in your opening hand, god you SUCK
Fonon Codder on 5. Oct. 2017.
The ultimate F2P brawl
BelieveMontana on 5. Oct. 2017.
wow I'm early