Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: Blood Magic Brawl - Standard

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Waddip on 2. Sep. 2017.
Can someone tell me the vod where crendor plays the proloque for the frozen throne? i can only find the first wing
Flaming Beast on 1. Sep. 2017.
crendor legit chose spores over liquid membrane -______- autism has reached a new level
Erlantz Pradanos on 1. Sep. 2017.
I won mi first tavern brawl with mi f2p deck thanks to getting lyra from a firelands portal turn 1. That was silly.
Maple Chan on 1. Sep. 2017.
Winning in 3 minutes, what happened to Crendor?
Trag clone on 1. Sep. 2017.
i must be really lucky cause i just played my demon discard lock and beat three mages
Lava Hound on 31. Aug. 2017.
I got my free pack by just playing standard Midrange with 6 Mana Mukla and a Bearshark instead of DK Rexxar and Deadly Shot. I'm original that way. (mandatorykappa)
Metool42 on 31. Aug. 2017.
Priest just used Shadow Essence on the first turn to summon his only minion: Lyra. Then proceeded to spam spells until we were both on 10 health. I just gave up my turn and let him finish it. (And then copied that deck and did the same thing to another poor soul)
Raptors on 31. Aug. 2017.
Try this tavern brawl for a turn 1 suicide. I've attempted it, and it's actually kinda difficult because you cant cast spells that cost more than your current health
Choptagonist on 31. Aug. 2017.
i did a few matchs of this last night for the pac, i tend to not like the tavernbrawls where you needto construct a deck, and i found out why again, "oh a blood magic brawl, instead of doingsomething fancy with spells, just fucking, run into pirate warrior like 3 times
Remy Lebeau on 31. Aug. 2017.
I really wish the Prince Arthas skin or character had a better voice actor, this one just wreaks of douchebaggery.
themightysven on 31. Aug. 2017.
alextrasza would be fun here, as wood tree of life
BowlUndrFire on 31. Aug. 2017.
This is kind of a random thing but I just noticed the Subtitles generation works surprisingly well with what Crendor says. It's not perfect but it's pretty accurate.
pokemonteaml on 31. Aug. 2017.
"Barnes? INNERVATE? STONETUSK BOAR? Duuuh" Idk why but that killed me
CyroInTheHouse on 31. Aug. 2017.
Rhaen on 31. Aug. 2017.
Can you summon something then combo headcrack until you win?
SuperWidgetMaster on 31. Aug. 2017.
Toasted_waffle on 31. Aug. 2017.
do the old arthus arfus :D
hofaho on 31. Aug. 2017.
Even Crendor can get Arthas skin
Jamie Holding on 31. Aug. 2017.
Feeling like crendor has arthus due to having basically all the cards, and not from having exceptional skills XD
theStonerKid69 on 31. Aug. 2017.
Anyone else wish that the new paladin hero was like evil Arthus instead? I think that'd be cooler, more edgy.
Yusuf Tuna on 31. Aug. 2017.
What's that hero
Dichromatic on 31. Aug. 2017.
Grats on the Arthas, I mean, I have no clue how you got it at all, you just made up a new priest spell "Holy Smite" (08:10 ish), but still, grats ✌️✌️ EDIT: My mistake, forgive me Crendawg
kopitarrules on 31. Aug. 2017.
Here's a challenge for you, Crendawg. Try doing this week's tavern brawl with a little to no spells deck. I won all the games I played in it using a paladin murloc hand buff deck with like only 2 spells. I mean it was always close, but since I wasn't depleting my own health like my opponents were, I always managed to hold on for the win.
MHG Scrubadub on 31. Aug. 2017.
Id be funny as hell to watch an attrition deck thats just filled with taunt, heal buffs, and hero healing
Kerian Halcyon on 31. Aug. 2017.
I need to get back into this game again.
Bryan bob on 31. Aug. 2017.
Am i the one one who thinks hearthstones arthas is the biggest disappointment to ever happen to hearthstone. The voice acting is fuck horrendous like taking sound clips from warcraft 3 would have been millions better and he has literally 0 special interactions the most important character in all of warcraft who has encountered everyone has zero interaction like what the fuck. I spent 12 hours getting him only to be more disappointed than the most recent battle front like you seriously let me down blizzard. And before you people complain "its free content" bitch it aint no normal person can beat the litch king with all 9'characters on a free to play account.
Cringe Commader on 31. Aug. 2017.
Crendor buddy, get some sleep
Eric Long on 31. Aug. 2017.
It's 2:30 in the mornin and I have school in the morning but crendor is crendor
regular guy on 31. Aug. 2017.
Ma nam jef
Paisley on 31. Aug. 2017.
Man that first game was some righteous slaughter, my dude
Joe Groves on 31. Aug. 2017.
sniperman2002 on 31. Aug. 2017.
notice me crendor :3
Bhume on 31. Aug. 2017.
Wassup crendawg!!
chrisLAB on 31. Aug. 2017.
Ryan Jensen on 31. Aug. 2017.
Love the videos crendor. Keep it up! :)
Agent Nein on 31. Aug. 2017.