Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: BY THE POWER OF RAGNAROS Brawl

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sean locke on 25. Aug. 2017.
Credor what do you think if blizzard made a blitz mode. Turns could last 30-45 seconds. Just a idea love the vids keep up the good work
Tarzan on 25. Aug. 2017.
You should consider editing your videos to skip the pause when the enemy is thinking. It's not fun to watch nothing happen.
Drulludanni on 25. Aug. 2017.
that king dred kel thuzad combo was fukken stronk.
hamlap on 25. Aug. 2017.
Glad Karma managed to fuck over the BM mage.
tom kimes on 25. Aug. 2017.
That awesome Smash Bros "GO" song
Joey Flint on 25. Aug. 2017.
God so many misplays this was unbearable to watch
Robert Olsén on 25. Aug. 2017.
Keep it up Crendor, I always like your atempts at the Brawl :)
dead0blivion on 25. Aug. 2017.
iganis66 on 25. Aug. 2017.
Crendor you brought back the Go Guy. Love it.
cobb was here on 25. Aug. 2017.
i hate to point this out. mostly,its because i like how random and fun your vids can be. but... if you stopped rushing so much, maybe you wouldnt make the mistakes you seem to do quite frequently. /shrug
M3m3l0rd 420 on 25. Aug. 2017.
When you know that Crendor is frustrated 10:34 - 10:44
Raxo on 25. Aug. 2017.
i thought he said "by the fire of ragnaros"
wittyreviewer on 25. Aug. 2017.
"Hmm, I have 4 cards in my hand. I must carefully consider every possible move for the next 20 minutes..."
Brass Tower Sage on 25. Aug. 2017.
This is the shit that keeps me coming back to crendor xD
Mikeztarp on 25. Aug. 2017.
Crazy game! I would have loved for Noggenfogger to make one of your own minions kill you, just for kicks. :)
OberGefreiterZ on 25. Aug. 2017.
i think its the best brawl vid you've done so far :D
Wuxian on 25. Aug. 2017.
Aaand another match won by sheer luck!
baduel5986 on 25. Aug. 2017.
Go go go go
Riina Koivusalo on 25. Aug. 2017.
Only Crendor could pull that kind of Noggenfogger play, lmao. I'm so proud of our boi.
Joseph Cook on 25. Aug. 2017.
That Noggenfogger BS is why I don't play Hearthstone anymore. Imagine being on the other end of that? They must have been pulling their hair out lol, but on the bright side it does make a great video.
hzb Mezzi on 25. Aug. 2017.
Go Go Go Go Go Go
Zalder Whasowski on 25. Aug. 2017.
Hearthstone is slowly turning Crendor into the Go Guy.
Crown Games on 25. Aug. 2017.
Hey Crendor. Will you eventualy do the knights of the frozen throne adventure mode? The final wing was recently added but so far we have only seen you try out the first wing.
Kecta on 25. Aug. 2017.
Are you able to use Jade cards with this Brawl?
BowlUndrFire on 25. Aug. 2017.
Really though, why Hunter? The deck you made has little identity with the class, and it's 2 cards short of a Reno deck anyway. Why not just do a Mage/Warlock/Priest, with even more fun cards and the addition of Kazakus+Reno? Maybe just go full ham, all Legendaries, you can actually get away with it here. Heck, there's a decent number of gimmicks you can get away with, great opportunity. Personally, I went with a Mage with 'only cards that produce more cards'. Always have a big hand, tons of things cost reducing, new stuff like Frozen Clone is hilarious. Had a blast, it was one of the rare times I actually didn't mind completing my 'Win 5 Tavern Brawls' quest.
Joefish41full on 25. Aug. 2017.
That was a satisfying game to watch.
deluxeloy on 25. Aug. 2017.
Noggenfogger, Kel'Thuzad and a decent board presence together is just... So annoying. Well done.
feoleb on 25. Aug. 2017.
I want a speed mode too. I can't take how incredibly long most players take on turn 1,2,3 when they have maybe 2 plays to choose from. I understand some players could be young kids or possibly someone with a disability and I mean no disrespect to them. The option for faster turns would be amazing. You could have the turn timer pause if someone plays a card so as long as the player is actually doing something they can use up to the regular turn timer. The game is unplayable for me in it's current state due to how long people take on turns. Most people are netdecking and I already know what cards are going to be played and I can't even see their hands, yet it they are roping on turns one and two. It's ridiculous. There could also be a mode where you don't face off against net decks. It wouldn't be that resource intensive to check to see if someone's deck matches close enough to a common theme - that could be a non-ranked mode option. It's more rewarding mowing the lawn than playing this
L0LWTF1337 on 25. Aug. 2017.
A hunter would be *_"FUN"_* for this. Crendors definition of fun is questionable
Dennis van der Werf on 25. Aug. 2017.
what the hell was that RNG at the end xD Literally didn't hit yourself once
SmoothIce on 25. Aug. 2017.
Vicious City Plays on 25. Aug. 2017.
Hearthstone is now gonna be something I play whilst listening to your vids. Here we gooo! *Vicious City goes off to start their own series of Hearthstone videos but notices that he's not as goofy as Crendor. RIP videos.*
Frank Amstrong on 25. Aug. 2017.
Top tier strats : wait out the opponent and home they concede
Abres Tenelles on 25. Aug. 2017.
What an awesome victory! ^.^
trivorowo on 25. Aug. 2017.
I need a full version of that gourmet race crendor. I'm counting on you.
Colt Messer on 25. Aug. 2017.
Everytime I play this brawl, I get these voices in my head: "Play... O... T...K... deck....." I will not succumb to the darkness.
Jay the American on 25. Aug. 2017.
Crendor, what about a machinima with the go guy playing hearthstone against billy?
P Noid on 25. Aug. 2017.
Has Crendors Mouse Cursor always been invisible?
Potsherd on 25. Aug. 2017.
Noggenfogger Protects
Tyler on 25. Aug. 2017.
When half the video is Crendor waiting for his opponents to play their turn
MOTasaurus on 25. Aug. 2017.
What a deck. What a win. After they trolled you for the whole game with the slow play.
HeraldBFC on 25. Aug. 2017.
Crendor with one play per turn that he can make vs. deck that actually has to consider interactions, bitches ceaselessly.
Stewart Timothy on 25. Aug. 2017.
This just got uploaded and I've seen about a minute of it. But goddamnit Crendor... You missed lethal! (at some point)
tomchristoffer on 25. Aug. 2017.
WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT NOGGENFOGGER, Crendor you a lucky man, you a hella lucky man.
bowomar on 25. Aug. 2017.
Noggenfogger BS best BS
Maple Chan on 25. Aug. 2017.
Aggro decks would probably be among the better choices.
7ftSasquatch on 25. Aug. 2017.
Crendor + Noggenfogger = Hax.
Spoonsir !!! on 25. Aug. 2017.
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