Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: ShiftCon... THIS ISN'T HALLOWS END

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卐卐卐 卐卐卐 on 20. Oct. 2017.
Crendor whats ur tag cuz i wanna add you ❤❤
Harley Stewart on 20. Oct. 2017.
yay poorly rated coming back
Lethal Harmony on 20. Oct. 2017.
I loved your Poorly Rated series. :) Would be cool to see it come back!
james evarts on 20. Oct. 2017.
Zash Trolosaurus on 20. Oct. 2017.
Crendor will you go to a near *Fireside Gathering* to unlock you new Warlock hero?
Tom Cartieri on 20. Oct. 2017.
Grant Aberr on 20. Oct. 2017.
Shredded Cheese on 20. Oct. 2017.
No shit it's not this week. Why would they do that when next week is much closer to Halloween?
furydeath on 20. Oct. 2017.
just need that one minion that removes 1 cost cards.
Zabwow on 20. Oct. 2017.
Геннадий Харитонов on 20. Oct. 2017.
More like shitcon
Fettman on 19. Oct. 2017.
2:53 Boogie?
Goremonger2 on 19. Oct. 2017.
Crendor i've been asking for poorly rated for years i gave up asking.
Blazer Ashbringer on 19. Oct. 2017.
where the fucks are the comments
Daniel Mercurio Jr. on 19. Oct. 2017.
Next week is the brawl for Headless, when the event starts and he gives you free packs and a new DUAL CLASS arena run
Maple Chan on 19. Oct. 2017.
ShiftCon is indeed not Hallow's End :3
Victor Patton on 19. Oct. 2017.
"And then it's like BAM." Well spoken as always, Crendoge. Truly, the greatest orator of all time.
Dethrox on 19. Oct. 2017.
you know you hate playing hs when right after start you mute the other player :DD (totally me..) and totally unrelated to the video.. :D aaanyway this brawl suck.. i hate it.. please never give us this crap again ;_;
GlitchMasta on 19. Oct. 2017.
Shit dude.
SH4D0W0733 on 19. Oct. 2017.
It was a Bait and Switch Crendor.
The Maelstrom Gaming on 19. Oct. 2017.
Imma get the new hero for warlock friday
Adrian Conures on 19. Oct. 2017.
Hello, crendor
MegaPurpleZombie on 19. Oct. 2017.
TehObLiVioUs on 19. Oct. 2017.