Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: The Great Stone of Challenge

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Puff_danny on 30. Sep. 2017.
15:15 Plays a 10-mana spell that fills up all 7 board slots "I probably should have played my 4-mana, 1 board slot-costing minion with it"
michael jeacock on 28. Sep. 2017.
when in doubt, MURLOCS!!!
Gaben on 27. Sep. 2017.
This comment section is full to the brim with housewife science regarding insect bites!
Never Tell on 26. Sep. 2017.
This is why i hate the concede button, you could have won that match, that guy was gonna make a mistake right when you conceded
Liam Manion on 25. Sep. 2017.
Put some toothpaste on that shit my man
SubZer0 nl on 23. Sep. 2017.
With this deck: 5 games played, 5 games lost. None of them came even close for me to have the opportunity to win it :(
It's Datboi on 23. Sep. 2017.
When new pointless top ten ?!!!!
Will on 23. Sep. 2017.
That Murloc game where he had Adapt, omg :(( and this isn't the games he edits out of embarrassment so I can only imagine what those games are like lol :D
Alex Hamilton on 22. Sep. 2017.
I am just impressed Crendor won the first game
Beatrixacs300 on 22. Sep. 2017.
25:42 "What would Uther do..." SUMMON A MURLOC!!! :D
tehunicornsareamazin on 22. Sep. 2017.
Get some spit on your finger and rub it onto the bites.
Leoner on 22. Sep. 2017.
Had sex with Jaina, When attacking says evil will be purged.
Thavleifrim on 22. Sep. 2017.
Ive heard putting a cross in a mosquito bite with you finger nail makes it heal faster.
DarkKrusty on 22. Sep. 2017.
germolene is good for itchy bites, it has a local anaesthetic and it draws out the gunk that sometimes gets into the bites...it smells like the taste of root beer, so if you like root beer its good :D
aklagraf on 22. Sep. 2017.
Crendor. To fix mosquito bites really easily. Scratch the shit out of them for a few mins till they puff up then pierce it then cauterize it. This is from an australian with a load of mosquito experience.
Wuxian on 22. Sep. 2017.
Shoutout to JBeezy one of the worst mannered hearthstone players out there.
2in dabush on 22. Sep. 2017.
I dont think Crendor knows what a BM is...BM plays usually happen when a player doesnt kill off an opponent abn insteads play all the cards they can. What the warrior did was normal play, especially if that is all they had.
James Hudman on 22. Sep. 2017.
Crendors terrible play always makes me feel better. Never stop uploading.
Adwi Iwda on 22. Sep. 2017.
Blames the opponent for BM, continues to lose... Oh Crendor...
Jamie S on 22. Sep. 2017.
"I'm the great stone dragon... Did I mention I was the great stone dragon?"
Wulf da Wulf on 22. Sep. 2017.
this brawl fucking sucks
Satchmo Omega on 22. Sep. 2017.
Pizza shit.
Correctitudable on 22. Sep. 2017.
Crendor- you spent all your mana on Anyfin- you could not have cast the megasaur...... You're killing me, man. I'm dead inside.
Graavigala85 on 22. Sep. 2017.
Allergy medicine, it helps for the itch
Christopher Christ on 22. Sep. 2017.
If you got a bit just slap it with your hand really hard. It causes the area to numb so it won't itch anymore.
Tory Alexander on 22. Sep. 2017.
use a topical anti-histamine
Matthew Walker on 22. Sep. 2017.
That 2nd game. I faced a Jade shaman when I tried the brawl. So surprising how many minions/spells that "followed the rules" to get a ramp up. My Priest with Shadowreaper Anduin thankfully won.
jvjd on 22. Sep. 2017.
The second game purely explain the rng bs of this game lol
Eric Cox on 22. Sep. 2017.
Sorry to hear it Eric do you have Bed bugs in your area?
Amanda Farmer on 22. Sep. 2017.
Put clear nail polish on them. It's stops exposure to air and stops itching for any type of insect bites
TheNitroMelon // NightSlinger25 Official on 22. Sep. 2017.
Actually used Mid-range Hunter for this brawl. It's quite decent actually.
Mikeztarp on 22. Sep. 2017.
12:50 Tinyfin grows up, hits its teenage years, starts wearing clothes with skulls on them.
magicbaron333 on 22. Sep. 2017.
When I played, all I fought were netdecking mages. Ugh.
Denaro Lee on 22. Sep. 2017.
Play blood bowl 2 again
JC Goodine on 22. Sep. 2017.
Take Benedryl before you go to sleep: will keep you from scratching while you sleep and will make you dozy too :)
Jared Seel on 22. Sep. 2017.
That second match is emblematic of the reason I hate jade decks... ugh
kopitarrules on 21. Sep. 2017.
Crendor is on 'Roids... CONFIRMED!
Dank Memes on 21. Sep. 2017.
When is the frozen throne hearthstone adventure coming out on this channel?
Dr boom boom boom on 21. Sep. 2017.
hi crendor don't worry I have tons of miskito bites
Magicmano on 21. Sep. 2017.
If I remember right witch hazel stops the itch of bug bites
Tyranzor Katastrophe on 21. Sep. 2017.
Hey Crendor, mosquito bite itchiness is caused by a protein they make to keep blood flowing. You can denature this protein with heat. Basically get a spoon up to as hot as you can stand and press it against the bite until it cools off or you can't stand it anymore.
Dank Memes on 21. Sep. 2017.
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Simba -san on 21. Sep. 2017.
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JoseAnd97 on 21. Sep. 2017.