Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: The Headless Horseman Rides!

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tygonmaster on 28. Oct. 2017.
Me: Cats are, by far, the hardest matchup given the horeman has like 6-7 board clears and tons of removal. Crendor: Let's pick cats first. Me: *grabs a drink* This is going to be a long video.
Spencer Sim on 28. Oct. 2017.
1. 8:08: 4 mana Wild growth= 4 draws because when your mama is full,you can get a 0 mana card which draws a card from your deck.Because your hero power doubles your cost to cast a second time,the same copy will also appear in your hand,giving you 2 0 mana draw a card.cast one of them and you draw 2 cards thanks to your hero power.cast both of them you draw 4 cards.So you wasted a 4 mana draw 4 cards just for an empty mana crystal for 2 mana. 2.Don't ever play cat first.Cat is the hardest to play in order to win.you need to maintain your board after the fear card is played. Fear: 7 mana spell card. Destroy all of your opponent's minions that are 4 attack or less attack.
Xanos Knightshade on 28. Oct. 2017.
Pros of the Brawl: Costume idea is funny, the surprise round 2 is cool, free pack whether you win or lose. Cons of the Brawl: Pirate deck is trash. Witch deck is alright in the first round. Cat deck can get OP fast. NO REWARD FOR WINNING THE SECOND ROUND.
Vorpex on 27. Oct. 2017.
you are nottt getting better are you
Romanthony2007 on 26. Oct. 2017.
I feelthe cat one is the worse, and pirate is overpowered
ellthom on 26. Oct. 2017.
I had fun with the pirate deck the most :)
卐卐卐 卐卐卐 on 26. Oct. 2017.
I opened archmage from tavern brawl pack i screamed like a little girl
Leoner on 26. Oct. 2017.
So many missplays xD
Jagger Murloc on 26. Oct. 2017.
Jamie S on 26. Oct. 2017.
Why is something that's meant to fun so hard.Its near impossible to win, I had to kill two of his head as he copied one.With the cards given its not possible.
urban on 26. Oct. 2017.
You can full clear and have a healthy rhino because your cats that spawn have charge, but you wasted it and it g t zero value good job
Grappling Hook Jones on 26. Oct. 2017.
that pirate game made me die inside
AirCommander Starscream on 26. Oct. 2017.
Man I beat him first try and never even dropped cookie. Git gud crendoge.
Satchmo Omega on 26. Oct. 2017.
Pirate > Cat >>> Witch. Witch is so bad.
Jonny93 on 26. Oct. 2017.
This brawl is not really fun at all imo. Pretty sad cause I love Halloween/Hallow's End so much.
EricTheRed on 26. Oct. 2017.
This brawl just makes a bunch of censor decks for you!
kickassmage on 26. Oct. 2017.
jesus, i see Crendor is not getting better at this
2in dabush on 26. Oct. 2017.
Didnt Crendor say not 2 months ago he found it annoying when people do BM?
Adam Adam on 26. Oct. 2017.
THIS BRAWL PISSED ME OFF! Here are my attempts before each win 1-witch costume 5-Pirate costume 3-Cat costume main tip is to play around fear on turn 7 (be lucky) and be tolerant of the bullshit
blackvial on 26. Oct. 2017.
This brawl is kind of hard
Fumbles Plays on 26. Oct. 2017.
this brawl is super unbalanced,
Kylamiis on 26. Oct. 2017.
ghost mousecursor?
ryan bell on 26. Oct. 2017.
i wish the headless horseman talked more in this
Xiao Zhang on 26. Oct. 2017.
7:40 AI's nice order
Tyranzor Katastrophe on 26. Oct. 2017.
The cat deck feels very underpowered to me.
CookiesAndMil_ on 26. Oct. 2017.
not related to the video but I just remembered the thanksgiving special with rob is only a month away :D
Malkuth on 26. Oct. 2017.
i hate that they messed up his first quote his strive in vain not drive
lance on 26. Oct. 2017.
was kinda hoping for another brawl where you have a teammate and are fighting a boss minion
Zach Maples on 26. Oct. 2017.