Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: The Void Singularity

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Uploaded: 30 Nov 2017 Likes: 550
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ionut cazacu on 1. Dec. 2017.
made more non-caten ,your cat is cute/chick
Spencer Sim on 1. Dec. 2017.
This tavern brawl is actually easy to play.If you don't know how to play,just go play face hunter. For advanced players: -deathrattle cards are actually useful but 4 mana 1/7 (your deathrattles trigger twice) is useless because he dies at the end of the turn. -C'thun is recommended since your 'C'thun' will be stronger in stats with its already insane stats.whats even better is that you can play doomcaller while your 'C'thun' is in the field. -Jades is like C'thun.Only thing is you don't control the board like what you do in your usual game.you will rely on one minion instead of your mulitiple jades which will be destroyed by cards such as deadly shot.This tavern nerfs this deck.
Addictive Gaming on 1. Dec. 2017.
with a proper rogue build deck, rogues in this Brawl are unbeatable except for a few classes like Priest (stealing rogue cards from your deck) and maybe Hunter. But Honestly Rogues just win in this game more 99% of the time.
Lee ッ on 1. Dec. 2017.
I tried a shitty version of secrets hunter in this brawl and got 6-0 wins. It's very surprisingly good.
Very Nice on 1. Dec. 2017.
Shittiest brawl so far. Whoever draws removal first wins.
TABandiTA on 30. Nov. 2017.
hyenas are bugged too, if that your only minion it will die twice at the end of the turn. giving u a 14/13 for 6 mana
Tacobell1384 on 30. Nov. 2017.
When I first read the brawl description I figure it would basically add all the minions together including their effects, glad I watched this video before playing it. Although it would have been ridiculous if I was correct.
Tacobell1384 on 30. Nov. 2017.
I'm curious is Marron would be a good card to play since the chest kills itself but gives them 8 health towards their singularity
Hogscraper on 30. Nov. 2017.
Every enemy just attacks my face so I wait a few turns and naturalize. They've conceded every time.
Manu Heinen on 30. Nov. 2017.
sometimes it bugges out i played a sated threshodon 5/7 with deathrattle summon 3 1/1 murlocs and it turned in in to a 13/17
cobb was here on 30. Nov. 2017.
how much do i need to pay you to never say meme again?
BlackSepiksEye on 30. Nov. 2017.
So for some deathrattle minions that summon other minions, the other minions get added to the void singularity (eggnapper, highmane) but if you give a minion dr summon 2 plants or the devilsaur egg, the minions summoned stay until next turn. Idk why this is but its weird.
Maple Chan on 30. Nov. 2017.
You should've put Eggs and Shredders in the deck, that'd be fun.
Jamie S on 30. Nov. 2017.
people like madhut need to die in real life.Hate idiots like him.
james evarts on 30. Nov. 2017.
Jamie S on 30. Nov. 2017.
WTF deathrattle didn't work when I tried it, it just died as normal.
Tyler on 30. Nov. 2017.
I tried this brawl completely blind yesterday and lost like 5 times before winning a few
Dolphchu on 30. Nov. 2017.
I can't wait for dungeon runs!
KuroShiroPro on 30. Nov. 2017.
Has anyone else found the glitch?! If you play something like Kindly Grandmother ALONE (a Deathrattle that summon a minion) the Void Singularity will trigger twice. I played Eggnapper, it would kill the Eggnapper, summon a 3/1 Void Singularity then the game mashed the 3/1 Void with the two 1/1 Baby Raptors in a 5/4 Void Singularity !! ONLY WORKS IF THE MINION IS ALONE THO!!!
NoESanity on 30. Nov. 2017.
9:20 if you have a "deathrattle summon" as your only card on the board, both it and the summoned minion(s) will be eaten. if you already have a void, then the deathrattle will create a token like normal.
Mikeztarp on 30. Nov. 2017.
Battlecries are good in this one too. Facelesses, instant clear like Big Game Hunter, sheep and Hex; all those are good for big momentum swings.
csbears on 30. Nov. 2017.
In what word do i live in where crendor does the right plays and wins games based on skill? I feel like a proud parent watching my son ride his first bike lol. Great moves crendor! keep it up! :D
Francisco Vega on 30. Nov. 2017.
Meme big void
Otto on 30. Nov. 2017.
Crendor: Turn on your mouse recording in the future. Also, yes, there is a bug in this brawl. If you only have one minion on the board, and that minion's deathrattle generates another minion, then it does the merge thing twice, doubling the original minion's stats in the process. So, single minions that deathrattle generate other minions are OP as heck. Try the devilsaur egg. It gets you a 5/11 on turn 3. Really. :)
Sututiv on 30. Nov. 2017.
The beat thing you can do is to destroy your opponents minion and have more minions... So i reccomend a priest with summon cards like Saronite chain gang
Edgy Edgington on 30. Nov. 2017.
Magma Rager is actually usable in this Brawl.
Andrew Zhang on 30. Nov. 2017.
13:50 could have won if he used deadly shot instead of kill command.He dies in 2 turns anyway,I don’t see the point of saving deadly shot
TJ Tarshis on 30. Nov. 2017.
I just realized that Maiev Shadowsong is voiced by the same person who voiced Tsunade in the English dub of Naruto... EDIT: Fuck that second guy, Hearthstone BM is so annoying
william cothrum on 30. Nov. 2017.
Freeze Shaman shines in this brawl. Hex is best destroy effect, and since every opponent only has the one minion then freeze becomes disgusting tempo. My version also had the zero mana taunt spell and the 2 mana "revive minion when dead" spells for some extra taunt with Earth Elemental and what not
Samusear on 30. Nov. 2017.
What if you tried this with the "Bring the Boys Back" deck that could be pretty fun.
Rumelis Morende on 30. Nov. 2017.
Played this one earlier today. I don't own a lot of cards but mashing minions together + the Windfury spell made for a pretty quick win on vanilla cards.
Rocket Rooster Films on 30. Nov. 2017.
He stared into the void and the epic plays looked back.
Persuasian on 30. Nov. 2017.
That Rogue at the start couldn't emote hard enough to win. Edit: The second kid could.
Becca Boo on 30. Nov. 2017.
Its not glitching it had nothing to combine it with
Persuasian on 30. Nov. 2017.
Only 11pm . I can go to bed after this. FEELS GOOD TO BE PST BITCHES Ah who am I kidding. I'm not gonna go to fucking bed at 12 anyway...
Nigel Webber-Bergeron on 30. Nov. 2017.
It's 2 a clock. I have no life.
Xanos Knightshade on 30. Nov. 2017.
Jade Druid is gross in this Brawl....okay, its grosser than normal.
Jared Seel on 30. Nov. 2017.
As always, Crendor delivers some high quality content.... Wait a second...
Darkshade993 on 30. Nov. 2017.