[Hearthstone] The Exodia Paladin Surprise

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Uploaded: 14 Aug 2017 Likes: 4690
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MichRom on 25. Aug. 2017.
Fun but such an expansive deck, out of my reach at moment. Trying to think of a very low cost deck with the same idea : Could Lich king replace Thirion, a drawing card Thalnos ? Ivory Knights for lay on hands ? humility for aldor peacemaker ? a chillblade champion for burnbristle ? ahem, come to think of it, the deck has lost a lot of efficency ! sigh
Hosszúpálca on 23. Aug. 2017.
Userless :/
Bronzewarrior on 22. Aug. 2017.
Skipperino Kripperino 2:10
Avus86 on 21. Aug. 2017.
Had the idea for this deck (Beardo with the Horsemen) a few days ago before I saw Kripp doing it. That made my day :)
The Truthful Channel on 21. Aug. 2017.
You don't need 3 coins. 2 coins + 1 mana spell (a secret from Hydrologist or Adaption) is enough. 3 (beardo) + 2 (hero power) -1 (coin) +2 (hero power) -1 (coin) +2 (hero power) +1 (secret/adaption) +2 (hero power) = 10
Mark Chajev on 21. Aug. 2017.
Old great exodia.
Jukrome on 20. Aug. 2017.
His golden deck costs more than my collection.
Cookie n.Cream on 20. Aug. 2017.
So exodia paladin or exodia mage?
OwGash on 20. Aug. 2017.
So hunter can now spam fledglings with double hp and charge, interesting
Mikhead on 20. Aug. 2017.
This deck gets dumpstered by Raza Anduin priest. As long as that list stays popular, this list will struggle in the meta.
Theo Gillan on 19. Aug. 2017.
Lol that looked like a dab at the end XD
Stratos H D on 19. Aug. 2017.
Thjis created this deck.... just saying
Gimpzilla on 19. Aug. 2017.
thumbs down because you misused the term exodia, exodia is a turn one kill without the other player even getting a turn. deal with it.
Rob Koch on 18. Aug. 2017.
It's funny, I was thinking about how the horseman are basically a shitty version of Exodia from Yu Gi Oh.
Travis Watchorn on 17. Aug. 2017.
so nice not seeing quest rogue anymore!
אופיר בלזברג on 17. Aug. 2017.
Replacing Skipperino for now lol 2:10
TyronMakeka on 17. Aug. 2017.
I love playing exodia paladin in wild where you have access to garrison commander
JukeBox Studios on 16. Aug. 2017.
OMG You know that would be great? The panda that returns an ally minion to your hand so that you can get both the silver hand recruit and the horses for the combo!!!!!!!!
Mateus Moraes on 16. Aug. 2017.
2:10 doing Skipperino's job..
Musadusa14 on 16. Aug. 2017.
thats me now.
Carlo Canete on 16. Aug. 2017.
four horsemen
RaveBeef on 16. Aug. 2017.
"I SUMMON EXODIA!" "We're playing poker you dumb shit"
Mazzei on 16. Aug. 2017.
Great video! Could we potentially see a new Elemental Mage video?
Skeletor on 16. Aug. 2017.
What deck tracker does Kripp use
Rudy Ignace on 16. Aug. 2017.
Jade druid? Just brushing the off like a champ
Corlwow on 16. Aug. 2017.
Interestingly, the four horseman you summon aren't the Lich King's four horsemen (the ones who resided in Naxxramas) but in fact the horsemen the Death Knight goes to recruit in Legion as the new leader of the Ebon Blade.
Sir MortuZ on 15. Aug. 2017.
i dont understand, dude says you need coins for combo, gets 2 coins first game and uses to get a pyro out instead of saving for combo... so whats the win plan then geinus?
Joel Wallenius on 15. Aug. 2017.
So stronk.
Jordan Casey on 15. Aug. 2017.
Mancboy2000 on 15. Aug. 2017.
Can I get that with extra fries?
Mrks H. on 15. Aug. 2017.
Just to note that briefly, you can substitute the third coin with a one mana spell, as beardo + 1st horseman = 5 mana, plus 2x1 mana with 2x coin and 2nd+3rd horseman, which leaves three mana for a secret + 4th horseman
zhafsan on 15. Aug. 2017.
Pandas! Bounce your dudes and you can play some from your hand.
ImperatorZed on 15. Aug. 2017.
Wait deck trackers show you what card someone steals from your deck? Fuck that, that's busted. Feels like cheating.
yoshiha12 on 15. Aug. 2017.
actually it's the 4 horsemen of the ebon blade you uncultured swine
Nicholas Subocz on 15. Aug. 2017.
17:22 tirion's entrance music played perfectly in sync with the wow music on my computer (I'm playing wotlk right now)
Kornél Széplaki on 15. Aug. 2017.
10:34 - he drinks water.
blademaster 1782 on 15. Aug. 2017.
wait what happens if another class steals the Hero cards will they turn to that class?
Zach Tomasini on 15. Aug. 2017.
These are by far my favorite decks I miss Chansey that shit was so sick
Eduard Ciucălău Groza on 15. Aug. 2017.
First game they started as females and ended as undead males
Smetana Utron on 15. Aug. 2017.
Any replacements for burnbristle ?
Andy Nguyen on 15. Aug. 2017.
It's a trap
Billy Horton on 15. Aug. 2017.
2:10 replacing skipperino
Julius Owen on 15. Aug. 2017.
Does kripp use innkeeper? Or is that deck list just edited in?
ColossalDonut5 on 15. Aug. 2017.
28:26 VEGAN DABBING! PogChamp
klxroly1 on 15. Aug. 2017.
it needs paladin quest :P
bob mcbob on 15. Aug. 2017.
made a wild version with brewmaster and garrison commander
Noel Ryan on 15. Aug. 2017.
Your forehead is a bird, why? It looks like the Fire Plume Phoenix card.
Otakuryoga on 15. Aug. 2017.
what the hell??!! that guy played four zombeasts based off Flappy i must have made around 50 zombeasts while fooling around with my DK Rexxar and never saw Flappy as a possible component even once
Michael Bowman on 15. Aug. 2017.
20:20 Wtf?
Jethro0815 on 15. Aug. 2017.
Not even a week and the meta is figuered out and stall as hell