[Hearthstone] The New Frozen Throne Deck Recipes

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Kristoph321 on 11. Aug. 2017.
Roll the bones with half o your deck being deathrattles is on average 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16... = 2 cards. You're wrong with your calculations.
MrZerodaim on 11. Aug. 2017.
Defender (shaman 2/8 taunt) is great at least in arena. Had to kill one coined out on turn two, what a pain.
Liam Van Den Berge on 11. Aug. 2017.
hey kripp, when are you gonna play sc2 again?
juutupe nikki on 11. Aug. 2017.
I love every single game takes now about 20 minutes to win thanks to DK heros. Love it!
Strappleberry Nifkin on 11. Aug. 2017.
Are you guaranteed a Legendary in your first few packs? Or did I get really lucky by pulling Uther in pack 5? Then again all the Uther decks contain a lot of orange and I barely play... So I may actually dust him.
Christian Changer on 11. Aug. 2017.
Kripp the anarcho-capitalist
Simon Andersson on 11. Aug. 2017.
pray 4 me bois, opened 25 packs, my pity legendary was 4 mana prince, my 2nd pity one was the 3 mana prince....
Yoggerino-Saronino, Hope's Enderino Kripperino on 11. Aug. 2017.
Kripparrian is my city
Andre Engels on 11. Aug. 2017.
Your Roll the Bones calculation is wrong. It does indeed draw a second card 40% of the time (actually a bit more, almost 45%), but you have not counted in the times it draws not 2, but 3, 4 or even more cards. Doing the calculation: 1 first card 0.45 second cards 0.19 third cards 0.08 fourth cards 0.03 fifth cards 0.01 sixth cards For a total of about 1.75 cards.
Булат Хакимов on 11. Aug. 2017.
11:00 + Raza Priest hits you for 2, Velen, 4, Prince, 8, Circle, 8, Circle 8 (Mb some coins with burgle bully?) it is 2+4+8+8+8 = 30 exactly (+coins)
Mason Lee on 11. Aug. 2017.
"That card might see some play."- Kripp 2017
Yoggerino-Saronino,The Hope's Enderino Kripperino on 11. Aug. 2017.
Play me
Dabelju: W on 11. Aug. 2017.
I thougt the name is hearthstone heres of warcraft
Snowflipperino Penguirino Kripperino on 11. Aug. 2017.
No decks recipes with me in it? What a blasphemy
Simon Binder on 11. Aug. 2017.
Roll the Bones is horrible, if you are unlucky you risk over drawing like crazy.
RagingGoblin on 11. Aug. 2017.
It was clearly necessary to put the stupid prince in there because Mirage Caller would have been SO much worse.
Xavier Bavajee on 11. Aug. 2017.
no... cam... focus... aaarrghh
GameTheory 345 on 11. Aug. 2017.
I love how Kripp looks through all the classes but warrior.
S4il Life on 11. Aug. 2017.
Would be cool if you could check out my legend divine shield paladin deck on my videos
STAG on 11. Aug. 2017.
Can prologue give u a duplicate of DK card??
Pravlad on 11. Aug. 2017.
Why would you play prince in that priest deck when you can just use mirage caller
zachary williams on 11. Aug. 2017.
Totally unrelated. Just gonna throw this out there can we have a update on Catarrian? like maybe even on Rania channel? Much appreciated with any response.
Kağan Sucu on 11. Aug. 2017.
Yay now there are douchebags trying their new legendaries everywhere!
Lovro on 11. Aug. 2017.
so this nigga gonna leech this views on yt throwing new clip every 5 hours to max some $$$ just after this expansion came out... smh
Kurt Horsting on 11. Aug. 2017.
The warrior hero card is actually pretty good in a tempo deck. Fibannoci is doing pretty good with it rn.
MrAlternateTheory on 11. Aug. 2017.
Well my first game was using old cards (I havent opened new packs yet)... I played an average deck against someone with 3 new legendaries... What I noted was heaps of power creep, and loads of RNG. And due to careful play on my part and tactical errors on theirs I was actually in a position to close out the game towards the end... And then they copied my entire remaining deck, drew my most powerful minion (before I had), and won. So it was an incredibly unsastifying experience. I really hope Blizz dial back on the RNG and excessive card generation that is in the game now; but I guess it is too late for that at this stage. My friend who is into these games was put off getting into HS after seeing all that RNG
Safrus Salmus on 11. Aug. 2017.
My first Drozen Throne Arena is a 64.9 Points Warlock, yet I am currently at 9-1.
Stef Robbe on 11. Aug. 2017.
....So i opened those three packs which you get from the arena Challenges, and closed my Hearthstone. An hour later i reopened HS and i could open those three packs again? Did this happen to anyone else?
M Tea on 11. Aug. 2017.
so far have run into lots of not running a sungle new car dpirate warriors, I think it was a mistake to push to rank15 before the expansion, getting rekt
Scyn bear on 11. Aug. 2017.
Dawood Qazi on 11. Aug. 2017.
hey kripp, make a legendary crafting guide plz..
Eemil Juvonen on 11. Aug. 2017.
Who won yesterdays giveaway
Barloom86 on 11. Aug. 2017.
kripp check out Guild wars 2!!! it is hype now and changed, raids are pretty challenging now
Steven Bonnell on 11. Aug. 2017.
I want Kripp to BRAAAAP in my face.
Seeker296 on 11. Aug. 2017.
Priest deck is 2 turn kill combo with double velen. Hero power, mind blast, hero power, mind blast for 64. If only one Velen survives it's still 32
Bambi on 11. Aug. 2017.
Hey guys Vsauce, Kripparrian here.
Professor Ztar on 11. Aug. 2017.
Personally, I've been playing Dragon Hunter with the hero card and plenty of removal. It's really fun. <3 Not sure how viable it is, though, since I'm not very good at making decks. :v Having stitched tracker give you extra historians is awesome. :3
Josiah Northey on 11. Aug. 2017.
with raza in the priest deck you can hit them for 2 play velen hit them for 4 copy it with the prince hit them for 8 and the double circle of heal or whatever if you have radiant elemental that costs 0, hit them for 8 twice and it's a 30 dmg combo
F.n.Gesus _ on 11. Aug. 2017.
Played three games at rank 21, three divine shield aggro paladins in a row
Jagger Murloc on 11. Aug. 2017.
DistinctAndReticent on 11. Aug. 2017.
"Half those decks are shit, but almost all those decks are awesome."
Bob Joe on 11. Aug. 2017.
Raza OTK Raza+reaper HP, Velen, HP, Tald, HP, CoH, HP, CoH, HP 2 + 4 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 30
Baladucci on 11. Aug. 2017.
Thaumius on 11. Aug. 2017.
they changed the others even when the deck thumbnail is the same
T-araSoyeonAOASeolhyunBPJisoo Swag on 11. Aug. 2017.
'Blizzard made em so it means nothing' HAHAHAHHAA
Ulysses Yang on 11. Aug. 2017.
Made new preist deck I played a rogue which I stole her death knight card 3 times bedore dieing to fatigue... cuz I am shit at hwarthstone :D
Kidwhix on 11. Aug. 2017.
make a demonlock deck pls
Daniel Swallow on 11. Aug. 2017.
He is wrong with VoidForm - with Raze making it cost 0 - turn ten Hero Power for 2, Play Velen, Hero Power for 4 - Play Prince Taldram, Hero Power for 8 - Play Circle, Hero Power for 8 - Play Cirlce agian - Hero Power for 8, for 30 DMG OTK :)
Bob Cuamacus on 11. Aug. 2017.
I got raped at rank 22 with that new hunter hero power