Heroes of the Storm - August 23 Balance Patch Notes Discussion

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Fan Of All on 28. Aug. 2017.
Hey, I have a question. What rank is your account at (your main if you have multiple) cuz it seems like you are a high level player.
Marek Nowakowski on 24. Aug. 2017.
Sammy Thunda 64 on 24. Aug. 2017.
I think that Blizzard is looking at nerfing Illidan now. I hope that he doesn't get nerfed too much.
Loony1979 on 24. Aug. 2017.
So Chen needed a nerf? Or does the lvl 20 trait moving to 7 cover it up? I dont see myself giving up on BM Balance..
Alvaro Florez Shelling on 24. Aug. 2017.
10:19 sexual scythe? lol
Dreadnought O.o on 24. Aug. 2017.
Good rundown. Not a fan of this patch
johannes paasche on 24. Aug. 2017.
First? :) cool video!