Heroes of the Storm - E.T.C. Slide Guide

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Ebola Inspector on 24. Feb. 2018.
So this is really just a guide on how to capitalize on stupid diablos.
Guhonter on 24. Jan. 2018.
Helpful, easy to understand - and made me fire up the game and immediately try it myself :)
Loren Darcy on 22. Jan. 2018.
It's no wonder HGC picked up JHow full-time congratulations dude!
Kraflyn on 10. Jan. 2018.
% of what? Cheers :D
Loony1979 on 3. Jan. 2018.
Very nice guide! Man, hearing all those big names again.. Brings me back to when I watched Khaldor a lot as he was shoutcasting the top matches. I am still looking for a good alternative
TheHidalgo99 on 31. Dec. 2017.
only hots players could need a seven minute guide about this borderline simple ability.
Newt 144 on 31. Dec. 2017.
Clicked for the pie chart on thumbnail. Was not disappointed. Take my like.
J on 27. Dec. 2017.
you really need to make more of this type of videos
Gergo049 on 24. Dec. 2017.
It's interesting how long it took to discover this tactic.
Zach Hill on 22. Dec. 2017.
What was the point of the percentages on the color wheel?
Priscilla Maxwell on 22. Dec. 2017.
Or just use Stage Dive. It's a better ult for strategy anyway.
Rafhael Martins Sales Ribeiro on 20. Dec. 2017.
Wow, great video, great work man
VArsovski10 on 19. Dec. 2017.
Shhhhhh, this vid gonna make my games way more annoying to play vs him :P
Xierra Marron on 18. Dec. 2017.
Nice guide. I'll be sure to try this out in my plays! :)
Johnny Ray on 17. Dec. 2017.
This is so helpful! I remember telling my buddy when I played solo tank ETC "Okay I'm only going to slide defensively, meaning I'm only going backwards or horizontally unless it's going to secure an advantage." This guide will help me think critically about my counterplays.
Fredrik Larsson on 15. Dec. 2017.
Great vid, been waiting for this since grubby mentioned your reaserch. Subbed. More hots content please :)
Killerder on 15. Dec. 2017.
soeh how to etc vs diablo.. gotcha
RealHypo on 15. Dec. 2017.
Smart guide. Thank you!
Maximiliano Fiorilli on 15. Dec. 2017.
Great job Jhow! I think it would be more educational, if you think about doing a series of vids about tips, to first do guides about heroes than can engage a fight like ETC, Garrosh, and then those who excels as zoning potential and disengage, bw, tyrael at 16. My point is those kind of heroes are the hardest to arrive as a new player, thats why i almost every time a teammate isnt used to those kind of roles or teamfight lecture, i prefer they go assassins and i go as that hero. And, always those pro tips about how they mindset every action are great.
mlange0385 on 15. Dec. 2017.
Thank you for the time you put into this. I really appreciate what you do for our HotS community.
TheBlueBandYTAccount on 15. Dec. 2017.
Two pieces of positive feedback: 1) More video examples please! I really loved these but would love to see more of them! 2) I like the colouring you used in the graph with the intention to show danger vs no danger zones. However as I suffer from red-green colourblindness, I found the colours really hard to distinguish, especially with the accompanying legend. If you could use colours like blue/yellow next time, it would really be appreciated! Thanks again for the vid, earned a sub from me! :)
Farhan Ahmad on 14. Dec. 2017.
please add more videos along the same idea... very educational
Matt Commins on 14. Dec. 2017.
Awesome video! We'll discuss the video in our next podcast.
Digital JP on 14. Dec. 2017.
JHow always delivers.
Lauren Wu on 14. Dec. 2017.
Excellent guide with great examples!
Maxime Sierro on 14. Dec. 2017.
Great content tenx
Rogar Thalion on 14. Dec. 2017.
Great video, thanks !