♥ Heroes of the Storm (Gameplay) - Nazeebo, Surprise Build (HoTs Quick Match)

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Noah Werley on 3. Dec. 2015.
I learned something new this game. At 21:39 MFPT casts a zombie wall and then cancels it by pushing "w" again...and by doing so, the "zombies uproot" talent doesn't proc since the zombie wall didn't "expire". Good to know!
Agustin Garzino on 3. Dec. 2015.
Please do auto-attack build!
St. Pantlesstine on 3. Dec. 2015.
Last night I was playing with a friendly Stitches that loved to pull us out of areas with his hook, so I kept trapping him in zombie walls whenever I had an opportunity outside of fights.
Sifu Hallyu on 3. Dec. 2015.
you sit in there and think about what you did...omg i laughed out loud. Big Evil got a time out.
Sifu Hallyu on 3. Dec. 2015.
+mfpallytime I've been waiting for this! This is your super secret Nazeebo build, no? Can't wait.
DatVocals! on 3. Dec. 2015.
to see Pally Shows them nabs how to end if the enemy core is exposed and 3 ppl are dead after 20 gives me hope that some of his Viewers who would have done Boss or some other stupid shit actually learn from this.
Trym Solsvik on 3. Dec. 2015.
can u do ur top 10 heros?
Ric Bülow on 3. Dec. 2015.
You really need to work out a better sodium based eating habit. It's getting really salty :p
kkme7 on 3. Dec. 2015.
I'm pretty sure that abathur didn't see Pally coming, but used his clone to help his team in the teamfight going on at the bottom lane. So the slug was just lucky.
Wayne Reuter on 3. Dec. 2015.
Hey pally it keeps unsubbing me from your channel for some reason? Like every week have to sub again, anyone got any clue why this happens? Its only on this channel.
sofinana on 3. Dec. 2015.
i love your nazeebourourou pally time. its seems you excel at necromacing
Draconis 57 on 3. Dec. 2015.
I still would like to see The Lost Vikings played.
Nyxiriz on 3. Dec. 2015.
Played pretty well, you could say, at the end you've been on fire
Khorothis on 3. Dec. 2015.
That Kael is more pissed than Sonya with Berserker on.
Massimiliano Iezzi on 3. Dec. 2015.
what is his favorite hero???
Sean Aardappellen on 3. Dec. 2015.
Hahaha that slug leaving right as you got there
Alexander Birr on 3. Dec. 2015.
honestly expected this to be the auto-attack Nazeebo build
josefisking on 3. Dec. 2015.
We back in '00? People reaching to turn off webcams at the end of videos instead of a simple edit?
Alex Poulsen on 3. Dec. 2015.
<3 Mr. Naz the witchdoctor <3
XxUndeadXTacoXx on 3. Dec. 2015.
Just close your eyes and let your imagination go as he approaches the slug.
Jasmen Smith on 3. Dec. 2015.
The way you use spirit makes it viable. Like they say, it's just a cool down! :;)
hondragrid on 3. Dec. 2015.
Since the change to gathering power has this talent become obsolete on Nazeebo? From what I've heard, you MUST get the killing blow on a player for it to count towards stacks. If this is the case, Nazeebo isn't a good character for killing players.
BrokenCrazyMan on 3. Dec. 2015.
UGh! your whole channel is just hero's of the storm and i don't even like it.
Jacob Yates (swarm-TANK) on 3. Dec. 2015.
Except for ravenous spirit this is my default Nazeebo build.
Tyler Savoy on 3. Dec. 2015.
Moving up in the world, I remember you saying that you were worst Zombie Walls NA
Bigs Bee on 3. Dec. 2015.
Pally you crack me up. I love your videos.
ICan'tChangerinoMyProfilePicturino IntoKripperino on 3. Dec. 2015.
18:10 well played slug, well played
Trystan Zephyr on 3. Dec. 2015.
I think we need another Murky video, Pally.
Galdoran Gailthros on 3. Dec. 2015.
Mother freaking walling time? Is that what he's trying to get across? lol.
Big McLargehuge on 3. Dec. 2015.
/drinking beer after a day "Oh sweet, the next Pallytime HOTS character video!" /am hungry "Hm." /breaks /makes french fries /makes sandwich /returns to desk "What am I going to watch?" ... "Oh sweet, Pallytime!" A beautiful circle is complete. Thanks for everything you do, Pallytime! (Also thanks beer.)
Haphazardization on 3. Dec. 2015.
18:05 Perhaps one of the most erotic things I have ever heard.
Peter Smith on 3. Dec. 2015.
Have you tried the Nazeebo al rounder build ? lvl1. Death Ritual lvl 4. gathering power lvl 7 Gidbinn lvl 10 (your choice) lvl13 Thing of the Deep lvl 16 Hardened focus lvl20 your choice This build doesn't give Nazeebo a singular great characteristic but it does generally improve all his abilities damage and range throughout the course of the game.
Benji Kelso on 3. Dec. 2015.
Ah Pallytime. Forgetting his camera at the beginning and forgetting how to talk at the end. We love you,Pallytime. :3
wtneely1 on 3. Dec. 2015.
dat slug passion lololol
Brett Bell on 3. Dec. 2015.
Nothing wrong with a lil Sodium brah.
Marvion Gaming on 3. Dec. 2015.
We're just gonna go ahead and get our poison on all that shit, it's gonna die... *Pally-2015*
Matt Elwer on 3. Dec. 2015.
"I know hammer can get out of this zombie wall" uses every cool down
Hulk Wolf on 3. Dec. 2015.
Giggity goo on 3. Dec. 2015.
Pally time are you a smoker of dope? You seem like someone who enjoys a nice doobie
WereKingWolf on 3. Dec. 2015.
Sir Kibble on 3. Dec. 2015.
Pallytime's A-Z series record: 19 Wins - 4 Losses Wins: Anub'arak, Brightwing, Chen, Diablo, ETC, Falstad, Gazlowe, Illidan, Jaina, Johanna, Kael'thas, Kerrigan, Kharazim, Leoric, Lt. Morales, Malfurion, Muradin, Murky, Nazeebo Losses: Abathur, Arthas, Azmodan, Lili Next up is Nova!
Leonardo Picorelli Chirico on 3. Dec. 2015.
11 1/2 comment: To the seventh hell with it, i'm gonna make use out of the auto attack talent on lvl 16
Leonardo Picorelli Chirico on 3. Dec. 2015.
5 1/2 min coment: i used to use the zombie wall build a lot.
Leonardo Picorelli Chirico on 3. Dec. 2015.
4 min mark coment: He said in the begining of the series that was going to make a auto attack nazeebo build. Don't make me guess your build, Pally, if already told me. I've been waiting months for it.
Cwain Stain on 3. Dec. 2015.
Dat moment when Abatur run like bitchy slug - dat reaction... PRICLESS <3
Ahren Starr on 3. Dec. 2015.
Je entends l'appel. Winning record with all roles now. Record W & L Overall - 19 & 4 Assassins - 5 & 0 Warrior - 7 & 1 Support - 4 & 1 Specialist - 3 & 2 Wins - Anub, Bwing, Chen, Diablo, ETC, Falstad, Gazlowe, Illidan, Jaina, Johanna, Kael'Thas, Kerrigan, Kharazim, Leoric, Lt. Morales, Malfurion, Muradin, Murky, & Nazeebo Losses - Abathur, Arthas, Azmodan, & LiLi
xcvsdxvsx on 3. Dec. 2015.
Curse too much in this video. Its nice to have the option to watch these when my family is around.
Chris Ramos on 3. Dec. 2015.
my favorite hero zeebro just havent play D3 yet
Marcos MC on 2. Dec. 2015.
That slug hunt OMG 17:42
Arda Lüleci on 2. Dec. 2015.
dude this is by far the best video i've seen on pally's channel. don't recall laughing this much! well, i know that the point of the channel isn't that but come on. that abathur part, that valla part :D i keep watching those over and over. also his face after abby burrows is priceless :)