♥ Heroes of the Storm (Gameplay) - Sgt. Hammer, Worst Hammer NA (HoTs Quick Match)

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Sky or Truemu on 7. Dec. 2015.
You disappoint awall
Allafif on 7. Dec. 2015.
Hover's situationally useful (and often hilarious with Ambush) but do remember that it's still faster to leave siege mode. Good video though; gave it a good go on a character you don't play much.
Myrosta on 7. Dec. 2015.
was the most horrible person you met a cho'gall? because i had one that was talking shit to me when our comp was terrible and blame me for dying
Ignacio Poncela Díaz on 7. Dec. 2015.
Yeah, i totally agree whit the title of the video
kiler Mammot on 7. Dec. 2015.
you shouldn't really predict what your team will do and reacted based on that. YOU do what you want to and your team reacts to you. Basicly hammer is either the star of the team or you're dead weight to your team.
Andrew Bloom on 7. Dec. 2015.
I like the vampiric assault perk with her since siege mode is a basic attack and the 15% or whatever it is allows you to re position and heal after a fight without having to go all the way back.
Th0rium on 7. Dec. 2015.
Poor playing on your part matched with criticizing other team mates constantly makes for an annoying video to watch. You seem to be stuck in meta from the beta. Quite disappointed with a few of your videos lately for these reasons. Not that one opinion matters in the scheme of things, it just sucks when someone who I enjoy watching because of the good attitude gets crusty with salt.
Andrew Heinjus on 7. Dec. 2015.
As a master Sylvanas i just want to say i am so sorry that you got stuck with a pve tunnel sylv
Attila Herrera on 7. Dec. 2015.
Another person named Attila! What are the chances?
PRAYFORMOJO on 7. Dec. 2015.
Bad Sylvanas chasing xp after level 20. Using the trait to assist the immortals can win the game on its own. So many dummies in this game who get camps pointlessly.
youluvana on 7. Dec. 2015.
I like the thruster cool down talent. Its fun. But then you kinda have to get the other healing talents. Hammer is good in an aggressive team that's not afraid to engage and will back you up when you get into aggressive position like cutting off opponents escape or diving in and knocking opponents towards your team. And one of the most satisfying thing but hard to pull off is knocking someone into your towers and securing the kill. you can try it when someone is being very confident and trying to kill you while body blocking your escape or when you see a stealth character between you and your towers.
Galdoran Gailthros on 7. Dec. 2015.
23:00 mark, sound doesn't sync. Otherwise great. That Sylv player needs to learn team fights... I understand split pushing. But there were some great points where she NEEDED to push WITH the team. Split is a good idea, however, choose wisely.
Andrew Shalfeieff on 7. Dec. 2015.
In al honesty hover siege will not get u out of aoe's or any harm pally, as u r always in diablo's ult(yes he got the extra range but still). the move speed is so slow you won't get out of anything, its a trap that bliss set up! graduating range + first aid + making a wall on your "W" will keep u much more safe as u will never be in range of the enemy, and even they get to you you can zone them out with the wall and heal up. try it out !
David Umstattd on 7. Dec. 2015.
honestly his problem wasn't picking thrusters, his problem was not using his thrusters enough and in the right ways to justify the purchase.
Devin M (Honorablefool) on 7. Dec. 2015.
Everyone blaming Sylvanas for getting camps and clearing lanes early, no one mentions that Pallytime gets destroyed by Diablo's ult not twice but 3 times
jupitard on 7. Dec. 2015.
My favourite hero to combo with Sgt Hammer is Raynor as a "bodyguard". His W makes her attack faster, and his Q provides an extra knockback to protect the tank. You can just siege down a lane until they basically have to send their whole team after you to stop it.
geminiblade on 7. Dec. 2015.
even if he's not that good at hammer he's still better than 90% of the hammers i see in qm
fernando Iranzo on 7. Dec. 2015.
Have played +350 games with sgt Seeing this makes my eyes bleed
sanderboy2001 on 7. Dec. 2015.
if you get the cooldown on your mount you shouldn't get hover siege... surely in that map where you can use positioning with extra range
Elven King on 7. Dec. 2015.
Bruno Vilarinho on 7. Dec. 2015.
It was good, but could be better with health regen and heal build, and hover siege against such a strong attack on you was better... just no heals enough xD BTW, i love playing hammer, did a lot of awesome games with her.
Rasleigh Gaw on 7. Dec. 2015.
Tieronde Wispurwindu
Tati MC on 7. Dec. 2015.
Te vagy az Attila ?
Chris M on 7. Dec. 2015.
hover mode huge and typical wrong choice,especially on that map
komous on 7. Dec. 2015.
Today I played with similar sylvanas on blackhearts bay. she thought she can outpush cannon balls or smt, while we were losing fight after fight..
Xylarxcode on 7. Dec. 2015.
You know what this game could use? A death recap, so you can tell what killed you and who did the most dmg to you in any given teamfight. Helps you prioritize targets and know who to stay away from. And... you know, if you die in the lategame at the very least you've got something to read while you're waiting to respawn.
Driton Aliu on 7. Dec. 2015.
I personally thought that he would be like some other youtubers that are some rage monster's and just can't stop swearing but I really like this guy
DevastatorKnight on 7. Dec. 2015.
hammer is my highest win ratio hero somehow.
Cyril Figgis on 7. Dec. 2015.
That Sylvanus was singularly responsible for the game ending the way it did. Total retard doing nothing but split pushing. There's a time and a place for split pushing and a time and a place for team fighting and whomever it was piloting her needs to learn to fucking play.
Kainoa Kaku on 7. Dec. 2015.
That Sylvanas was soooo terrible lol......
winderson guimaraes on 7. Dec. 2015.
So is E.T.C. good now after the warrior rework? I never really liked him due to his lack of damage and his health pool.
McStiv on 7. Dec. 2015.
subscribe me :D
im the chopin on 7. Dec. 2015.
Pally we all know that you hate hammer and salami
Cyril Figgis on 7. Dec. 2015.
That feel when you want to scream at your monitor to tell the friendly team to SACK THE HELL UP.
Dev Nicholson on 7. Dec. 2015.
Are you going back to Cho & Gall as part of Heroes A-Z? Thnx
MaxusXavier on 7. Dec. 2015.
You should start a miniseries showcasing every toxic player so we can see them, then maybe people will stop being so toxic. Maybe make it another top five series
Kododie on 7. Dec. 2015.
Pally, we know you hate Hammer.
Nick Bunich on 7. Dec. 2015.
Well, now I remember why I stopped playing this game. Talking about sylv. Splitpushers, please-please-please, burn in hell. Would you, please?
Dev Nicholson on 7. Dec. 2015.
Really caught up on that sylvanas player eh ;)
Colm MacMeanman on 7. Dec. 2015.
Vampiric Assault for the win
Birdblizzard on 7. Dec. 2015.
0:23 I have run into that kind of (for want of a better word) people. I have the luck of not being a public figure, so mostly it's just death threats and talking about raping my mother. It's slightly depressing I can put the word 'just' in that sentence, but things are the way they are, the world is a nasty place.
Fluffy Kat on 7. Dec. 2015.
Pally pls :< The old Hammer build has much less dmg output than the new one. Plus Ambush gives you a lot more mobility. Artillery needs you to land 11 attacks before it does 10% more dmg than an Ambush strike. It basically lets Hammer hit squishies for half their health from complete safety. Especially if you pick up Stoneskin instead of Graduating or Hover. Oh you can also pick up Focused Attack if you think dmg > 20% range. Nexus Frenzy is basically the only lvl 20 talent tho :L
Gargoil987 on 7. Dec. 2015.
You would have won if Sylvanas pushed with punishers. Like when you had that arcane punisher you coulda won easily with Sylvanas passive.
SuperJeremy1982 on 7. Dec. 2015.
Pally - I turned off adblock for you <3
ne0nbible on 7. Dec. 2015.
Man, you didn't even autoattack out of siege mode the whole game...
6Aldem9 on 7. Dec. 2015.
Now I'm curious about that guy you were talking about at the start. What'd he say exactly to be the worst person you've ever met?
H0okemh0rns on 7. Dec. 2015.
god damn it pallytime, you are bad.
Ahren Starr on 7. Dec. 2015.
Thank you for blessing me with a mind to rhyme and two hype boosters - MF Hammertime Record W & L Overall - 23 & 5 Assassins - 7 & 0 Warrior - 8 & 1 Support - 5 & 1 Specialist - 3 & 3 Wins - Anub, Bwing, Chen, Diablo, ETC, Falstad, Gazlowe, Illidan, Jaina, Johanna, Kael'Thas, Kerrigan, Kharazim, Leoric, Lt. Morales, Malfurion, Muradin, Murky, Nazeebo, Nova, Raynor, Rehgar & Rexxar Losses - Abathur, Arthas, Azmodan, LiLi & Sgt. Hammer
CrackLoader on 7. Dec. 2015.
That E.T.C. was a god.
tnin4u on 7. Dec. 2015.
You don't seem to be leading the target with your napalm strikes. They hit the tail end of the target and they walk right out of it on a predictable path, particularly minion waves and mercs